Samuel L Jackson Now Plays Modern Warfare 3

Eight months after confusing teammates and adversaries in Black Ops, the guy running a Samuel L Jackson soundboard took Jules Winnfield/Mace Windu/Eddie Murphy's uncle into some Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer, with much better dialogue selections and more hilarious — and oblivious — reactions.

I realise voice communication over Xbox Live is not always crystal clear, but you've got to be dumb as a stump to hear "What this situation requires is a whole lot more of you shuttin' the fuck up," and not get that this is a guy with a soundboard, even if you don't recognise the quote. I would not be surprised to discover that Normal Difficulty, the video maker, is using this app.

It really, really gets good around 4:30, with a pitch-perfect line and an entirely predictable reaction from a stupid racist gamer — although in their defence, it's good to see everyone else gang up on the bastard and tell him that the situation needs a whole lot more of him shutting the hell up.

[h/t Mathue S.]


    One of the groups of guys he's talking to do twig, at around 6.55.

    The reason I think people fall for it is that it is not surprising to here someone being a dick on a multiplayer game (not singling CoD out) so its natural to assume they're serious.

    Well executed soundboarding... But seriously! These people live under a rock if you can't recognize Samuel L Jackson lines... tsk tsk tsk!

    Funny... He gets called 'Nigger' and everyone tell him that it's not cool.. I wonder if this happens when girls get harped on? Maybe someone needs to direct 'Nerds and Privelege' guy to this :P

    Yeah people are just stupid and dumb, how can you not recognize Samuel L.

    This is more epic when your realise the This is so hilarious guy might be Mickey mouse.

    Kotaku - reposting shit from reddit. Class act

      Not every one visits reddit, people share shit on the internet, get used to it.

      I dont bother with reddit, but i apreciate kotaku reposting this on a slow news day.
      Negative comment without any purpose, Class act.

      Allow me to reply with one of the staples of Reddit, a meme:

      Unhappy poster... Why u no stay on Reddit?

    I was most impressed with the other players pulling him up when he dropped the n-bomb. They must play CoD in an alternate universe or something.

    I find it funny that they did not know that they were from pulp fiction.

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