Rob Riggle Wants Arses Kicked

Rob Riggle Wants Arses Kicked

Starting tomorrow, the Call of Duty “season” begins with the first of four planned packs of DLC. Activision seems to believe that The Daily Show‘s Rob Riggle (a former serviceman himself) is the guy to sell it to us, and their new commercial features him taking a testosterone-y tour of Elite services, from study-able heat-maps to loadout analysis and leaderboards.

Every month, there will be something new for Elite users. Riggle says/shouts those new things will include “Spec-ops, new game modes and new maps.” Something new will be available each month for the next nine months. He also reminds us that for a $US50 subscription to Elite, players will get the four $US15 DLC packs at a savings. Interested gamers can sign up at the official Elite website. The first DLC, consisting of new maps, will be released tomorrow, January 24.

It’s a goofy ad, for sure, with Riggle pretty much just yelling crap incessantly as things explode on screen. It gets especially odd near the end, when he tells us that not only will Elite help us kick more arse, it will help us break up with our fiancee, disappoint our mum and confuse our dad.

Oo-kay then.


  • Wait, we still have to pay for the DLC?

    Can someone compare the overall prices of the Elite pass and Gears of War 3 season pass and how much money you can save from buying them?

    • If you have a CoD Elite sub. (By either buying the sub or getting one with the hardened edition) you will get all the DLC for no extra cost. Im pretty sure the gears season pass works the same way. I bought the gears pass when it was recently reduced and i downloaded the dlc packs released so far for no extra cost

  • or dont buy call of duty. so glad i didnt get this one. first few weeks i was so tempted but i stuck it out and have come to realise that it was more of a soul trap then a game. skyrim and BF3 shall be my soul traps from now on

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