Remember This?

Remember This is an art — it can't be too hard, it can't be too easy. Actually, it can totally be too hard, just for my own personal entertainment. This time, however, I think it's just right...


    Alien 3.

      It's what I immediately thought of too.

        Nice find! Sweet lordy I played that game a lot, on SNES. So good, so underrated.

          Great game! Good work under 2 minutes ... Next

            The two guys in that screenshot are dancing in celebration.

    blake stone

      I think this too.

    So familiar... can't put my finger on it, though... :S

    Police Quest - possibly the remake of Police Quest 1?

      Oh man, it looks so familiar. It's going to kill me.
      I'm tossing up between a classic point and click adventure game... or maybe the wall texture on a good old 3D shooter..

      I reckon they are right with the morgue idea though..


    I have never played Policenauts in my life...that was a total stab in the dark.

    Hmm, was going to say Shadowun on the SNES but the angle is wrong...

      Shadowrun on the megadrive maybe then?

        Nah, checked that, there was no morgue scene that I remember and the colour pallete is off....

        Yeah I though the same but yeah everything in Snes Shadowrun is on an angle.

    For some reason it makes me think of Zombi on the Amiga (I think it was also on Atari ST)... that unofficial (at least I think it was unofficial) Dawn of the Dead game.

    It kind of looks like the morgue section of Sanitarium but the angle's wrong. I'm gonna say Future Wars for now due to the colours.

      That's exactly I was thinking, Sanitarium, but you're right... the angle is off. I think. It's been a while since I played, though. So who knows?

    Planescape torment?

    Mean streets?

    Gah, I feel like I've seen that recently.

    It looks like a Sierra game circa Space Quest 4. Might be the remake of SQ1 perhaps?

      Although the fact that they're drawn straight on like that with no perspective or anything makes them look like something drawn with a little less focus on attractive environments. Hmm.

    Oh also - what was the answer to this one?

      The Dig

        I have asked twice for an answer regarding that pic also. Alas no luck. What is the ficking answer - please???

    Bonanza Bros. on megadrive? Or perhaps Wolfenstein?

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