Runescape Is Getting A Facelift. Here's Some Art.

Here's something cool. Runescape, the venerable (and hideous) MMO that's now over 10 years old, is getting a graphical overhaul later this year.

Before the new models take their place in the game, though, concept artists had a tricky challenge. How to maintain the identity of such ancient characters but update them for 2012? And do so to keep them looking cool despite the challenges of playing on basic hardware?

Artist Pascal Blanché gave it a shot, as you'll see in his work for the game here.

Runescape was first released in July 2001, a pioneering title in many respects since it was one of the first major 3D games to be played in a browser. It's still very much around today.

You can see more of Pascal's work at his personal site.

Fine Art is a celebration of the work of video game artists. If you're in the business and have some concept, environment or character art you'd like to share, drop us a line!


    I'm actually somewhat interested in this.

    Might be worth revisiting the world of runescape


    When was the last time you played it?

    The first two look like things from skyward sword haha. They're nice.

    Why did I hear about this here first before I did on the actual site? I need to read the news better...

      Could I get a link for the 'graphics overhaul' this year news? I can't find it anywhere :S

    This is some awesome concept art for a videogame

    The game in question is a little known number called "Space Invaders". From the concept art it should look freakin sweet!

      Except that's not the concept art for space invaders at all
      This is

    well yay for boobs

    Well, a visit to the old account is warranted (assuming that my password is still somewhere inside my brain).

    only mmo that I have played, never really like it.

    Runescape concept art has always looked leagues ahead of the in-game graphics. And knowing Jagex, they will only update graphics in tiny increments. It's what they've been doing for the past 5 years, give or take.

    I went to his site and couldn't find the larger versions of these. Where do I go to get them?

    These are from Runefest (Runescapes blizzcon) which was held in like oct/nov last year. Probably why you wont be able to find them anywhere on the main site easily.

    Runescapes back full of bots again, bot buster nuke thing only lasted around 3 months.

    Runescape had a ridiculously deep crafting system, and a great levelling system too, very similar to Elder Scrolls (use an ability to level that ability. Level enough abilities to "level up" as a character). It's visuals have always been what held it back.

    The devs have my respect though.

    We are not prepared!

    As long as this game stays in Java it is always going to have abysmal graphics.

      They have pushed things surprisingly far though some a platform that used to be comparable to flash.

      I even heard they're working on multi core CPU/GPU support.

    Awesome nostalgia!

    I still remember those 2001 red Lesser Demons. They'd drop rune helms :D

    I always forget about Runescape... Though from the looks of that chart I haven't played it since 2002 at the latest... It sure has come a long way

    Don't bother joining runescape, it's shit.

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