Supergiant Puts Bastion On A Disc For Soldier

Bastion, the critically acclaimed platformer that's claimed or been nominated for a bathtub full of awards, isn't available on physical media. Not unless you are serving your country in Afghanistan, and your base's internet service is terribly slow.

"Richard", a fan of the Supergiant game, wrote the developer's customer service address asking if there was any way to get a copy of the game on physical media. He was surprised when, instead of a form response, Bastion writer Greg Kasavin responded himself. When the two realised downloading the game would take prohibitively long, he just up and mailed Richard a copy of the game, plus some Bastion swag. All he asked in return is that Richard acquire a copy of Bastion on Steam when he returns home.

This is the PC version of the game; I'm not sure how this would have worked had Richard been trying to get the Xbox Live version. Still, it's very gracious of Supergiant to recognise a service member in this way, and certainly worth some publicity here.

The Folks at Supergiant Games (Bastion) are AWESOME!! [Reddit]


    Fixed: "Not unless you are serving your empire by participating in the invasion & occupation of Afghanistan".

      Now I'm humming the Imperial March. Nice one.

      Also, keep the ineffective political activism elsewhere. Heads-up - You're not actually affecting the issue by making a snarky comment on a video game article.

        Also, keep the "telling others what to think/say" elsewhere. Heads-up – You’re not actually affecting the issue by making a snarky comment on a video game article, that brought up the whole issue of "serving the country" itself.


          none the less, its a comment that speaks nothing but the truth

    And an article about the awesomeness of an indie dev is t-boned by an Alan Jones caller. Classy.

    Supergiant is cool and funnnily enough kotaku is not a forum for political protest. Good lessons for the day

    I can see it now.

    "Hey that's that Bastion game isn't it?
    "Yeah, it's cool".
    "Can I get a copy? I'll buy it when I get home too".
    "Sure, what can it hurt"

    "Hey is that ..... Yeah .... can I .... Sure"


    Two weeks later ....

    "Hey is that Bastion on a disk?"
    "Yeah, pretty kewl huh? I got it from a guy in the car park of the supermaket".
    "Kewl can I have a copy?"

    .... and so it begins.

    I'm sorry, but how is this even news?

    Backup Steam game > Burn to disc > Sent to soldier > Soldier installs.


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