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    Monday is NewTAYDay!

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    Post #1: Shane at 08:33 09/01

      You be loosing your crown Bunny..

        I'm okay with this.

        Still winning the word count though, methinks that can't be a good thing.

      If I combine all my posts, that makes me 6th with 193 :P

      WOW, i am slipping only 50 posts. If only i talked that little in real life, i wouldn't annoy my co workers so much :P

    Good morning to all TAYers,
    Yes, i have now jumped on the LoL bandwagon - (sorry non-LoLer's for mentioning it on P1)

    Good morning to all TAYers,
    Yes, i have now jumped on the LoL bandwagon - (sorry non-LoLer's for mentioning it on P1)


        I know that personally, I was willing to forgive the first mention, but the second mention was just too much. Now I am gravely offended. For shame.

          I promise i only hit the submit button ONCE, :(

      Welcome to the fold, human, I hope you enjoy your stay :)

    Morning all! Hope your weekends were filled with gamey- (and other) types of goodness.

    The grand T-shirt experiment was an epic failure (D'OH), my daughter has decided that napping during the day is for babies (ARGH), I've come into work to find my workload doubled for the forseeable future, and I'm about eight months behind on sleep, but I'm in a pretty good mood this morning anyway.

      Morning, Shane!

      My son decided he didn't want to have his nap a while ago. I made sure he understood that I am the Boss, not him and put him in his cot for 2 hours in the afternoon regardless. Soon enough, he started napping again. He does nap later now than he used to though, so maybe try and see if she'll sleep later than her usual nap time?

      As for sleep, it's over-rated. Or that's what I say to myself having never managed to catch up on the two years of sleep I missed before I moved my son into his own bedroom. :P

      Sorry about the work thing, that's a bit unfun. :(

        We're making the transition to her sleeping in her own bed, in her own room. She even does it sometimes. Her not napping during the day means we can now put her down at 7:30-8pm instead of the 8:30-9pm that was the previous routine.

          We've just transitioned our toddler from two two hour naps to one two-three hour nap in the middle of the day, and man, does it move the bedtime earlier at night.


          Now, if only My Kitchen Rules would start up.

      I went mentally insane over the weekend! I also nearly sent my siblings insane too with my incessant beatboxing...

    So I'm totally buying this!

      I wouldn't buy it, if it isn't good enough for Serrells, it ain't good enough for me.

      If the Taybies chip in money we can all buy Scotland together.

        I like the way you think.

        Send me all your money and I will totes share when I win and not take the whole country for myself and rule with an iron fist.

      Meh. It's useless without Unicorns. :P

        But in my autonomy the scientists will work round the clock to bring the unicorns back!

        Pfft, who needs unicorns when you've got sheep.

        Umm... I mean. Never mind. Ignore me *whistles*

      "Q: can the winner rebuild Hadrian's wall?
      A: Only over the original route, parts of the revised route neighbour into adjoining land."

      That's it im bidding on this as soon as I get home

    SO i went out for Lunch Yesterday and went to the BAr to get some water for myself and my sister. They asked me for ID which is fair enough because i assume they can get in a great deal of trouble if they don't. So not only was i not able to get my water. The lady at the bar accused me of having a fake ID and she said she was confiscating it. (MY LICENCE). I had to go and get my mother to get it from her because apparently she knew the lady. SO this has put me off buying anything were proof of age is required again!

      How odd.

      My whole group of friends got asked for ID on Saturday. We're in our mid-twenties and were all suited up. I think the being overdressed might have been a bit of a red flag.

        I haven't been carded since an end of uni get together a few years back. I also happened to have no ID on me and wasn't allowed in. Good times. :P

      But it's just water... :O

        Sure... 'water'

          The funny part is it was actually water i don't drink unless i am out with friends and i never drink alchol during the day.

      After my friends wedding, we all went out clubbing. Unfortunately the bride didnt have her ID on her, so we couldnt get in anywhere. We were all about 25, she was in her wedding dress, but nope, no one would let us in.

