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    Morning all - how were your weekends?

    Mine was good. Took an impromptu day-trip to Sydney to see some friends I haven't seen for years, and it was like stepping into a time machine. Quite awesome.

    Mine was bad. I got pretty much no sleep and have my father-in-law staying with us. Also, got no Demon's Souling done :(

      Also endemic of the dual-nature of my weekend, a short review for The Lesser Evil appeared on Goodreads.

      It's only a three star review, which isn't great, but had a couple of good one-line quotes I can promote on Twitter and Facebook.
      "a quick and easy read, fast paced and action packed.

      Mine was good. spent half of the weekend playing WoT and glued up the sides for my buffet im making.

      Mine was bad. I pretty much got no sleep because friends came over on sat night, we drank a couple bottles of rum, then went to a silent disco and got home around 4:30 and made pizzas. This was capped off by me waking up at 8am on Sunday morning and not being able to get back to sleep...
      Now im really tired

      I see your good outweighs your bad there, Shane. ;)

      My weekend was more productive than my weekends usually are. I bought almost everything I need for our US trip. I got stuff done(Moonlight Butterfly, Hydra). Oh yeah, and I'm almost finished making my first T-Shirt. Usually I buy T-Shirts and cut them up to make different tops but Mr. Strange bought me a limited edition Sabaton shirt and I kind of wanted to keep it a T-Shirt, just a girl-shaped one. So I had to make a practice T-Shirt out of some other material I had so I didn't end up wrecking the LE Sabaton one by not knowing what I'm doing.

        Edit(in keeping with the theme):

        Mine was good, I got stuff done.

        Mine was bad, I got sick.

      Mine was good - I finally finished Arkham city

      Mine was bad - I had to manually dig out a giant hole in the backyard.

        Dad. Dug a hole, it's filling up with water!

          There truly is never a bad time to reference The Castle :)

          I dug a hole with my Dad! True story. It's for the drainage at my house, so it's filling up with water too!

      G'day Shane,

      Pretty rough weekend for me, too, but I did get some dark done... mostly just getting my ass handed to me by the dynamic duo in the glorious city of Anor Londo.

      Having trouble sleeping, which is why I'm actually up at this hour (WA).

      Used up my ozgameshop voucher getting a hard-to-find game for someone who has been hanging out to play it and would never buy it themselves, so in the midst of playing the waiting game on that.

      Back at work this week after having a few off... I'm wondering if that'll lead me to having an increased presence around here this week.

      Hey, look at me... posting on TAY before a second page has appeared.
      Achievement unlocked.

      hey buddy!

      Mine was good: Designed a couple more shirts and played a bit of games.. a very small bit. Went to the always beautiful buckly falls with the always beautifull bee.

      Mine was bad: Spent 4 hours sunday morning-afternoon in a group session of a uni assignment

      Mine was good - Went and visited family and ate lots of food. Good times.

      Mine was bad - First and only thing my great grandmother said to me was "You know what tattoos are? A sign of weakness." Good times.

    Hi guys! Finally get the net this week! Also, don't forget the Great Geelong Meat ( this Saturday (Caturday?)

    Tried tethering my phone for my computer... didn't really work. Thanks, Optus' 3G!

      ooo tempting.. I will have to ask the boss.

      So it's still definitely this Saturday, mate?
      How many people are coming so far?

        I have had a bunch of "ooh, maybe" and the like but no-one so far has said one way or the other. People please let know or I'll cancel and just play LoL all Sat'd! :D

          ah that is funny... My main issue is that my wife (aka, the boss or the monster) believes that I have an unhealthy investment in gaming on the whole and getting the weekend off away from her will require organising entertainment...

          I'll be there so that is another one. Still 'in discussion' as to whether my wife will be coming as well.
          My main argument to convince her to come is that she needs to balance out my height so that Loops doesn't feel so short. Not sure it is going well

            Tell her I have a cat is very friendly. Surely that will win her over!
            ...If she hates cats tell her I will hide him.

      As much as i would love the day trip to geelong i have a bucks party on so will not be attending...infact, my attendance in reality will be questionable for at least 2 days afterwards.

      Hey ppl, new to Kotaku... Nice meeting up with everyone tonight. Nice Pizza! =P

    Goooooooooooddd Mooooooooorrrrrrnnnnnniiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnngggggg TAYBIES!
    Happy New Year!
    Back at work now, Booooo!!!
    Hope everyone had a great xmas and New Years. Mine was nice and quiet, went down to Inverloch for 10 days and did nothing but drink, fish,drink,drink, drink and fish. Ah, good times :)

    I was waiting all day on the 7th and 8th for Blaghs to update his Blog like he promised. :(

      Then I reread his second blog post which told me he wouldn't post on weekends, even though on TAY he said every day.

