Skyrim Faces The Greatest Threat It's Ever Seen

The twisted terror of the Macho Man has nothing on the latest threat to besiege the people of Skyrim. Friendship becomes a dark magic indeed when My Little Pony Fluttershy descends from on high.

I've seen My Little Pony horse texture mods for Skyrim, but this mod takes the pony-worship to a whole new level. Skyrim Nexus member zdzichorowerzysta has replaced the game's majestic dragons with the meekest of the mane six, Fluttershy.

If I may get technical for a moment, without a butterfly cutie mark on her flanks this is not Fluttershy, but rather a random yellow and pink pony of unknown origin. One could argue that this is Fluttershy pre-cutie mark, but as we saw in season one of Friendship is Magic, Fluttershy was much smaller when she discovered her calling and earned her mark.

Those of you not cheering right now may completely disregard the previous paragraph.

It's not a perfect mod. The blood texture is still adhering to the invisible dragon frame, and from a distance it doesn't work at all, but I'm sure they'll work that all out. Maybe we'll even get a little Rainbow Dash action up in here.


Pony Dragon Mod [Skyrim Nexus - Thanks Jesse!]


    Decent UI?

    Anyway Macho Dragon was the greatest threat. Period.

      Actually wait I take that back.

      This is muffed up.. Mentally.

    Fus-Ro-Yay!!! I for one welcome Skyrims new adorable overlord

    I really want to absorb a Pony's soul now.

    "...meekest of the mane six..."

    I see what you did there

    You know I would like to see actual innovative and intelligent mods that actually improve the game to the great extent featured on the gaming blogs rather than the gimmicky replacer crap. How come that amazing mod that fixes the UI isn't all over the place and some stupid MLP mod is?

      because the ui mod is incomplete
      and beth seem reluctant to release the creation kit i know they said it will be out in january but if they draw it out till the 31st before releasing it i will fly to washington and personally kick todds arse

      Probably because you wouldn't click on some youtube video about a random UI mod, or more especially: People without Skyrim won't click on video of a UI mod.

      These silly ones are entertaining, Kotaku is a tabloid site, it likes to entertain.

    Is there a Star Wars mod? If not there should be!

    Skyrim?? This is so 2011...

    I uninstalled it last night :(

    I don't understand the concept of "Bronies", or My Little Pony worship.
    I just have one question: Why?

      Grown western men foraging into the same fascinations of grown Japanese men?

    Not to be THAT troll but this was on 4chan last week. So surely its not news/a review.

    "Maybe we’ll even get a little Rainbow Dash action up in here."

    The models mane looks more like Rainbow Dash's anyway so all it would need is some re-colouring.

    I still think Yoshi is puppet master behind all the dragon summonings!

    One comment to rule them all, for the MLP haters:

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