Skyrim's Quest Markers Can Now Lead You Around The Real World

Oh God. As if my Obsessive compulsive problems with Skyrim weren't bad enough, there's now the distinct possibility that the game's quest markers could start turning up on the door to my garage and crapper.

Etsy seller hollygreengeekcraft has turned the game's quest icons into pixellated, real-world items, ready to be hung or slung from the nearest door, drawer or clockwork inhabitant of your home or office.

So the next time you feel like emptying out your quest log by taking a dump or cooking some breakfast, you'll know exactly where to go.

Unless it's up or down some stairs. Then it might get a little confusing.

Skyrim Quest Marker Perler Bead Sprite [Etsy, thanks Holly!]


    IRL skyrim markers.

    For people to stupid to live.

    The problem there is that you need to go to the quest location to stick the marker on. Someone should hack em into a GPS program to replace the usual flag or banner style icon for your destination

    why pixellated? They would have been easy enough to vectorise.


      What would be really authentic is an AR app that uses your phones camera and places a Skyrim ui and gps quest markers on your screen. Then you just plot your destination, hold your phone up in front of your face and blindly walk in the direction of the marker. Untill, well you know, you hit a tree or a wall or ...somethin'.

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