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    Good monday morning TAY... easy week coming up, with the whole "a'straya-day" and stuff

    How's the planning for Can'd Meat mk II going?
    i know it's just sorta "ruck up and attend" but who's going to be there?

      I hope to, but it's a 'we'll see' I'm afraid.

      Nothing says Austraya Day like crapping on the flag for boys, for the country for girls!


    Driving test today... I could soon be on the roads!

      Good luck! Mind the lessons that Joshy001-Joshy205 had to learn the hard way!

        Joshy069 learned a different lesson, but coincidentally it was also the "hard" way.

      LOOOOL SHANE IS OFF TO A FLYING START... that was awesome, good call...

      however good luck buddy, remember the whole head turning thing each time you do ANYTHING... when i was taking my test that's what they were particularly pedantic about....

      also [insert random comment about the roads being much less safe if you get your license]

      there i've done my part

        Thanks Pixel and Shane! With all my neck turning, I'm going to have whiplash! ASS whiplash!

        I got told to slow down for my red P's test...that was probably the funniest moment of my life. Never exceeded the speed limit, safely took corners, the instructor just didn't like Landcruisers :D

        Oh, and I still passed.

          Or maybe you not wearing pants was making them feel uneasy.....

    Caffeine? Who needs caffeine when you have TABTOL?

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    Post #1: Batguy at 08:30 16/01

      Some people had a question to ask you.
      True story.

      All my posts were Alan Wake related. :S

        and why wouldn't they be? :P i'm going to be home alone on A'Straya day, so i'm dedicating that day to no-pants and Alan Wake

          Sounds like a good day all round. :P

      Woo! Back in the top 10!

      Also, HOLY CARP* at the average word count! Is it just me, or was last week apparently really verbose?

      *not a typo, I worship fish, or something.

        They were making up for my absence.

    Yikes, got a bit worried there when I couldn't find it at 8:30.
    Anyway, currently watching the NFL.
    New England Patriots lead Baltimore Ravens 13-10 at half time.

      I was also worried. I was thinking "it's nearly quarter to 9, where is TAY!?"

      TAY withdrawal symptoms?

        TWS is not to be messed with man...

        it usually starts with the shakes...
        then proceeds to flu-like symptoms...
        and usually ends up with the inability to play games and/or claiming the nearest clock-tower with an AK47

          I'd say it starts with a Strange sensation,
          then proceeds to 'Flu like symptoms,
          followed by high-pitched bird noises, sort of a "Scree!" noise,
          you should visit a Doctor...What...
          lest you act like a Crazyguy.

            Bird noises, or metroid noises? =D


    A bit late to the "just played the Amalur demo" thing, but still... I just played the Amalur demo!
    I actually enjoyed it far more than I thought I would.
    Nice variety in weapons and armour and I actually switched weapon types many times, which is unusual for me because I normally find a type and stick to it.
    Really enjoyed the environment as well, pretty detailed and some sections were very picturesque.
    Got lucky with the glitches, didn't experience any at all.
    Camera was pretty good, kept up well except after manually using it, then it would take about 5 seconds before automatically switching to behind the character, but that wasn't much of an issue.
    So for me, probably a day 1 get.

      I just posted a thing about it myself, but it seems to have been eaten! :(

      Kingdom of Amalur decided that I didn't need any sounds. And, since there was no audio for the conversations, it skipped all the scenes in which characters talked. I had no idea what was going on.

      Then the game decided to drop some graphics glitches on me. So, I didn't play much beyond the end of the starting dungeon-thing.

      Obviously, my opinion of the game isn't so great. I didn't really pick up too much of the story, and the combat felt similar to other action RPGs. The graphics were nice though.

    Played Kingdoms of Amularularurauralaru on the weekend.

    PS3 demo.

    First run through: ran into a bug at the end of the Well section where my conversations kept auto-skipping. Kind of annoying.

    Second play through: Dearie me, this is fun! I didn't mind the WoW-ish graphics, and found the world well-written and combat fairly fun, although button mashy and pretty simple.

    I'm hoping the I'M SO HARDCORE mode will make it a bit more challenging, especially if things become such a cake walk with first tier special abilities.

    Also: pulling a spear or hammer out of nowhere to destroy a guy? Awesome.

    The ability to mix/match "classes" I think is a good move, as well as the mix/match fates; that said, I wish "blinking" rolls weren't only available to thieves/mages/tmcombos. Very much feel the fates for pure fighters are underpowered.

    I like the fact I can pick what secondary weapon I want from any/all weapons, so if I wanted to rock two different elemental swords, I could - although the ability to pause and switch weapons with no penalty in the middle of combat seems a little broken.

    Pretty sure this will be a day one buy from OzGameshop for me, and going by the map and number of quests available in the demo, pretty sure I'll get more than my money's worth out of it.

    The Scottish accents were terrible; the bastardisation and mispronunciation of the Irish words was also cringe-worthy.

    Can't see this playing well on a PC, but that's just me.

    Anyone else sink some time into this on the weekend?

    So, how about those shopping centres?
    Lbh frr bar, lbh'ir frra n znyy.

    Hearts Fozzy Bear!