    Going out to coffee with a friend this morning. She got engaged last night. I bet she's going to be talking all about it. What about me? I just overcame ladder anxiety and got place in plat!

      Yeah man how dare she bore you with her life details, she probably actually just wants to here about how you can counter a 4 gate strategy and how you beat three guys fairly easily!


        I beat four people easily and got crushed by a 4 gate :p

        I really need to learn that build. Even though I'd only use it on Tal'darim Altar, I need to know it to play PvPs.

      Ensure that your respective accomplishments get equal time in the conversation.

      Step 1: Congratulate
      Step 2: Ask "So, when is the wedding date?"*
      Step 3: Either "Oh. So no rush then, I guess?" or "Tsk. Are you sure you'll have enough time to find a dress and arrange table placements?"

      *The actual date is irrelevant.

      And then you can focus on a conversation about gaming.

    So, in case you missed it over the weekend, this would have to be the world's cutest Chuloopa Space Marine :P

    Morning TAY, hope you had a great weekend.

    What gaming did you get up to? I played and enjoyed Prince of Persia(08)- a great looking game that still stands up today with some great platforming and cinematic combat.

    Also anyone have any tips for some casual work this month or for Australia day?

      Prince of Persia was so damn underrated I thought, I love the idea of an open world platform game. So pretty too. :D

        Exactly. I think the game was ahead of its time. The lack of death people complained about was just a constant checkpoint system which instantly restarted you at the last piece of solid ground. A system used in games like Uncharted today. The quick reload is much better than clicking a button on the menu to restart at the last checkpoint.

        The combat was also improved from the sands of time trilogy. The battles were cinematic and more engaging and satisfying especially when you pulled off a 8-10 hit combo. The battles can be thought of as a series of quicktime events but if you dodged well and timed the enemies attacks the combat was great. Also being able to kill random enemies before they spawned was great as it allowed you to concentrate on the platforming instead.

        Speaking of platforming, it was much easier compared to the sands of time. The emphasis in this game, I feel, was on speed compared to technique in the sands of time. I would have preferred more challenging platforming but the open world helped counter that as it was a joy navigating the world. I read that the Epilogue DLC introduced harder challenges but I haven't got to play it, it's still $15 on the Au PSN store. That is kind of mean on Ubisoft's part not dropping the price to at least $10 or even better $5 for four year old DLC.

        The epilogue segues well into what I thought was the weakest part of the game-the storytelling. The story was OK but I feel that the storytelling was better in the sands of time. The Prince in SOT had a personal stake i the story. It was his mistake he was trying to resolve when he released the sands of time. The way he told the story to the princess was great as well, with the prince correcting himself when he died e.g. 'that's not how it happened,' or the princess having a feeling of De javu when you used the rewind mechanic. This is compared to the story in POP(08) where the prince was looking for his donkey and then gets embroiled in the Princess' affairs. The game's insistence on pressing the left trigger/bumper to get more story info was overbearing IMO. Why do have to stop to speak to Elika? I could easily press the trigger while platforming and have her speak to me then. The ending was also hampered by the fact that the developers wanted to sell the Epilogue DLC. I didn't mind the ending in the main game but the fact that they cut out a small snippet for DLC was unfortunate.

        I loved the game overall and it's unfortunate that the series has taken a back seat to the Assassins creed franchise. I would love a sequel to this game with a larger open world, dynamic weather system, day-night cycles and more interesting characters. A well realised city would be great with merchants and city folk going about, a backdrop to your platforming on the city rooftops. A move to the future or a modern city landscape would also be a nice fit.

          Yeah, I think any flaws of the game for me atleast were countered by how cool it felt to be exploring the world in any order you wanted. Also the amazing feeling of rediscovering places that you had been to many times before, yet entirely different art direction. I never got around to the DLC. The new Tomb Raider sounds like its going to fill the void of open world platforming.

