Rhythm Heaven Fever Makes Music Out Of Sports, Fishing, And Samurai Demon-Fighting

Rhythm Heaven Fever is getting a Wii release, the better to bring out the groove in goofy, random situations. This trailer starts out subdued enough, with a boy kicking a basketball in time while sitting on a bench next to a girl. Cute!

Next, it goes to a fishing excursion, which is fun enough, before closing out with a samurai giving an epic rhythmic beat-down to a cloud of demons. Gotta love how every little aspect of these scenes is cleverly integrated into the beat, even the popping-open eyeballs of the demonic horde.

I've actually never played a Rhythm Heaven game (I know!) but this one looks like a lot of fun. Most games may be fundamentally musical, but Rhythm Heaven Fever sure makes that explicit.


    Ahhh! Samurai Jack! I have missed you so much!

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