Sonic Races The Flash, Ryu Drinks All The Coffee And Mario And Luigi Give Each Other Dap In These Great Drawings

Way before dumb-ass pundits called it a "terrorist fist jab", the act of greeting a homie by touching clenched hands was called dap. (We'll also accept ‘giving a pound' as appropriate terminology.)

Characters from the worlds of film, comics and video games give each other dap — or, don't in the case of Darkseid and Orion — over at art blog HenryTheWorst. The blog's drawer of thingscaptures the little quirks of how these iconic characters look and re-imagines them in his own loopy, skinny-legs art style. Requests for characters giving each other dap get filled, too, so head on over and ask for a portrait of your favourite video game partners giving each other respect. And prints of select pieces can be had here.



    The Warriors is classic

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