            I hope Tomb Raider is open world. The previews last year were promising but I have a niggling feeling that it will be more like uncharted with more scripted encounters than open world interactions. I hope I'm wrong though because the game looks like a great reboot for the franchise.

            Eidos and Square Enix seem to be having a good run with their reboots lately. Deus EX:HR was great and this gives me a lot of hope for Hitman: Absolution, Tomb Raider and Thief 4.

    So I've been on Uni holidays since mid November and I've got WAYYY too much free time...

    I'm running out of things and ideas of what I should do at home to waste time. Any suggestions? I'd prefer to do something that's somewhat productive like learn how to use PhotoShop (any point in doing this?) or maybe learn a language but I don't know :P...

    I do play piano and guitar as well so if there's any badass songs you'd recommend me to learn then go ahead :)

      Still Alive from Portal? It's a pretty fun song to play :)

        On piano? It's a good song but a bit simple on piano for my tastes :)

          Well, you could try playing it on piano and guitar at the same time? :P

          Still Alive from Mirror's Edge? ;)

            Heh Mirror's Edge is such an underrated game :)

      The solo from Dry County.

        Yeah... I don't see that happening :P

        I haven't played guitar for a while now and my fingers just reverted back to normal (not all blistery) so it's going to hurt :(

        I also bought The Lesser Evil a few days ago :)

          Nice song. I put The Eagles best of 2CD music on whenever I need to calm down a little.

            REPLY FAIL. *plays Eagles*

            I hope you enjoy the book!

      Depends on what you're aiming for in life. Then you should do something productive that will benefit you.

      I'm learning Desperado by Eagles on the piano. Might not be 'bad ass', but still... possibly the greatest song of all-time... :P

        I'm pretty sure The Eagles are badass :)

        I'm listening to a cover of it on YT right now and it's beautiful on piano ( reffering to this one)

        Good luck learning it!

        That is a freakin awesome song DC, don't let anyone tell you otherwise

          Don't I know it, man. The Johnny Cash version single handedly makes me want to learn guitar too.

      Learn a language! I get random impulses to learn languages, then get distracted by other languages I want to learn. I can count to 10 & say hello in spanish, italian & german. totally useless! Now I wanna learn mandarin...

      I spent the weekend learning the Scott Pilgirm soundtrack on bass. Fun to play, but easy. Still, it's something I can teach to my mate who's learning guitar...

      If you're after a challenge, try learning this for the piano. I love this piece, truly beautiful


      Basic Tags
      Creates an HTML document
      Sets off the title and other information that isn’t displayed on the web page itself
      Sets off the visible portion of the document

      Text Tags
      Creates preformatted text
      Creates the largest headline
      Creates the smallest headline
      Creates teletype, or typewriter-style text
      Creates a citation, usually italic
      Emphasizes a word (with italic or bold)
      Emphasizes a word (with italic or bold)
      Sets size of font, from 1 to 7
      Sets font color, using name or hex value

      Creates a new paragraph

      Aligns a paragraph to the left (default), right, or center.

      Inserts a line break


      Indents text from both sides
      Creates a definition list

      Precedes each definition term

      Precedes each definition
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      Precedes each list item, and adds a number or symbol depending upon the type of list selected

      Inserts a horizontal rule

      Sets size (height) of rule

      Sets width of rule, in percentage or absolute value

      Creates a rule without a shadow

      Creates a table
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      Sets off the table header (a normal cell with bold, centered text)

    Greetings and salutations TAY, how is everybody?
    As for myself, I forgot to close my windows last night and I have gone and caught the sniffles.
    This has led to the dreaded rapid, continous sneezing.
    Consequently, I now feel like playing a game of chicken with a speeding train.
    But besides that I'm groovy.
    Plus, after the discussion last week about Nier, I have really gotten back into the game and am having a blast.
    Dark Hand ftw!

      I miss Nier. I doubt I'll ever get to play another game as complete as that.

      "I forgot to close my windows last night and I have gone and caught the sniffles"

      So this is why they recommend shutting down windows properly.


