Soulcalibur V Poster Is As Subtle As Boobs Can Be

This, I kid you not, is a poster advertising the upcoming Soulcalibur V in Japan. Stay classy, Namco Bandai.

(via 4Gamer)


    Wow. The cleavage almost makes the snake necklace seem subtle.

      What snake ne....oh that one.

    I'm sorry what....I was just....uhh.......well......what were you saying again *pre-order*

    Translates to "Go big or go home" or something like that

    How about that 'hyper-sexualisation of video games' thing? Oh yeah whatever.

      Give me bewbs over violence any day!

    Anyone know where I can find an original resolution version? I want to print this out on my wall :)

    How long did the graphic artist spend on those breasts?
    As long as he could!

    It's a shame,I've got nothing against T&A but, Ivy has come to the point where her hyper sexualization ruins the character for me, she has a cool fighting style but I'm actually embarrased to select her because of increasingly large boobs and decreasing amount of clothing.

    side note; real boobs or completely photoshopped?

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