Sign Up For The TERA Beta Now!

Sign Up For The TERA Beta Now!

If you’re an MMO fan and you haven’t heard of TERA yet, then you’re missing out. A beautiful and fluid MMORPG that features real time combat, it’s the kind of game that even hardened MMO vets like me have been waiting for.

North American and European beta signups have finally begun, so do yourself a favour and try to get in on it. You can thank me when you do.


  • meeehhhhh everything other than the combat has thus far looked incredibly boring/uninspired. Not that we can get in anyway -.-

  • I’m am drowning in games, and yet I still sign up to take a look at this one.

    God damn you Steam, and your delicious, irresistible sales. God damn you.

  • Wow, Kotaku is getting slower and slower. This news is at least three days old. So those Kotaku-only readers have a severe disadvantage at getting into the beta, competing with at least three days worth of fan registration. So… good luck….

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