    It was my birthday yesterday, but most of my family worked so they're all coming over tonight for a food based shindig. I can't remember the last time I had a home cooked roast. (Last birthday I suppose. :P) I've already got the taste of roast potato and gravy. Gonna be good eatin'... *licks lips*

      Happy Birthing Day!

      HAppy Birthday for yesterday man, Hope you had a awesome day. Side note roast is very easy to cook. It is basically stick meat on pan chuck random herbs on meat and cook for a 1 and a half to 2 and a half hours!

        Thanks, man. Was a good day. Watched Jurassic Park in HD for the first time, played Portal 2 co-op again and ate half a cake by myself. Can't complain! I've been meaning to learn how to cook. It's down the list somewhere. :P

      Happy birthday mate!
      You should celebrate by obtaining the Space Marine collectors edition!

      It was my birthday on the 14th! Happy birthday for the 15th!

        Happy birthday for Saturday, man. Hope it was a good one!

      Happy Birthday D.C.!!!! :D
      *does birthday dance and song*

      *quickly stops, turns the volume up full and then presses play on stereo*

      You guys are all awesome. Thanks, I appreciate it a whole damn lot!

      Happy bday man! may your year be filled with games a epic nerdery!

      You guys are class acts all round. :P I'd reply to you all individually, but don't want to be accused of spamming TAY (any more than usual) -- means a whole lot to me, though. I appreciate it!

        A second account really helps minimise the accusations of Spam.

          That's the kind of advice that'll get your throat slit ear-to-ear. :P

      Happy birthday to both of you, and to anybody to shy/lazy to post their recent birthday

    Morning All
    How was your weekend?

    oh really?

    that sounds epic

    hmmm bit of a shame, could be worse though

    good to know you enjoyed yourself overall though :)

      The funny thing is that is exactly how all my weekends go. You are a freaking amazing!

    Good mornin' TAY. I had a dream last night that my house got attacked by a Charizard. The end.

      I have those dreams sometimes except i am the charizard and i am burning the house down!

        Get out of my head!

    THQ's Australian webshop is selling off the last of its Space Marine collectors editions on PC, PS3 and 360..

    BUY IT NOW!!!

    Cheers to the guys at the Geelong meat this Saturday past - it was a blast just to hang about and actually chat to you guys face to face.
    You are all gentlemen and scholars.
    Sorry i had to bail so early.

      I've been waiting on a Meat write-up!

        I assume they just drunk talked and play games. Isnt that how all meats work!

          Ah, but they all have that individual flair, the unique taste and experience that makes people attend multiple meats, instead of just living off the memories of one.

          I expect any write-up to perfectly encapsulate said flair.

          Drank and talked, yes.
          Funnily enough, not many games were played at all.
          Strange how that works. lol

            You missed some epic NBA Jam & Micro Machines on the Mega Drive by leaving early.

      Yeah sorry again i couldnt make it guys. I didnt end up leaving the bucks party till 10 at night, by which time i was so knackered i just went home and crashed.

    Hello everyone. This weekend, I put Dark Souls away for a good long while. The futility of forcing myself through Tomb of Giants just to get an item that will upgrade my morning star from +9 to +10 kind of hit home. I've finished it, so I'm not really sure what I'm doing now. I'm sure I'll pick it up again, but not for a bit. Going to dedicate my Xbox to Bioshock 2, Halo, Resident Evil 4 and Silent Hill 2 (haven't got Silent Hill yet but it's on its way).

    My PC is going to get a good workout though, as I got onto SWTOR. Obtaining it and installing it was an absolute PitA and a reminder of why I often don't play PC games. I love them, but I just don't have the time or patience sometimes. Have started a trooper. Really don't know what I'm doing. The gamestyle is nothing like what I'm used to. After a few hours yesterday I seemed to have stopped dying and leveled up a couple of times. Seems pretty great.

      Sorry I just have to ask, Is RE4 available on the 360? I thought it was on PS2, Wii and Gamecube only.

