Remember This?

Do you remember the game from this fragment of box art? I've decided to try my own luck today but choosing the box myself. Leave your answer in the comments!


    Mirror's Edge does seem to be the obvious pick.
    Lets try Burnout:Paradise

      It's almost the right shade of orange to be part of a Metal Gear Solid cover. It doesn't quite seem to fit, but maybe it's an international version?

      Metal Gear Solid 2???

    First thought was Mirrors Edge... second thought was Operation Flashpoint: Red River...

    ...then I Googled the covers and felt disappointed.


      Whoops, didnt realise it was I wanna say its the original Metal Gear cover?
      Close but not quite...


    Mario Kart DS?

      I was going to say Mario Kart DS.
      Instead I'll just look up the box art.
        Hmmm, close but no cigar!

        I wonder, is that an animu style eye or just a coincidentally similar marking?

    Dangit! How in the flipping heck are we supposed to get thi-oh wait it's Contact.

      Nice one

      Good job!! I have that box too, very cool cover art.

      Nice! I completely thought the fragment we had here was orange.

      I love the game, but totally can't get any further in it. Stigma of the RPG. Getting stuck at one part where you're not quite strong enough to go through, grinding is a chore, it's been too long since last playing so you can't remember where you need to go, etc.

      I am SO STOKED I got to the 45 minute mark, lol.

      Yes, the game is Contact, developed by Grasshopper Manufacture! It is a neat DS game. :)

      Well done, PuppyLicks!

    Cool Spot

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