        Then I wondered why he wasn't going to update on weekends because he's unemployed at the moment so every day's like a weekend.

          Then I realised he's tricking us.
          Every day is like a weekend day for him so he's never going to update his blog again.

          Or... having a blog is like a job.

            Only if you give a damn about it and are that fussed about making it worth reading :p

      Dear Strange.

      The Blaghman Lies.

      And changes his mind all the time...

    It's funny watching everyone complain about heading back to work today, I've been back at work since tuesday :P

    Well this week I hope to be a lot more productive than last week, of course last week having a few heatwave days didn't help my productiveness, so I'm hoping this week will be a lot better.
    PLUS I don't feel crook anymore, HOORAY! :D

      Pfft - i only got the main days off.. anyone complaining about holidays being over shall be kicked squarely in the nuts

    @Chuloopa, you make my life hard. Now I have to decide who wins Kudos for last week. The democratic process has been superceded for this week, and I'm left holding the despot's ill-gotten crown.

    I tried to convince Tracey to give it back to you, but she wouldn't. She said you're annoying and didn't deserve to win! (That bit's a lie)

    @everyone PLEASE help me decide. Who should win Kudos for last week? (Tracey says it has to be someone who was nommed) Does anyone want it for themselves? POST BELOW AND TELL ME WHAT TO DO.

      Well, I nominated you so I would decide you should win it. :P

      Have some bacon, maybe some eggs, and sit in bliss for a few moments.
      Tea would also be wonderful.

      Mr Freeze.
      Also, I second Bish's nom for Tea.

      Jo maybe? :)
      Or Harli or Dr. What for heping out with the KKP so much?

        Nominating three extra people is not as helpful as you might think :P

          if it's all too much, i'll just take it back :P
          I really didn't want to make it this hard.
          I just really didn't want to seem like a Kudos hog - i don't want to upset anyone, especially potential contributors, because i have won Kudos twice in the last 3 weeks.
          I just thought people might see it as unfair. Especially since i still have 2 Kudos i'm still waiting on lol

            HAHA VICTORY

              Glad to see that this has been sorted out, gentlehams.

        No I've been kudos'd 5 times in my life already, I don't think I can handle another one. FORBIDDEN.

      Need a Kudos winner, why not Zoidberg?

      Okay, first of all people, stop it with the not accepting your Kudos gracefully. I understand Loops wanting to hand it back because he won last week, which Tracey probably didn't know. But the fact remains that she wanted him to have it. And the people who nominated you, Shane, wanted you to have it. So accept it because the people who nominated you wanted you to have it, accept it for them instead of being rude, accept it gracefully and be grateful.
      Or, Shane, if you really can't this time, despite multiple nominations, just let it go. Techy won too, so we don't really even need a second winner.

        I'm sorry. It wasn't my intention to be rude, I just thought Chuloopa's win was deserved and shouldn't have been passed to me :(

        I happen to agree with you, and in my defence, my original email to Tracey included the following words:

        I have done some thinking over the weekend, and have decided that I would like to give my Kudos back to Chuloopa.

        I don’t think that anyone should be allowed to abdicate their Kudos

          It won't happen again..
          If it does just slap me upside the head and tell me to stop being such a chuloopa

        I'm sorry - i really didn't mean to be rude.. now i feel even worse about the whole thing - i really was quite gracious, though - i really do appreciate it..

        I'm sorry too, guys. reading it back I sound a little rude myself. :(
        I didn't mean for you guys to feel bad, just wanted to reiterate that people chose you guys so you really should be happy and stop thinking it was undeserved or somesuch rubbish. I mean Loops, if you can gleefully accept Kudos for merely peeing funny surely you can accept it when you actually did some awesome things.
        And Shane, I wanted you to stop feeling like your Kudos' are undeserved. You are nominated for a reason, and like I pointed out, by multiple people so who are you to say you're not deserving.

        Mostly I just wanted to point out that neither need accept because Techy already won, too.

        So yeah, don't feel bad, feel good that people wanted you guys to win.

          Thanks for the clarification Strange, I thought you were really mad, and was seriously considering hiding under my desk for the day until things blew over :P

            Thanks also for the noms, they really are appreciated... even if I do sometimes behave like they're not.

