Rumour: THQ Cancelling 2014 Games, Possibly Going Up For Sale

Rumours currently circulating state that THQ is currently shuttering all games scheduled for 2014 and is positioning itself for sale.

[UPDATE: THQ have verified that they will not be cancelling their 2014 line-up. Read the official statement here.]

Kevin Dent, an industry insider involved with IGDA is the source of the rumours. After tweeting that THQ had cancelled a Games Workshop MMO, he also claimed that THQ had cancelled “all of 2014” and is “offering themselves to Asian firms to increase value”.

It’s worth noting that this is strictly a tenuous rumour for now, and there is currently no confirmation that THQ has cancelled its 2014 line-up, or is planning to put the company up for sale. It is worth noting, however, that THQ’ share price — as Dent himself noted — is at 66 cents, compared to $6 this time last year.

We have been in contact with THQ locally, who provided us with a strict “no comment” for now. Hopefully we’ll have more information before the day is out.

Rumor: THQ Cancels Their 2014 Line-Up & MMO, Looking For Buyers (i.e. Basically Dead) [Neogaf]

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