Some Of The Best Cosplay Of 2011 Turned Into A Beautiful Little Movie

While we look at cosplay on a weekly basis, cosplay cinematographer and conventioneer Angel James de Ocampo has taken a more annual approach, and compiled this amazing video showcasing some of the best costumes and cosplayers he shot during 2011.

We've seen Ocampo's work before, but this piece is something else.

Well, maybe the music could go, but that's being picky.

Omaru [Facebook]


    Yeah shit music

    sub zero was pretty cool

    Holy crap! most of those are extremely well done and the rest are just amazing. (watched without sound)

    Most of those were awesome! I hated the music though. Also, Kotetsu's hair colour was completely wrong! He has brown hair not red >_< One more thing, was one cosplayer meant to be Marisa from Touhou.
    That Sailor moon was pretty damn great. I've seen a lot and they're usually terrible.
    However, Melbourne had a much better iron man. If you can see his tag, he actually looks like Tony stark

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