      And I can't help with SWTOR as I don't play it.

        No need to apologise for a question like that Scree! That's what we're all here for. We wouldn't be on TAY if we didn't want to help each other out and talk about games.

        Yeah, it's on Xbox Live, on the Games on Demand platform. It's there under annoying regional pricing ($29.95) but I bought it anyway. I had missed it when it came out and wanted to play catchup after loving RE5. It's an amazing game.

          Ah, I'm used to the physical copies. I have no idea what they've digitally distributed them on.

          "We wouldn't be on TAY if we didn’t want to help each other out and talk about games."
          O rly? ʘ‿ʘ

            Sorry, Lambo, forgot for a moment that you were here too.


        I think RE4 is everywhere these days, you can even get a dodgy version on the freakin' iPad!

      where'd you get SWTOR? I'm thinking of buying it, don't want to pay more than $60AUD....

        Try I'd give you the link to SWTOR on there, but I've tried doing that twice already. Both times my comment was eaten by kotaku's spam filter...

        I found this helpful:

        I went with and for US$60 had the key emailed to me in around 5 minutes.

        Although that Whirlpool wiki page says you activate the key on Origin, you don't need to. I activated the key in the SWTOR game client and haven't got Origin installed at all.

        thanks guys! i'll think i'll go with ozgameshop.... do they send you a key? or do i need to wait for the box?

    Morning TAY!

    How was everyone's weekend?

    I slept well last night so I'm quite happy. X3
    However after playing TF2 with the TAYbies I went out to the kitchen and found an egg shell on the floor. I figured my Mother had dropped the shell on the floor but it was weird of her not to clean it up.
    Going outside to check on the dog I found another 10 eggshells on the ground. No one could throw them over the fence so I was understandably freaked out. I called my mother, figuring that two head are better then one.
    We discovered that the dog was pinching the eggs out of a basket, took them outside and was breaking them to eat the insides.
    This is unusual for my dog as you can leave food on the floor and he won't eat it unless you tell him to.
    So yeah. It was weird.

      Protein is important! He knows the secrets to a healthy diet.
      Also, at least your dog doesn't go through the trash every now and then. That's always fun to clean up.

        He's only ever eaten a lasagna that I couldn't finish. He just couldn't resist it.

        Also, he threw them back up a short time later ^^;;

      The case of the hungry dog, I am pretty sure that would be a awesome title for a sherlock episode in future. Speaking of which how good is sherlock? I was all THIS IS THE BEST TV SHOW I HAVE EVER SEEN AT THE END OF SEASON 2 episode 1. The follow up i thought was pretty good aswell.

      Ours figured out how to crack hazelnuts. I couldn't decided whether to be annoyed or impressed.

        Pretty impressive, man. Don't have opposable thumbs to use nutcrackers very easily.

        Impressive I'd say. Just make sure he doesn't eat macadamia nuts as they are deadly to dogs

      Outstanding. Dogs get up to some of the best antics for no apparent reason, half the fun of having them.

        Actually, he's on a diet so I think he was just hungry.

          Oh, in that case... ANIMAL CRUELTY! :P

            He's 10 kilos over weight. It's not that he's getting any less food, it's just that he's getting half in the morning and half at night, when he used to get one meal at night.

              Poor pup, although they'd eat until they exploded if it was up to them so probably for the best that you're looking out for him. :D

      It's not a dog, it's an Oviraptor!!!
      (Dinosaur egg thief)

      You ate the whole... carton of eggs? How'd you do that? Heck, I'm not even mad; that's amazing.

      Okay. I'm done with Anchorman quotes now. Maybe.

    Doc's Dragon Age 2 Update (SPOILER FREE)

    After spending 3 straight days playing Dragon Age 2 (from scratch) last weekend, I ignored it all wake. As Saturday rolled round I knew it was time to pick it up again.

