Retired Captains Can Now Play Star Trek Online For Free

Retired Captains Can Now Play Star Trek Online For Free

Players with a lapsed subscription to Cryptic’s Star Trek Online can come back an play the game at no cost today as part of the free-to-play early start program. Everyone else can play for free come January 17.


  • Yes, got the email about this. Of course there is a difference between “can play the game free” and “would go back to the game if they paid me”.

  • I wa fully planning to do this until I played my first beta of SWTOR, the ony thing that could possibly tempt me to try STO again is the space combat but then I still have Starfleet Command III somewhere which did space combat better…

  • I might give this a try when it goes free to play. Seems a shame not to, considering I’m a bit of a Trek fan. Might as well enjoy it before it’s gone.

  • Free to play huh, I wonder what the people who bought the lifetime subscription got compensated with? If anything?

  • I got the email and decided to give Captain Aerin and the crew of the Bebop another go at the cosmos…

    Free is a great price, and I might as well play this every once in awhile before I eventually ruin it for myself by playing the Old Republic at some point in the future (after I finally upgrade my compy)

    To Boldly Go Where I Went Before Over A Year Ago But Decided It Wasn’t Worth The Investment…

  • I gave the F2P on this a shot the other night during extended SWToR maintenance..

    They’ve improved quite a few things and I actually enjoyed it when doing some of the group content with friends.. I’m thinking I have something to play now when SWToR servers are down each week ;p

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