Synchronised Tactics And Dumb Storytelling In Ghost Recon: Future Soldier

A couple of weeks ago, I visited Ubisoft headquarters to sit down and play through a large chunk of single-player content from their upcoming tactical shooter Ghost Recon: Future Soldier. I'd also played the game at E3, but this demo gave me a much better sense of how the stealth tactics will play out, as well as how the objective-based command system works.

In the video above, I'll walk you through some B-roll footage that Ubisoft sent, which contains bits from all of the levels I played, save the sprawling final level. It demonstrates the way that group-tagging of enemies works, as well as the value of intelligence in singleplayer and the general vibe of both combat and stealth.

The entire campaign is playable in four-player co-op, which we didn't get to try out. But it's not hard to imagine playing through Future Soldier with four friends — pretty fun. I'll have more detailed impressions of the game later today.


    It looks almost too easy with so much on-screen HUD assistance for spotting, targetting and killing enemies. I hope the the difficulty settings balance that out.

    ie: If I can see the enemy behind cover and aim my headshot with a crosshair, prior to popping out of that cover; I hope Ubisoft are balancing that with smarted, more aggressive AI in Hard mode.

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