    I was already on act 2 which meant I was further than I got on my first playthrough (gave up in the Deep Roads) so I was looking forward to some new all new story. I discovered a few hours in that I F-ed up a companion quest and gave a wrong reply which locked me out of a possible romance with them, so I had to reload an earlier save (Start of act 2) and play it all again. -_-

    Anyway, my opinion of DA2 is different now DA:O is more of a distant memory. It still seems to be a Dragon Age lite. Everything from companion customisations to the story itself feeling far more streamlined and the reused architecture getting on my nerves on a few occasions. But despite this, I'm enjoying the game. I loved Dragon Age: Origin's despite it's flaws and doing no less seems to be doing DA2 a disservice somehow.

    Act 2's story seemed to pick up the pace a bit and add a bit more intrigue while setting up events which started you towards an inevitable conflict. Choosing sides was hard. Not because I didn't want to side with anyone, but because the options I were given for Hawke didn't reflect my own reasons.

    I will say that "All That Remains" was an very unexpected turn of events and became quite an emotional quest. Even though I knew there was no real countdown, I still rushed towards the goal as quickly as I could.

    Last night I started Act 3 and did a few side quests before giving up for the day. Looking forward to finishing of the game.

    I don't actually mind being restrained to one city that much. If I wanted to free-roam, I'd be playing Skyrim. The Dragon Age games I play for the story.

    On the Dr What review scale it gets 23½ out of 27 leeches.

    DL;DR I played Dragon Age 2. It was pretty good.

      I was going through my external HDD last night and found the Rise To Power trailer for DA 2.
      Man, I remember being reasonably excite because of that trailer. Fighting and violence and explosion everywhere set to pretty action-y music.

        Same. I downloaded Every DA trailer/video they put on the PSN. Watched the DA2 one again after dueling a certain bad guy in the Viscounts throne room.

          Oh man, that one was pretty awesome, too. Sure, it didn't end up being particularly accurate, but it's a fairly entertaining piece of animated/choreographed fighting.

      I don't understand your scoring system but a number of leeches seem to ba good way to count how good a game is!

      I absolutely hated the first five or so hours, but it got better and more compelling the longer it went. Still think the majority of issues with the game can all be traced to an unrealistic development time. I liked Aveline, though. One of my favourite BioWare companions.

        Aveline was my favourite as well - she had some great writing.

    Good morning everyone. Hope you all had a great weekend. I spent most of my weekend being thoroughly engrossed in Katawa Shoujo. I am very glad that Kotaku ran that article last week, because otherwise I can pretty much guarentee I would never have tried it.

    I have only finished one of the girl's storylines, and although I could see one of the "twists" coming from Mars, the way it was delivered still brought me to tears (not that that is hard to do). I had to go to work at one point, after the main character and one of the girls got into a major fight, and I felt sick not knowing what was going to happen. That to me says that this a story worth reading.

    I will definitely be spending some more time going over different storylines, trying to get as much out of this game as I can. I hope that you try it out. I think it really is worth it.

      I've only gotten up to the bit where you get introduced to the's how much time I've spent on it ...

      Completely agree with this. I've only completed one storyline as well, but it was surprisingly well-written and wasn't anything like I imagined before reading that article. I guess the only 'criticism' I have is that the sex scenes felt really... tacked on? Like they're only there to fill the adult content requirement. I mean, I knew what I was getting into before playing, but still. (It's good that the game allows you to turn those scenes off, in any case).

      I think I'm probably finished with it for now, but I might come back to it later on.

      *spoilers for an early "bad end" scenario*
      The first time I played through it though, I somehow managed to not get any of the girls and the main guy spent the night drinking with that Kenji guy, only to fall off the roof and die. The joys of being forever alone...
      *end spoilers*

        Yeah I kinda felt the same. I knew they would be there, and they sorta work. But you're right, it almost feels like someone else wrote the sex scenes when there was another (better) writer looking after the rest of the story. Maybe its because it was such an abrupt shift in tone.

        And I'm glad I didn't get that ending first time around. I probably would have sat staring at the screen thinking "well crap, thats not how its supposed to go"

    Hi all,

    The moment you've (not) been waiting for has finally arrived. The first sighting of The Lesser Evil Book 2!

