Starhawk’s Outcasts Develop A Sweet Tooth

Starhawk’s Outcasts Develop A Sweet Tooth

These long, dark years of waiting are finally over as the latest entry in the Twisted Metal series goes gold. The vehicle combat spectacular races into our hearts on February 14, and it’s bringing a love letter from multiplayer shooter Starhawk along for the ride. Pretty sweet, right?

Twisted Metal mascot Sweet Tooth has never looked quite as daunting as he does in the Starhawk Outcast multiplayer skin. A code to unlock this sexy beast will be hidden inside specially marked packages of Twisted Metal, part of this complete breakfast. That’s double the love for Valentine’s Day.

In a post on the PlayStation Blog Twisted Metal producer Chad Cox reminds fans that preordering the game triples the love with free upgrade to the Limited Edition, which includes a voucher to download an enhanced version of PlayStation 2 classic Twisted Metal Black and early access to Axel.

So much love, so many evil clowns.

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