Steam Darling Terraria Readies Collector’s Edition

Steam Darling Terraria Readies Collector’s Edition

We’ve seen games go from retail-only to digital distribution, but there aren’t many examples going the other way. Well, Terraria‘s decided to add itself to this exclusive group, with this (sadly) Europe-only collector’s edition box.

Due in mid-March and priced at £19.95, the carton will come with trading cards, a key ring shaped like a pickaxe and a poster. For those looking for more digital benefits, an in-game item of unknown function awaits, though some are convinced it’s a pet rabbit.

Perhaps the bigger news here is that this version of the game will see Terraria localised into other languages, as it’s currently only available in English (though user-created translations are possible).

If you’re really keen, you might be able to hit up eBay, or even order it online, but we’ll have to wait at least March 16 to find out.

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