Rift Mobile App Packed With In-Game Items, Chatty Guild Members

Rift Mobile App Packed With In-Game Items, Chatty Guild Members

Massively multiplayer gamers that haven’t taken a break from Trion World’s Rift to go play The Old Republic are a special sort of people. Now you can stay in touch with them via Rift Mobile, a free iOS app that allows players to chat with their friends and win fabulous prizes on the go.

Rift Mobile is the sort of app that should be mandatory for every massively multiplayer online game these days, but for some odd reason is not. Anyone with a Rift account in good standing can download the app for free to their iPhone or iPad and instantly get connected with all the nice people in their guild. Along with remote guild chat, the app also comes packed with mini-games in which players can win real fake prizes like crafting materials and artefacts. Win a prize and it’s instantly delivered to your character’s in-game mailbox.

What a lovely little idea. If I were still active in Rift I’d download this in a heartbeat. Then I would be sad, as I do not have an iPhone anymore. Then I would be happy again, as a beta version for Android will be available later this month.

I hope someone at BioWare is seeing this. If anything the remote crafting system of Star Wars: The Old Republic needs an app. My day isn’t quite filled to the brim with meaningless crap yet!

Rift Mobile App [iTunes]

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