Silent Hill Will Fog Up March With Three Games

You won't be able to escape the scariest town in all of video games in a few short weeks. Konami's outed the release dates for the upcoming portable, remake and console iterations of their horror franchise and they're all within a few weeks of each other.

On March 6, the games you may've already played before come out as Silent Hill HD Collection, the remastered anthology that re-presents Silent Hill 2 and 3 with upscaled graphics and new voicework. HD Collection gets followed by Silent Hill: Downpour on March 13, the atmospheric survival adventure being made for Vatra Games for PS3 and Xbox 360. And bringing up the rear is the multiplayer-enabled Silent Hill: Book of Memories, which will be available for the PlayStation Vita on March 27.

That's a lot of fog and monsters — not to mention cash to spend on one franchise — for one month. Sound off if you're planning to get all, one or none of these Silent Hill games.


    I have recently preordered the re-release. I missed out on these somehow, and am looking forward to playing catchup.

    I will buy the remakes atleast and downpour if it is as good as Silent Hill 2 and not like the later games.
    I have CE of SH2 but I don't have 3 and always wanted it.

    Downpour actually looks like it will have really good gameplay and get the Psycology of the first 3 games right so it may actually be the best one?

    waiting for good news on Downpour. altough I did enjoy Homecoming.

    That multi one looks like a pile of sheet that will have little to do with SH.

    Dunno about HD remakes of games I already played 100 times, could have thrown Zero in as well even though it's a different developer.

    I miss Akira Yamaoka already..:(

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