    Good morning ladies and gets.. didn't get much time to game this weekend (spent about half an hour with Shadows of the Damned, suffering major rage) and managed to crack out 2 new shirt designs!
    I'm also working on finalising the Garrus shirt i started work on AGES ago.!/Chul00p4/status/155964307195183106/photo/1

    Also, there are 3 more community prizes to go this week, and i'll put up the second contributor prize shortly :)

      What a beautiful way to start my morning.

      I'm a little tired though which may be why I don't get it? Why is he holding a lightsaber???

        It's the only way to make Garrus more awesome without removing his clothes?
        I don't know, really
        People (I) just love lightsabers.

        Also, i love mash-ups, regardless of how small :P

          as soon as i saw that pic it reminded me of
 for some reason? o.0

          also i thought about garrus star wars cross over and immediatley thought of Admiral Ackbar!

          side note I found a pic that visually represents Harli's dreams

            Both pics have me LAUGHING OUT LOUD!!!!!!!!!

      Dude, do yourself a favour and play Shadows of the Damned on easy. If you really like it go back and play it on hard/normal, but if you're raging at it half an hour in there are some bits later which you will want to hatef**k just so you can dump them the next morning.

      Why did I censor myself? Because it's 9:40am on Monday. It's too soon to be salty, plus Tracey is hanging around and she's so bloody nice that I feel like an expected swear would knock her out of her chair.

        Ohhh no no no no no no
        I'm like up to the 4th world. I meant i only played for half an hour

        The bit that was rage-inducing was the "Big Boner" shooting range, with the giant hell monkeys!

          Yeah, that one made me pretty mad too. My advice is, don't take time to go for the headshot. Aim in the general head vicinity, yes, but don't waste time lining up the shot because at least if you hit you'll slow them down which might buy you the time you need to cover another angle.

          After that though, it's pretty clear sailing until the final boss.

            yeah exactly what i ended up working out. Shoot, swing around, shoot another, swing around, shoot the next, swing back to the first.

            If you're lucky enough to get a headshot, then give yourself a small pat on the back. lol

            The cardboard cut out level afterwards gave me a huge "wtf" moment as well, but cleared it wit ha perfect :) lol

    "What? It's not Shameless Gaming Month! What are you talking about you mad doctor, you?"

    This is true, but I'm giving myself an early start. Why? Because my pile of shame is sitting in the triple digits now and I'm not talking about decimals.

    So, feigning illness, I took the day on Friday to recover from the Christmas insanity and took it upon myself to start a new game of Dragon Age 2.

    I have a lot of games sitting here waiting to be played. Games a great deal better than Dragon Age 2. Demon's Souls and Mass Effect 1 and 2 remain unfinished, Dark Souls completely untouched. My Skyrim playthrough has been put on hiatus. Why? What's so great about Dragon Age 2? The answer (Which has been proven time and time again over the last 3 days) is very little.

    But Dragon Age: Origins and so I feel like I owe it something.

    As lacking as the game is, I'm starting to enjoy it. The story has picked up a bit and if you look under the grime and tarnish there is a hint of the golden shine its predecessor had.

    I also, while playing DA2, watch the first season of Adventure Time and some Community. This may have helped.

    So how are all you guys!? I MISS YOU ALL!

    Especially you! (You know who you are) ;)

      Man, it was supposed to say:

      Pineapple Update

      At the top but I messed it up!

      *waves butt at you*

      My Pile:
      Dark Souls
      Arkham City
      Saints Row III

        That's hardly a pile at all...

          There are a couple of unfinished games on PC, but my laptop is on struggle street, so they're a hassle.
          Plus a couple of free games from the PS3 hack, but I don't really count them.
          So realistically... There are probably 9 games in my pile.

            Still hardly a pile, more like a short stack: easily nommed down for breakfast.
            Cakesmith now, he has problems.

              I like to finish a game before I start a new one (Broke that rule with Dark Souls)

              Also, Cakesmith's pile really concerns me.

                Indeed, I try to follow that rule but it does not always work.
                Also I consider a game done if I stop playing because I have no desire whatsoever to ever play it ever again.
                Also, yeah. There should be the equivalent of AAA meetings for Steam addicts.

                  Where do I sign up? Just as long as it isn't during on of the sales, I'll be busy then. You know, with stuff

      Lately, I've been spending time playing through the Metal Gear Solid games, so my last few weeks have felt a little like Shameless Gaming Month.

