Rumour: THQ Cancelling 2014 Games, Possibly Going Up For Sale

Rumours currently circulating state that THQ is currently shuttering all games scheduled for 2014 and is positioning itself for sale.

[UPDATE: THQ have verified that they will not be cancelling their 2014 line-up. Read the official statement here.] Kevin Dent, an industry insider involved with IGDA is the source of the rumours. After tweeting that THQ had cancelled a Games Workshop MMO, he also claimed that THQ had cancelled "all of 2014" and is "offering themselves to Asian firms to increase value".

It's worth noting that this is strictly a tenuous rumour for now, and there is currently no confirmation that THQ has cancelled its 2014 line-up, or is planning to put the company up for sale. It is worth noting, however, that THQ' share price — as Dent himself noted — is at 66 cents, compared to $6 this time last year.

We have been in contact with THQ locally, who provided us with a strict "no comment" for now. Hopefully we'll have more information before the day is out.

Rumor: THQ Cancels Their 2014 Line-Up & MMO, Looking For Buyers (i.e. Basically Dead) [Neogaf]


    Holy crap :(

      Yeah I know, 2,014 games on the go at once... no wonder they are in trouble!

    Damn those 2nd hand games.....


    Pity a Homefront sequel had potential. If they hadnt gone in with the expectation to be the best seller first time round i think it could have gone places. fable 1 and uncharted 1 werent huge successes but their sequels were. Shooters are even harder these days.

      Crytek is making it now, have no fear.

    That doesn't bode well, I thought they were only recently positioning themselves to compete with the big guys. (Stealing Assassin's Creed team members, getting Guillermo del Toro...)


    I really hope Relic can find a new publisher :S

    DOW 3? :(

    Wait, really? I had no idea THQ was doing badly. How quickly the markets shift. :(

    No more WWE games then

      That's probably a good thing. I don't think they've done a good one since WCW vs NWO: World Tour on the N64.

    Had to quickly scan for mention of Darksiders 2, looks like it's safe. Phew, seriously sucks though all the same, wasn't a fan of a lot of what they published but they did release the occasional gem from some not so big developers.

    And they just recently picked up the Homeworld IP from Sierra.. God I hope that can go with Relic if this is true.


    Saint Row, Homefront, Darksiders, Red Faction, Homeworld, Warhammer...


      OMFG SAINTS ROW!!!!!!!!

      Look out! EA will try to buy it to compete with GTA I bet you.

    To give you and idea how bad this is, in 2007 THQ had a share price of just over $36

    and what is the 2014 line up? what games does this company make?
    Poorly written article, I may aswell only read the preview segment thing.

    Well, Danny Bilson sure knows how to run a company to the ground.

    Who's going to publish Saints Row 4?

    I don't understand. Didn't saints row 3 sell a ridiculous amount of copies? How is this happening?

      Most likely horrible management and no business vision or direction. Don't worry though with any luck they'll use the old piracy and 2nd hand game sales scapegoat.

        Given that this is just rumor for the moment...

        I think they made a leap to being an independant, getting rid of all their 'tie-in' titles... which, whilst not critally acclaimed, do bring in some money may have hurt them.

      It's all homefronts fault :D

      25% drop in share prices or something from memory

    I saw a US version of this article this morning at

    But now it's disappeared. Did anyone else see that?

    I say this, because I had commented on it and I was especially clever and am disapointed I can't log back in and bask in the admiring responses.

      The page broke with all of the responses. Cleverness can be a curse :P

        I will have to go back to imagining them.

        *Leans back and smiles, reaches out to accept the offered martini and takes an appreciative sip.*

      We wanted to hold off publishing it until we heard back from THQ, so it was retracted.

        Ah, makes sense. Thanks for explaining that Tracey.

          I have never seen you be even slightly clever, whenever i see your name at the head of a comment i prepare myself, because I know it will infuriate me.

          Yo are not nearly as clever as you think you are

            Considering you clearly lack the ability to read tone, I'm glad I have that affect on you. I look forward to many more instances of infuriating you.

              I can read tone, however with the majority of your posts you attempt to be clever/funny, and you fail on both accounts.


                OK, you don't think I'm funny. I think I can live with that.

                But don't you think it's a little odd that this infuriates you? Maybe you don't realise but you're being a bit of a jerk.

    Thats interesting, i wonder how much they'll price themselves at. Also throwing themselves at the asian market doesn't seem silly but at what cost.

    I didnt think THQ was having issues :/ always thought they were pretty up there :/


    Losing 90% value = dead company walking. Volition and co will all get new publishers, THQ will disappear.

    Aw man, no more Deadly Creatures!

    Oh wait.

    Eh, just looked through a list of their games. Don't really see anything I'll miss, other than de Blob which they've already taken away from me :P But yeah, kinda surprising they're not doing so great. I thought the uDraw thing was supposed to be doing really good. Then Saints Row too. Strange.

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