Rockstar Wants Max Payne 3 To Have The Sharpness Of A FPS

How's Max Payne supposed to shoot in May's Max Payne 3? How's a third-person shooter supposed to feel as good to control as a first-person shooter?

Rockstar Games delivers its answers in the video here.


    "How’s a third-person shooter supposed to feel as good to control as a first-person shooter?"

    It is my opinion that Remedy did that with the first Max Payne and then improved on it with the sequel.

      Agreed, although I think I can understand what Rockstar are trying to say here. There are a lot of little design decisions that greatly affect how a 3rd person shooter feels.

      For example, when you move the reticle over an enemy and press the fire button should the trajectory of the bullet be traced from the camera's point of view or the character's?

      If the player has line of sight with an enemy but the character doesn't, should the bullets be able to hit their mark?

      You don't have to deal with these issues in an FPS.

      Max Payne has always dealt with it by having the camera's line of sight go straight through Max's head, but that doesn't feel as natural on consoles and you can see from the gameplay footage that MP3 doesn't do that.

        It'll probably hit the wall.

        I know what you mean, which is why I'm not expecting much from their eventual second-class PC port :-P

        Max Payne was always a PC game, in my eyes. It's odd to see Rockstar leading on consoles here, but I suppose it'd take a miracle to see Rockstar lead on PC.

    Looks awesome, totally can't wait for this game. Looks like a true next-gen version of one of my favourite games. That said, nothing about that looked particularly revolutionary, but hey, if it works, why change it. Looks like you can switch the camera view over each shoulder, that's a feature I love in a 3rd person shooter.

    I really hope the controls dont get completely screwed up on PC. For example, that auto aim better have an OFF swtich...
    Game looks great tho.

    Looking pretty damn awesome. Certainly looks like it has that classic Max Payne 'feel' to it.

    If they can pull it off, and make the controls as simple and smooth as possible, and make it feel as precise on PC as a first person shooter, then this game has a lot of promise...

    Please please please release the PC version at the same time as the console version Rockstar, your fans will love you for it!

    Every time I watch one of these I can't help but think "Is this just a video pointing out how Max Payne games don't play like Gears or Uncharted?" because it seems like Rockstar is just assuming nobody has ever played Max Payne before.

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