Samuel L Jackson Now Plays Modern Warfare 3

Samuel L Jackson Now Plays Modern Warfare 3
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Eight months after confusing teammates and adversaries in Black Ops, the guy running a Samuel L Jackson soundboard took Jules Winnfield/Mace Windu/Eddie Murphy’s uncle into some Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer, with much better dialogue selections and more hilarious — and oblivious — reactions.

I realise voice communication over Xbox Live is not always crystal clear, but you’ve got to be dumb as a stump to hear “What this situation requires is a whole lot more of you shuttin’ the fuck up,” and not get that this is a guy with a soundboard, even if you don’t recognise the quote. I would not be surprised to discover that Normal Difficulty, the video maker, is using this app.

It really, really gets good around 4:30, with a pitch-perfect line and an entirely predictable reaction from a stupid racist gamer — although in their defence, it’s good to see everyone else gang up on the bastard and tell him that the situation needs a whole lot more of him shutting the hell up.

[h/t Mathue S.]


  • One of the groups of guys he’s talking to do twig, at around 6.55.

    The reason I think people fall for it is that it is not surprising to here someone being a dick on a multiplayer game (not singling CoD out) so its natural to assume they’re serious.

  • Well executed soundboarding… But seriously! These people live under a rock if you can’t recognize Samuel L Jackson lines… tsk tsk tsk!

    Funny… He gets called ‘Nigger’ and everyone tell him that it’s not cool.. I wonder if this happens when girls get harped on? Maybe someone needs to direct ‘Nerds and Privelege’ guy to this 😛

  • I was most impressed with the other players pulling him up when he dropped the n-bomb. They must play CoD in an alternate universe or something.

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