    If you value your money, I urge you not to buy it yet.
    In a day or two, it will appear on Book Depository, and you'll be able to get it for about $8 (probably), and not have to fork out an extra $12 postage as you would with Amazon.

    But the wait is nearly over! :)

      Thanks for reminding me, I am not waiting for amazon shipping again. That was to painful, But it is a definite Pick up, I wanna find out what happens next!

      I've been waiting!

      But now I can't afford it for a while. :(
      Oh well, it will be on Book Depository by the time I can get it so \o/!

    Never actually been onto TAY, so thought I'd jump in and say hi!

      Welcome to the TAY Asylum, please leave all sanity at the door and report to Harli's office for your "Introduction". You'll know which door it is.

      Good to have you here. You might think we're a little crazy but soon you'll get to know everyone and realise we're just lunatics. Except for Lambo, don't listen to a word he says

      *crashes through wall*


      I AM HERE .. FOR Jeremy!

      Welcome to TAY. Prepare yourself for the initiation ceremony.

      Behold, the OAR OF THORNS!!!

        Legends say that Napoleon was the height of two men, before being struck by the cursed Oar...

      A pre-emptive "hi!"?
      Well played, sir, well played.

      Also hello!

      Welcome. Good luck keeping up! It took me about 3 months before I managed to keep up past page 2. This thread is prolific.

      Don't listen to these clowns, we're actually all alarmingly normal.

      It's everywhere else that's wrong.

    Good morning TAYberinos
    I mentioned this in the last thread, but Uncharted 3 over a LAN is fantastically fun- Here's the setup we were rocking:!/redartifice/status/158155920856199169

    After a while they decided I was doing too well, so they kicked me to the tiny screen on the left :)

      It's scientifically proven that whenever a game is played over LAN, the amount of enjoyment for the players increases exponentially due to several factors.

      1) you can punch someone when they're being a dick.

      2) you can high five someone when they're being awesome.

      3) LAN is awesome.

        You can also call someone out for screencheating


      PC gamer gets three screens. Complains about lack of Eyefinity support.

      Consoler gets three screens. LAAAAAAN PAAAARTY!!!!

      Is co-op in Uncharted 3 worth playing? How does it play, is it common objectives or just hey lets kill waves of folks... but together? :D

        It has a rudimentary plot with changing objectives, which is pretty cool. The different missions do sort of fit together into one ongoing plotline.

          Oh, cool. Sounds a little like the Splinter Cell: Conviction co-op. Same locations as in the main game or different ones?

            A bit of both, and from 2 & 3. Without getting too spoilery, Syria, London and Borneo are all featured

              Might be worth playing. Thanks, buddy!

                I f you need a co-op player, hit me up on PSN at red_artifice

    Breakfast, the most noisy meal of the day

      Tell me about it! You wouldn't believe the crunching noise these M&Ms are making in my head!

    Also I thought TAY may find this interesting

      It's an interesting article. I'm glad he refers to it as a correlation. It's pretty straightforward though. A parent who's lax about what media their child consumes is likely to have a similar attitude to discipline.

      Best article on the issue I've read to date. He makes quite a few excellent points and the whole thing seems very well-balanced.

      And it's not about violent video games per se - it's about children being given access to media that they're not emotionally equipped to deal with.

        Exactly. I thought that he certainly made a valid point. Not only that, he actually spoke to the parent about it.
        I'm going to use my cousins school as an example. She's in a working class area and COD is played by her entire class.
        Oh and they're all 13.

    Hello, guys! Back to hot weather down here for the next two days, so this should be fun*.

    *-As in it will suck worse than a Dyson Vacuum Cleaner.

      I've always found a Dyson sucks quite well actually.

        Don interrupt McGarnical when he's cleaning his room!

          I saw this comment earlier and it actually passed right over my head.

          Now I get it.

          And: Ewwww.

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