"Skyrim Mom" Is The Only Twitter Account You Need To Read Today

Bethesda community manager Nick Breckon has asked his 65 year-old mother to sit down and play Skyrim.

And while she does so, he's tweeting what she's saying.

Maybe not every word, but at least the good parts.

Sounds inane, but really, it's wonderful.

Skyrim Mom [Twitter]


    Quick let's make a TV show out of it. Florence Henderson can play the title role.

      Is it wrong that I would watch this?

        Well you heard it here first. If this does happen I'm entitled to profits so say IP laws!

    Sounds fake.

    "Who is skilled enough to know castle language?"

    *Facepalm* and what kind of 65 year old says something like that.

      you'd be suprised how many there are, never underestimate the power of human stupidity!

      Stop making me laugh, Chazz. I keep spilling coffee on myself, bro.

        I used to drink coffee like you, then I took an arrow to my kettle!


    Am I the only one that doesn't think those posts are funny? It's also clearly fake.

    No 'o' in 'mum'.

    I'm just kidding - we shouldn't tease them.

      Kotaku, can I report that comment for sheer stupidity?

        You can't report the stupidity of American language I'm afraid

          I think tha-, no. Uh... What adam said, I guess.

            I bet Adam's American.

    Bugger this, Ol' Pete Molydeux is the only Twitter account for me.

    "What if your son was the sun? If he sleeps, the sun vanishes. If he cries then woodlands set on fire etc"


      A game where you're a waterfall, and you must travel the land hiding cave entrances from adventurers.

        My all-time favourite was Photoshop: The Game. That was inspired.

    There's no way that Nick GameGold GoldGame JeffBloom Breckon would fake a Skyrim mum twitter account.

      Grats Nick, fuck Nick

      Yeah, no, Nick would totally do something like this.

      Then again, what he'd also do is move across the country and break up a really great podcast.

    A link would have been nice..

      is it really that hard to work out?

    Love the cross stitch on the twitter page. Gonna get my wife to make one.

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