Remember This?

Do you remember the game from this fragment of box art? I was doing some research for an article when I came across this piece of box art and decided it had to be used. Leave your answer in the comments!


    Mario Paint?

      Heh, I thought it was the fly swatter game from that :P Didn't notice the box art part.

    Rubix? I think that's what its called lol

    Rambo on the Sega Master system

      Specifically, Rambo part 2

        Now THAT'S boxart!!
        Imagine how much more badass the BF3 or MW3 covers would look with that Rambo pic!

        Well... I tried!

      Totally Rambo.

        I'll bet Tracey thought this would be really hard because all Sega games had that background.

          This is indeed what I thought!

            Heh, but with the system narrowed down like that and the identifiable top of an R, it was pretty limited selection for guessing. This is one of the rare days I could have got the answer, unfortunately I showed up an hour too late!

          I was only joking when I made the suggestion.
          The SMS really did have some bland boxart.

    Couldn't this be any number of Sega Master System G game covers?

      It's Rambo: First Blood Part II for Master System

    Alex the Kidd on Sega Master System

      Forgive me, but I have to correct you. It's Alex KIdd, not Alex THE Kidd.

      Apologies, but that one happens all the time and drives me nuts.


        Pedants unite!

          *waves grammatically/historically correct flag*

        Ughhhhhhhh *shoots self, survives, rebuilds life and devotes it to the correct naming of videogames*

        + fricken 1 indeed! Why do so many people get that wrong? ..... I'll calm down now :-)

    If you're doing an article on awesome boxart, i have some suggestions.

      I am already doing this article. Half my interviews are done. ;)

        Interview whoever made this

    About time the master system got some love! It is after all the greatest games console in the history of mankind!

      I wouldn't call it the greatest in the history of mankind.
      It did, however, rule my childhood, and I think a lot of the games looked better than NES games.

        Agreed! I still have mine with the 3D glasses and all 8 3D games. Mostly crap but this was the 80's! So many memories...

    This game is no longer fun when you can simply save this fragment and then use Google image search with the saved fragment and the answer comes up straight away. Perhaps Ruffleberg has an unbelievable talent for this but i suspect Google had a helping hand.

      Do you doubt the power of Ruffleberg? Never doubt, my son. I know all, i am all.

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