Sony CEO: 3DS' Success Shows Demand For Portables, But Vita 'Has More To Offer'

Some people question whether dedicated gaming devices like the 3DS or Vita can find audiences when the iPhone and Android handsets offer games experiences and so much more. Sony CEO Andrew House's answer? "Look at Nintendo!"

In an piece at Gamasutra, House says that the impressive sales numbers notched by the 3DS prove that people will still buy a gadget that's built exclusively for gaming:

"I think that shows that there is, in general, a lot of demand for a gaming primary portable device, which is how I would describe Vita."

House goes on to the say that his company's upcoming handheld will have "much more to offer". Like two sticks.

Of course, the 3DS' launch was a rocky one, hampered by a prohibitive price and limp launch library. Nintendo's 3D wonder only found its momentum after a giant price drop, followed by games from its A-list first-party franchises. The Vita's launching at the same price the 3DS did but with, in my opinion, a much stronger software offering. We'll see how they fare when the device debuts in the US and Australia next month.

Sony: 3DS success shows 'lot of demand' for portable gaming [Gamasutra]


    But while the Vita sold well in week 1 in Japan, it absolutely tanked in week 2, even the PSP outsold it. And that was a week leading up to Christmas. Not a good sign IMO :/

    Sony's big problem, aside from the cost of memory cards, is that the Vita just doesn't provide anything new compared to the PS3. I mean, yeah there's the gimmicky touch stuff, but really, who wants to fork out over 400 Australian big boys to play a watered down Uncharted when they could just buy the real thing on PS3 for way less. Sorry Sony, I thought you might have learnt something from round 1

      Oh god that arguement again? The "theynhavent provided anything new" arguement

      Case in point Nintendo...for all intents and purposes Mario Kart is Mario Kart DS 2....outside of the graphical Jump...i dont think the 3DS offers anthing new either... But yet it is selling


      Because of the good as Uncharted is, its not on the same popularity of something like Monster Hunter in Japan

      I dont think its ever a matterof having something new rather it is having something familar....Monster Hunter sells like mad in Japan but everytime i feel its the same game with minor changes

      If there is one reason as to why Vita is not selling well in Japan it comes down the age old "there is nothing at this current moment that it's compelling people to buy it"

        Oh god.
        You've actually pulled the "3DS provides nothing new argument."
        Have you actually used a 3DS?

        ITT: Butthurt Sony Fanboys, CEO included, weep over the mediocrity of a new release. PSVitaGo should be fun.

        Exactly. Sellin it for 400 is ludicrous when a ps3 is significantly cheaper. Sure, it comes with its own little screen but how often do you get a chance to 'play on the go' anway? And most people have ipod/iphone/laptop for that...

    PSP up to 3000 was ok. Don't think people will fork out $400 for another psp with another memory card type, and gimmick touchscreen. PS3 covers hardcore gamers. Not good enough for casual audience

    The Vita could be quite profitable for Sony if not massively so. But I can't see it ever reaching the masses in the same way the DS did. I don't see the 3DS getting there either but my money is definitely on Nintendo coming out on top over the Vita in lifetime sales.

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