      Although, I had to buy the first three MGS games in order to play through the series. So I guess I haven't really reduced my pile of shame at all. Still going on the fourth game, which is the only game that was even in my pile of shame to begin with. :|

    I used to be a productive worker, like you.
    But then i took a TAY to the eyes.

    Morning TAY!

    Had a relatively nice weekend. Back at work nice (not really) and early this morning to get stupid amounts of catch up work done, so I'll probably be quiet again.

    As a heads up, I'm going to start organising impromptu online multi games on Steam for anyone interested, now that we're mostly out of the holiday season. For example, if myself and one other person is jumping in L4D2, I'll throw an announcement up asking for people to join. Nothing serious, and all in the name of a good game.

    I spent the weekend alternately playing and ragequitting Saints Row 3, because I'm determined to 100% it but I have a hard difficulty Heli Assault that I can't do, and a hard difficulty Escort that keeps screwing me over.

    After those are done I have to taunt about 25 more enemy gang members. THEN I can go finish up finding the collectibles and gang operations (which will be easy).

    Gaming stuff aside it wasn't a very eventful weekend. We had friends over last week for new years and we're having friends over this week for my wife's birthday. This weekend just past was kinda dull - on the upside, I got to sleep in and not do any housework.

    Oh the joys of being back at work. I feel like I need a holiday from my holidays. I had the most boring and unproductive holidays ever I think :0
    And the saddest part? I didn't finish a single game :| I don't think I even played a single game for more than about 5 mins per session. Probably because I was really looking forward to getting through my growing pile of PC games, but I am still waiting on my vid card to come back from warranty :\ Almost a month now. So much for their promise of getting it back before my holidays. What really pissed me off the most though, was they told me if I had returned it 1 day earlier, they would have replaced it with one they had in stock :| WTF would they even tell me that.. did they think that it would make me feel better about the fact they were going to make me wait months for a replacement card? one day though!!! seriously.. you'd think for one day they could have been a little lenient and just swapped it. Had I been a week out, sure.. Ugh.. for all I know, it could be another month before I get it back :\
    Ho hum.
    If it wasn't for the fact I'm going to see J Mascis tomorrow night, I might cry right now! I always have terrible luck with warranty :\

      Didn't finish any games?
      Well on the bright side you still have plenty of games to play now :P

      Maybe they had one in stock the day before, but had just given it to someone else? Regardless, that's a sucky thing to say to someone whose video card is broken.

    I played and completed Batman: Arkham Asylum over the Christmas period.
    Story (Hard) 100%, including all Riddler Tropies legitimately.
    Now I'm wondering whether to try to 100% Challenge Mode...
    Does the difficulty in Story Mode affect Challenge Mode?
    (So far I've only got 3 trophies in 4 or 5 of the challenges and I haven't found it easy)

      Nope. Challenge modes are the same difficulty no matter the story mode.

      Do eeeet. Then you and me can be AA Platinum Pals.

    Morning Tay.
    I have unfortunately been struck down with the martian death flu for the last 24 hours, this has resulted in absolutely zero tolerance for skyrim and a loathing of work. Sadly cant call in sick as we still are on half staff at the moment and well, things just dont get done when i am not here. So if anyone has a medicinal lead pellet they would like to donate to my skull by all means apply within.

      man flu.

        Truth be told it does not even deserve the term "flu" Its basically a sinus infection that got outta hand due to me being too manly to go to the docs and get antibiotics fast enough. enough to make me achey and sneezy and sleepy.

    Morning All :D
    I went to a Bucks party on the weekend by lunch time I was goneburgers. We played modified cricket during the day which was hilarious becuase I know nothing about cricket at all and we won due to my awesome batting \o/. We being the buck (my step brother) and I. This meant we had both had to do a beer bong each which went down a treat! After the cricket we went to the bucks house and swam in their pool and had lunch. We played pool rugby which sucks if your defending the deep end but is great if your defending the shallow end. lots of beer was dropped in the pool when one of the guys slipped and dropped four beers he was carrying into the pool, that was hilarious. Then we went to the belgian beer cafe or what ever its called and drank lots more, belgian beer comes in all kinds of funny glasses and tastes amazing! we had massive burgers there which tasted so good after all that beer. I had 1 to many snake bites and decided more food was a great idea so on the way to civic we had maccaz which turned the bus into a warzone because some brilliant fool started a food fight with ice cream and it ended with burgers on heads. anyhoo I cant really remember what we did in civic after that so thats where my story ends. of yeah and I drove to sydney at 7am the next morning to pick up my gf from the airport and managed to do so without a hang over!

