SoulCalibur Poster Is As Subtle As Arse Cheeks In The Face Can Be

And you thought the giant boobs were crass? Ha! This is another advert for upcoming fighting game SoulCalibur V. It's cheeky. Literally.

The ad copy isn't subtle, either. Over the thonged butt, it reads, "The series' greatest masterpiece" in Japanese, a statement that later might prove more controversial than the giant arse depicted.

The full-page advertisement appeared in the Japanese tabloid Nikkan Sports, a publication aimed at Japanese salarymen and one that does not shy away from arse cheeks.

ソウルキャリバー5の広告が酷い!何このエロ広告www [オタク.com]


    Who cares. Who hasn't seen an ad that shows an arse, or boobs to sell something.

      There's a difference between showing, and making the entire focal point of.

        Technically yes. Realistically I'd say that's very much debateable, generally if you can see tits, they're there for the exact same reason this arse is, the fact you can see face might get less people up in arms, but just because western marketers migth be more subtle at times doesn't change what they're really marketing.

        In some ways I find this advertisement a lot more honest, despite being stupid, since their whole thing was making SC V a game that could compete with the current gen of relatively balanced competitive fighting games. Namco seriously need a new marketing team

    I wish they advertised it like that here :(

    Haha, the voldo one is worse.

    Aren't they supposed to be tongue-in-cheek?
    Seems less offensive to me than if they were to just be casually overt, if that makes any sense. This one actually comes off as creative to me.

    dont get why people get so upset about stuff like this :\

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