Steam Hits 5 Million Simultaneous Users

How big is Steam these days? Bigger than ever it would appear, as the service has just recently broken its concurrent users record. Just last September Steam had 4 million users online at the precise same time, but earlier this morning it managed to push that number to an incredible 5 million.

It's proof, if proof were ever needed, that PC gaming is currently thriving and its audience is consistently growing.

Breaking down the numbers is telling, and also a little surprising. Almost 120,000 of the users were playing Skyrim — as the most played game when the counter ticked over 5 million — but second place was Counter Strike with 72,000. Third place, bizarrely was Football Manager 2012. Modern Warfare 3 came in fourth place, with Counter Strike Source rounding out the top five.

Very interesting.

Thanks to JoeTheBlow for bringing it to our attention over at Neogaf!


    Football Manager? Unexpected.

    Also welcome back Serrels.

      If you regularly check Steam statistics like I do you'll find that Football Manager is always a popular game. Always a top 10 if not 5. Previous editions (2011, 2010, 2009 and even their demos) are a permanent fixture of the top 100. Scary thought considering most people play the retail copy without Steam...

        This befuddles me most completely. I had a gander at the Steam store page for FM2012 to see what the fuss is about, and I can barely see a game worth playing. Guess I'll just remain a poor simple FPS junkie forever more.

          And yet I still can't get rid of my Football Manager 20122 discount voucher I got in the steam christmas promotion.

          You need to be a big football (soccer) fan to appreciate the game. We don't play it for the graphics but rather for the stories and moments it can create. It stands alone as the greatest game for those to love to take control of their favourite clubs and players and is a damn good simulation of how complex it is to construct and manage a team!

      Never under estimate the power of Euro Trash football freaks.

    Both variations of CS made the top five but TF2 didn't?

    I wonder if the coal crafting sated most people's need for hats and that's why it didn't make the top 5.

      its because CS 1.6 and CSS are 2 of the most skilled FPS games out there. They still have mods coming out and huge competitive scene. dont get me wrong TF2 still a great game, but its more about the fun then the competition.

    I'm totally claiming my 0.000000001% of this. During the sales period I managed to crank my Steam rating to 9.9, buy a tonne of games (and gift a bunch too!) and work on increasing my backlog of shame :)

    It's proof positive that Gaben and his wonderful platform are amazing.

    I'd say most people were on there trying to win EVERY GAME ON STEAM. I actually registered my humble bundle games with Steam and spent a lot of time this weekend replaying them for achievements... though this was mainly because my wife was hogging the Xbox for Saints Row 3, which she managed to finish (though the last mission glitched out and didn't trigger the final battle, so she had to stand on a dock endlessly fighting waves of gang members with two lines of "Holding Out for a Hero" repeating over and over until I convinced her to reset to her last checkpoint.

    On the upside, I also got further than ever before in Super Meat Boy, VVVVVV and Bit Trip Runner. \o/

    i was playing counter strikesource then

    ...I love football manger...i also love skyrim and the old republic and racing simulations...and counter strike...go figure o.0

    Viva la Steam

    I wonder what all the people who bought Batman AC for $49 at 50% off on Steam would think if they knew Green Man Gaming are now selling it for $25 at 50% off? I'm pissed because I paid $42 for it 3 days ago.

      Non-Steam version though, if that makes a difference. Frankly, I would be happy to pay the extra.

        Then you're clearly insane.

        Has anyone pointed out to you that it's actually spelt McGarnicle?

          I'm aware of that. The "proper" spelling was taken when I entered it as a name in Xbox Live when Halo 2 came out. So I went with this.

      Woah, and I almost bought it.

    Damn, there must be some sweet titties in Football Manager.

    im keen to know how many were actually side accounts made during the sale period to hoard coal stocks.

    Talking to a mate of mine about Steam's business model, and we both agreed that Newell has pretty much brought the pc market back from the dead, much akin to how Jobs revolutionised Apple to make it the mainstream powerhouse it is today. We even joked around saying this compulsive steam sale buying is becoming a phenomenon amongst a lot of users.

    Baffles the mind that Publishers are abandoning the PC en mass when you have 5 million users concurrently online on one service which doesn't even include people playing World of Warcraft, Starcraft II, Battlefield 3, The Old Republic, or any other game not linked to Steam.

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