See How Armored Core V’s Multiplayer Will Change Mech Multiplayer In This Video

See How Armored Core V’s Multiplayer Will Change Mech Multiplayer In This Video

With Dark Souls already out in the world, dev studio From Software’s moving from magic to science with the upcoming Armored Core V. This video runs through the basics of multiplayer and shows off the new Operator role in action. It looks like there’s going to some tower defence elements in coming to ACV, when it comes out in March.


  • This actually gave me goosebumps. Screw Hawken, this is true mecha. <3 Armored Core. <3 From.

    Also nice to see translation looks complete, so release couldn't be too far away, surely?

  • Armoured core has always fallen through in the polished gameplay department for me, it just feels more like a cheesy game you’d play at the arcade back in the 90’s. I honestly prefer the mechs in lost planet to the mechs in armoured core.

    • I think the finer points of AC’s piloting is lost on most people. Arcadey? Unless you play with a stock AC that hasn’t been tuned, or you’re not familiar with the piloting system, no way.

      AC is arcadey, and you prefer the mechs in Lost Planet? Wait, what? That’s like saying Gran Turismo 5 is too arcadey and you prefer the cars in Daytona USA.

  • Did I see a ‘Post Destruction Character’ option at the end there?
    Does that mean after your AC is destroyed that you’re on foot? Iiiiinteresting 🙂

    • Not just an on foot character, I’ve seen a video from the Japanese Demo and when the Mech popped it was replaced with a little man in a jet pack. It looked like the one on Pilotwings too 🙂

      I love this series but never found the MP as in depth as FROM Softwares other Mech game “Chromehounds”. With the territory holding aspect and team play in this iteration, I’m hoping they have brought back that addictive world conflict side too 🙂

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