Skyrim Monopoly Sends You On Daedric Quests

BioShock Monopoly. Mass Effect Monopoly. Now Skyrim Monopoly. I think I see 2012's version of cakes coming on...

Where Mass Effect's take on the classic board game was printed, tangible and ready to play, this Skyrim concept is just that, a concept, though it's all been completed and is ready for printing should you wish to play it.

The locations available are the settlements found in the game, with stables and forts taking the place of utilities and railways.

You can find the source files for printing at the link below.

Skyrim Monopoly [DeviantArt, via Rampaged Reality]



      How does this even happen??? It's the same bloody site!

        One would assume that they look at their own sites stories, even if this was an 'au' post.

          Pah, those backward convicts? WE ARE AMERICA!


    Yawn, these posts are so boring and pointless. We can all imagine franchise X as monopoly. Oh look, there's the logo in the middle of the board. The crappy places are first next to Go or Venture Forth or Lift Off or whatever is franchise appropriate terminology. The most awesome place in the video game is Mayfair. Whooptee-fucking-doo.

    Anyone else sick of reading about Skyrim related anecdotes?

    Maybe Kotaku noticed that there weren't three Skyrim articles on the front page and just threw up anything in a mad panic.

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