Remember This?

Do you remember the game from this fragment of a screenshot? Today's Remember This image comes courtesy of Kotaku reader jjd. He assures me that this is a game that will stump the community... so if anyone guesses this within the first 10 minutes, I guess I will hunt jjd down and have his head on a stump!

I am kidding. I do not want to get arrested.


    abe's oddysee

      or abe's exoddus

    super international cricket?

    Mario 64


    Green Room. The world's first CGI movie simulator!

    Just kidding.

    I'll go with the original PGA Tour Golf.

    Psychonauts ?

    Eat Your Greens! Parenting Simulator

    Srsly though, I want to say either Llamatron or Kaeon but though they were a little psychadelic, I don't think they had this much green and yellow.

    Asterix and Obelix something or other.

    Mario Kart 64? Looks like the bright grass seen in the Mario games.

    Holy Magic Century on the N64

      I thought this too - Either way it looks very N64 to me with the wishy washy texturing. So here are my guesses...

      OoT - Link's uniform
      Pokemon Snap - Grass
      Mario Kart 65 - Grass
      Conker's Bad Fur Day - Because it's cool
      Bick Bumble - I rmemeber a green sky level.

      As Tracey has posted on the second page, Ruffleberg is indeed correct.

      wow , i'm surprised
      it took me 6 months to remember the title of this game.

        I have 2 copies of this game. I remember it being frustratingly hard, but fun.

      Whyyyy Ruffleberg, whyyyyyyyy!

      Now I have to go and commit murder. :'-(

        I can see Today TOnight prepping their story for this weeks rage against gamers and murder :P

          No one could plausibly have guessed that.

          I think Ruffleberg is a witch!

        Not necessarily. You only said you'd have his head on a stump. So, go get a stump, attach it to his head, and make him to lie down on it with veiled threats of a good whipping.

        Not only is this legal, in some circles, it is encouraged.

        WHAT?? must be an inside job, noone could have guessed that >_<

          Do you doubt the power of Ruffleberg? Never doubt, my son. I know all, i am all.

    Super Mario 64

    If we were talking covers I'd say Toonstruck but seeing as how it's a screenshot...
    I'm guessing water, reasonably modern, as in N64 and up, and likely sci fi.

    I don't know why, but all I can think is, Lemmings?

    Diddy Kong Racing

    Banjo-Kazooie, perhaps?

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