Scarygirl Is Now A Downloadable Game

Borne out of mishmash of Eastern European fairytales, pop art and fatherhood, Nathan Jurevicius' Scarygirl's one of those indie art success stories that manages to warm the coldest of hearts.

Scarygirl started off as cartoon strips chronicling the the adventures of a monstrously adorable girl who washes up on a remote peninsula as she tries to hunt down the man who haunts her dreams. It's since become a graphic novel, a series of collectible vinyl toys and a Flash game (which Luke Plunkett loved when he played it a while back). There's a feature film reportedly in the works, too.

Now Square Enix is publishing an all-new downloadable game developed by TikGames which features the tentacled moppet. The trailer above shows off the platformer's gameplay and it looks like a good translation of Jurevicius' own art style brought to life.

Scarygirl will hit Xbox Live Arcade on January 18, with a PlayStation Network release on January 24. A PC version will follow sometime in early 2012.


    This was a fantastic game when it was free. I'm happy to pay for it again. My daughter will likely love playing it on the Xbox.

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