Someone Turned TV's The Office Into A Counter-Strike Map

YouTube user Blitzkrieg1981 has, after spending around 55 hours pausing and examining episodes of the hit TV show The Office, gone and replicated the entire thing as a map in first-person shooter Counter-Strike.

Fans of the original British series, sorry. This is the American version.

Counterstrike Source The Office (TV) map [YouTube, via Reddit]


    You should be able to find Dwight's hidden weapons.

      Really? Personally I don't want to be leading hostages to safety only to walk in on Dwight and Angela bumping uglies in the warehouse... keep those weapons hidden, folks :-P

    It would be cool if you could go down to the warehouse and into the car park as well.

    I didnt see Pam's lolly jar pon her desk

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