Skyrim "Ported" To A Calculator

It used to be a calculator wasn't a calculator unless it could run Doom. These days, they've gotta run Skyrim.

Or at least YouTube user no9sniper's simple conversion of the game, which turns Bethesda's role-playing epic into something a little less open-world and a lot more Zork.

If you've got a TI-84 model graphic calculator, no9sniper has made the program available for download, and you can grab it here.

Skyrim for TI-84 Calcs [YouTube]


    "I used to be a normal science calculator like you but then I took an <----<< to the << ""

    Sorry :)

    I love my Ti-84, so good to have hardware that teacher's don't suspect a thing.

      I'm a Mathematics teacher, and yeah even as a student I could play games on graphics calculators. As long as they are not played in class I have no problems with calculators running games (Although considering many schools have laptops or ipads as necessities, you could do better).

    This is just horrid. He should have been one hitted by that giant, no exception. But in all seriousness, it's a somewhat inventive and comical venture. Good on them.

    Bethesda Legal Team : ASSEMBLE!

    Dammit why must they use the new to nspire calcs now

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