Rumour: THQ Makes 14 Of Its Australian Staff Redundant

Rumour: THQ Makes 14 Of Its Australian Staff Redundant

An anonymous source has informed Kotaku Australia that THQ has made 14 of its staff redundant at its local Australian office today. The source also claimed that THQ’s Japan office is in the process of closing. THQ’s five internal studios have not been affected.

THQ had a troubled 2011, particularly in Australia, where its two major studios, Blue Tongue and THQ Studio Australia closed.

Earlier rumours stated that THQ as an entire company was in the process of being prepared for sale, a rumour which was debunked by THQ themselves later that same day, but this new rumour is consistent with reports that THQ is in the process of culling internal staff across its publishing and administration business.

We contacted THQ locally for confirmation, who declined to provide comment. We’ll update if the story develops.


      • For any titles coming up, such as UFC Undisputed 3, I don’t think so.

        THQ Australia have been distributing so long, that shit will go on like clockwork.

        However, trying to find copies of non-new release titles in retail stores in the coming months will be a mega pain in the ass.

        If you want them, buy them now.

  • The idea that THQ are trying to make themselves an attractive buyout is most likely true. The idea that they’d do it by cancelling all their development and destroying all future prospects they have as a publisher and developer is straight up retarded.

    • Maybe it’s easier to buy a company that has no obligations and the buyer can do what they want with it.
      Honestly I have no idea, but maybe it’s like a car, it’s easier to take the wheel when it’s not moving.

      • Cancelling development to make the company easier to sell is like removing the engine from your car to make it a more attractive purchase.

        • No, a bad analogy. It’s all about liabilities. By removing staff they reduce their liabilities e.g. unpaid leave, unpaid sick leave, costs associated with those staff – water, power etc. Once the company decides to sell the buyer also buys into those liabilities which is a huge risk for any prospective buyer.

          The engine in this instance, if you want to use that analogy, is their IP not their development. Their development would be the car in motion and if I wanted to buy that car, it’d be a little difficult to take a look at it if it is travelling at 60km/hr.

        • An unfinished game isn’t really equivalent to a working engine though. If you had a car with a non-functional engine, and it would cost more to restore the engine than it would add to the sale price, it might be an entirely rational decision to sell the car as is rather than poring more money into it.

        • True, but then the buyer can put whatever engine they want in and they dont have to worry about excess baggage. Its a piss poor strategy, dont get me wrong but there may be a closed doors trade and this is part of the takeover agreement.

    • +1 for that, Red Faction and Dawn of War are so good but nobody really knew about them, yet the Tom Clancy games that get pumped out every year are so boring and people BUY THEM!!

    • Also the same retarded reasons that any great games of the last generations failed to make money. We are the enlightened here when it comes to good games, everybody else just buys CoD.

    • I never played saints row 1 or 2, I thought it looked corney and cheap. I was very surprised to find a game far more polished than anything that rockstar had ever made and humour which was more like archer (the tv show) and relatively refined than what I thought it would be.

  • It’s interesting all this is happening as they were searching for marketing support staff mid-to-late last year. I wonder if that position was ever filled.

  • My support goes out to the employee’s, I was let go at Bluetongue last year!! Hope you all fall on your feet!! Love to you all, you are all awesome talented people, let down by poor corporate management, no passion for games and greed!!

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