Some Burly Dudes From Mass Effect 3 (and Their Guns)

As a principal artist at BioWare, and before that EA, Rodrigue Pralier has built (and dressed) some pretty badass game characters over the years, up to and including a certain Commander Shepard.

Working on the Mass Effect series Pralier has helped build some pretty cool models, including Shepard in some Mass Effect 2 DLC and both good and bad guys in Mass Effect 3 (not to mention some guns as well). He's also worked on series like Army of Two, Medal of Honor and SSX, and among the in-game 3D stuff you'll also see a few examples of 2D concept art as well.

You can see some examples of his work above, including some never-before-seen stuff from the upcoming Mass Effect 3. Though, be warned, depending on how sensitive you are about this stuff some of the characters and settings could be considered slight spoilers.

Check out more of Rodrigue's work at his personal site and blog.

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    No Miranda butt pics? Also Army of 2 was horrid.

    That fifth picture down... is that a female Turian husk!?

      Nope. I can see now that it's an Asari. Poor sexy blue aliens. But hey, at least she has light-up nipples! Bonus!

    I'm probably the only one here that hates Jame Vega.

    Its screaming "douchebag", and I like them no where near my games.

      I'm not a huge fan either... but then I don't like Garrus or Tali, so most Mass Effect fans would consider me a heretic.

    Hopefully not too many burly guys, I don't want ME3 to look like gears of war!

    I always liked that Shepard had a fit and agile body shape instead of the gym junkie look, and wasn't voiced by Steven Blum. Representing that guys without a chiseled jaw and a rediculously deep voice can't be heroes too!


        The option to tweak the body shape a bit would be nice. Fem-shep's body was always a bit too scrawny to match the face that I gave her.

    That mask with the blue eyes looks pretty awesome. Hope that features prominently.

    Army of 2:The 40th Day was an incredible co-op game. Nothing beat it in that aspect, and for good shooting fun. Great co-op and good combat, and less sci-fi spaz than GoW or say the tacked on co-op of the Halo series.

    Wow, they're really going all-in for the Gears crowd aren't they?

    Is it just me or does the second guy in the sixth picture look like bruce willis?

    I really don't like the look of the pistols in Mass Effect... all the weight seems to be at the front, which is just bizzare.

    To be fair, a lot of the big burly dudes seem to be Cerberus...And that fits, them veing Space Duchebags and all. Also, Kaiden! Yay! He was a cool dude, and doesn't afraid of anything!

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