Say Hi To The Next PlayStation Certified Phone

At CES today, Sony unveiled the latest of its mobile devices to carry PlayStation Certification: the Xperia S.

With the company's Ericsson partnership lying in the dust, this one's branded with only the Sony logo and carries a 4.3-inch, 720p screen. It's powered by a 1.5GHz dual-core processor and has a 12MP camera.

It's due out "toward the end of the first quarter". Note this is just a PlayStation Certified device, so there's no magical fold-out d-pad or anything on it. You'll be playing PS1 games on the touch screen (though being an Android phone, you've got no shortage of more recent titles available either).

Sony Xperia S has PlayStation certification and 720p display, available this quarter [The Verge]


    Hi New Sonys Certified Phone!

      Don't forget to say hi to paying double the price as an American would :D

        ohhh thank goodness you saved me on that one :D

        If you don't buy stuff like this overseas, you are only rorting yourself...

    First thing I noticed is that the front facing logo is just “SONY” in their standard font! I thinks this is a sign of the things to come from SONY and phones, I hope next is the real Playstation Phone! AKA Vita Phone…?

      They won't add a phone to Vita, it would take away from the attractiveness of a Sony phone- nor will they ever have a real full-power mobile gaming or streaming function on that phone for ps3 games because THAT would detract from the Vita market.

    Man and i only just recently got an Xperia Play too

      What's it like? My husband won one and he's going to give it to me when it arrives.

        Nothing wrong with Xperia Plays at all.

        I did a reader review for Kotaku here:

        It's a solid device - only complaint I've had is the default language was Chinese, but that could have something to do with ordering it from China, so I'm willing to let Sony off the hook for that. This time.

        It's thicker than an iphone or whatever, but not to the point of being bad - it's about half the thickness of a closed 3ds.

        The pad is pretty nice to play on, it's good in that aspect - it balances right, it's responsive, the screen doesn't have to be held at some obtuse angle to see it al a GBA.

        The downside is the games library itself - there isn't a lot, and they're not very good as it is. That, however, is a developer issue and I can only hope they improve, because the device itself is pretty decent.

        It does all the standard android stuff just fine from what I can tell(though, it's my first droid). No complaints there.

        Tl;dr- it's a good *phone with gaming*, but it's a bad *game device with phoning*.

        Really? Thats funny, because yesterday I saw somebody win a one at the Medibank tennis tournament in Sydney. He didn't happen to go to that did he?..

    720p display... holy crap balls that's a lot of pixels on a phone.

    Isn't that the Ericsson logo on the back?

      It is, remember Sony bought whatever the rights of Ericsson for their phone stuff when relating to Sony Ericsson or whatever.

        I know, I was referring more to this bit:
        "With the company’s Ericsson partnership lying in the dust, this one’s branded with only the Sony logo"

          Probably just referring to the "SONY" on the front as opposed to Sony Ericsson. I expect the SonyEricsson logo will remain unchanged

    I really do like the design of that phone & wow that screen resolution, also I like the sound of that camera & screen size. I wouldn't mind it for a phone, but say maybe running Win 7?

    Won't all the upcoming phones have playstation certification? If they are now just Sony phones and they have the power to run the software?

    I've been really happy with my xperia play. Hopefully in a year or so they will release another more powerful version when I'm ready to upgrade.

    Oh man, I want one!

    Here I was hoping they'd actially bring the PS suite to other phones like my SGS.

    No hard keys for gaming? If they confirm an official controller in the form of add on keyboard ill play.

    hmm, no game pad, well i dropped my xperia play in the water the other day(it dont work no more) so i may just get this

    @Virus__ they didnt get "the phone stuff" off Ericsson, they purchesed the whole company

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