Step Inside The Offices Of One Of Japan's Hottest Games Developers

PlatinumGames may not be the most commercially successful Japanese developer around, but with a catalogue that already includes games like Bayonetta and Vanquish (and the sadly forgotten Infinite Space), they've got a ton of fans, well-wishers and public admirers.

If you're one of them, this might interest you. It's the insides of the company's new studio in Osaka, perilously close to Kotaku's own Brian Ashcraft, who would have taken these images himself were it not for his mortal fear of lime green office furniture.

Sounds mildly boring, but then, when was the last time you ever got to properly (not just glance in a dreaded developer diary) see inside a development studio? From reception to the meeting rooms? Exactly.

PlatinumGames, made up of some former Capcom superstars, is currently working on (and already apologising for) the latest Metal Gear game.

PlatinumGames New Offices


    Cool insight. My fav Japanese dev atm!

    Vanquish was a superb game. Had a blast with its fast paced action.

    I love how platinum games is so open about their developments, beats the hell out of the " top-secret business" so many are doing.

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