    How was your weekend? o.0

      Belgian Beer Garden is Boss.
      Also, Goneburgers? I'm so adding that to my vernacular :)

        Have you had the Beer, I think its called Kwark or Quark (it sounds like that thing in phsyics I learnt about in highschool), with the funny shaped glass which is held in this little wooden contraption?
        I had 5 of them. They are Amazeballs.

          Is that the big ass hourglass kinda thing that they make you take a deposit out on the glass?

      Good story, please tell me you played the peg game?

        No I dont believe we did? o.0

        Or am I missing a joke there?

          the peg game...
          There is one clothing peg in this drinking game and the object is to attach said peg to another persons clothing and count down out loud from 10 (in earshot of the "pegged" player.)
          If the pegged player does not discover the peg, they must skol the rest of their drink or a full one if they are empty (or close to). If the pegged player does discover and remove the peg before the countdown ends, the pegger has to drink.
          In any case, the pegged player now becomes the peg-man and has sole pegging rights.

          Other good added rules are, (you must join in a countdown if you hear it - no pointing of fingers (elbows can be used instead), no calling people by their firstname or nickname, pegging can only be done by the peg-man.

          I have played this one alot, and it is hilarious when you start hearing a countdown and turn around to see 40 people inside a pub shaking and jumping and twisting to see if they have a peg on them... Absolute hilarity!

            I'm a big fan of the no pointing allowed or you have to drink. Combined with the no using the first name it works a treat.
            Person A calls person B by there name. Queue 6 people pointing at him saying drink. Followed by loud shouting at those 6 to drink. Plus the other slower person pointing at the person who just pointed telling them they need to drink


    Why am I up this early on a Monday? D:

      This is early? ok then. :P

        When you can't fall asleep until 3 or 4am in the morning it is :(

          So less that you were up early and more that you were down late? lol. logic if funny.

            Yeah something like that.

            And also for once the stupid neighbour was not out at 7am using the hose on full pressure on the colourbond fence next to my window to make the other neighbours dog bark, headache inducing stuff that x.x

            Maybe that's why I was able to wake up earlier than usual.

    morning TAY. first day back at work for me... yay?

    haven't been keeping up with TAY the last few weeks, so I hope everyones xmas & new year were pretty damn good :)

    I had friends up from melbourne this past week, so there was many a game purchased during the Steam sale & LAN'd relentlessly - Dungeon Defenders, Space Marine (yeah, I know. I'm slow), Magicka & Brink.... yay


    Shane!!!! I'm still keen on your book & I'm sorry for the delay, I'll sort out the monies today if its still possible...

      Welcome back!

      No worries about the book. Alas, this past weekend has put me temporarily out of stock. I've ordered a few copies from Book Depository - they should be here in a week or so. Sorry!

    Need coffee to be functional. Good coffee place closed until 17th. Would be sadface if was awake enough.

    Bah, just enrolled in all my courses at uni for the year. First semester is going to suuuuuck.

    Also, good morning TAY! Time to read up on everyone's weekends up above. Mine was pretty good, I guess. In terms of gaming I got very little done. My pile of new release games left unstarted/unfinished is at four at the moment - Saints Row 3, Halo Anniversary, Uncharted 3 and Deus Ex. I'm starting with Saints Row, which seems like a bad idea as its a sandbox, but I started playing the other day just to check it out and now I don't want to stop! Been having some good fun with the character customisation.

    I should probably get started on Uncharted, really.

      Mine was good, played a little Mahvel, upped my Nemesis game, then drank a lot of beers and somehow drank my tonsillitis away. YAY :D

    Didn't get through the video game pile of shame very far... but took three books off of it. Only problem, next book on the list is 1200+ pages...

    Also: Mission Immpossible Ghost Protocol is pretty good! And I now have a phone that I can defend dungeons on.

    Generic comment so Chrome can store my comment details again.

      No beard itch?

        Nope, shaved so I don't look like a hobo at work. Besides, the beard turned out poorly.

    I have a question.

    Is anybody still interested in hearing more of the adventures of Doug McCreedy? I was planning on going through with a whole lot but Shane came out with a far superior product and put me out of business. Unless there's still a market for the cheaper inferior product.

      I think you still have a niche as long as you make him more belligerent and prone to rage outbursts :)

      More please. But I can't read the Cockney (or whatever it is..). I also had trouble with Wuthering Heights for the same reason, so you're in esteemed company.

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