    HEY GAIS! Did anyone do a meat write up?

    Anyway, I posted this last week, but I'm doing it again.

    The TAYbies list! Now in glorious partial technicolor!

      Wow, epic list is epic!

        Awww. I'm not on there :(

          It's editable by everyone! So feel free to add yourself :)

            lol you can see where people are clicking if you are doing it at the same time as someone else!


      Now the only problem is, I am too lazy to add everybody, soooooo everybody add me on live, you'll get a cookie*

      *won't actually get a cookie

      An extract if you'd like:
      "So I just zone out while I'm content eating but this is the stuff that happened:
      - Schwepps Raspberry is delicious
      - Unlimited pizza is delicious
      - Garlic Bread is delicious
      - Delicious food is delicious
      - Mousse is delicious
      - Lard ice cream is delicious
      - Jelly is delicious
      - Sprinkles, choc chips and caramel sauce is delicious"

      Sooo... does anyone remember what we were talking while I was eating. I wasn't paying attention.

        I love Schweppes raspberry! It's either that or cream soda.

        I remember that I got jelly, so you got jelly, then Mark saw you with the jelly and got jelly himself.

        Vidya games may have been mentioned.

      Hey man I'm trying to work out how to chuck this into ToT. I think it'll have to just be a direct link. But is everyone cool with having this information publicly available?

        sure, go for it, i don't really care... if someone gets their hands on my already publicly available information, i can always deny their requests :P

      Guess I'll just add myself then.

      You cut me real deep, Doc.

        I thought if I didn't add you, I had more excuses to talk to you...

    Good morning TAYbies! Great weekend! 3 sheets to the wind on friday night, paid for it dearly on saturday morning/afternoon. Skyrimmed on the couch all day, killed 2 dragon priests, slept in sunday. Watched TV all day, had steak, early night to bed. Bring on a slightly shorter week this week!

    Soooo I spent most of this weekend fighting my wife for control of the Xbox because we were both itching to play some Skyrim. My wife is now running into what seems to be a rather common issue where she's hit a high level through smithing/enchanting/illusion but is getting completely flattened in combat. She countered this around level 25 or so by dropping the diffulty, then around level 33 she dropped to the lowest difficulty.
    As of last night she was getting smashed by everything on level 42.

    I did some googling and it seems to be a pretty common thing, but the difficuly is scaled better on the story quests - which she's barely done any of. She's spent about 30 hours trying to clear up her miscellaneous quests, but it just keeps growing. She's a little obsessive.

    Anyway, I recommended to her that she do some story missions and things went a little better, but still. It's been a little frustrating.

    Anyone else experience this?

      Haven't changed the difficulty since I started but I found that being a ranged class and using Unrelenting Force nearly always does the trick for me. Having a companion helps too. Until you hit them accidently and they turn on you. I was forced to kill Lydia, it sucked.

        She's mostly using J'Zargo from the Mage Guild and he's pretty beastly. I'm personally only at level 26 but I picked up an ice mage called Illia in a tower near Riften and she's been indispensible. Anytime I get into a scrape, WOOSH. Ice storm outta nowhere jsut wipes 'em out. Buuut this also tells me I am probably getting into too-hard waters myself, though I'm still playing on the middle difficulty. As soon as I lose Illia, I will probably be screwed.


      By which I mean, do some heavey duty enchantments that do tons of damage, but don't last long, on a bunch of cheap weapons and that often helps build up the combat skills, or at least make the fights easier.

      I had that problem with my mage for a while, but carrying around about a dozen swords that did more than 60 points of electrical damge per hit helped.

        Yeah, she's been using Daedric weapons without enchantments (she hasn't enchanted her Daedric sword because she doesn't want a blue enchantment on her red and black sword... yeah) but I think after last night she's going to cave and put Frost on there to slow her enemies down and drain their stamina a bit.

    Woo, Australia Day on Thursday! Gotta love public holidays.

      Uni interview today... man, am I nervous...

        Good luck with the interview, man. Break a leg. Maybe two if they start dissin' you!

    car is at the doctor /o\

    for some reason, when i was driving back to Canberra on the weekend, my car decided: "HEYHO i've heard it's fun to be a 2 cylinder" and lost all capabilities of accelerating beyond 60.... now let me clarify, this is a 6 cylinder, she should be doing it quite happily....
    here's hoping that it won't cost a fortune to fix...

    OH OH OH OH OH, i should receive all the parts for my computer today or tomorrow \o/

    What a mixed weekend, some good times, some shitty times, but hey at least I FINALLY BEAT DARK SOULS.

    Feels good man.

      Well done!

      I finally STARTED Dark Souls the other day. Currently trying to fight some gargoyles on a roof.

      Well done Puppylicks!

      It took me about two weeks for it to sink in that I had beaten it. In fact, I was still so caught up in it that I started new game plus right away and was about 50% of the way through it before I stopped. I guess it was just momentum. I've stopped now.

        Yeah I actually started playing NG+ just to get to the Firelink shrine and was tempted to keep playing, and then I was like 'No.... no."

    Anyone else notice an extra tag on this weeks TAY? Did mark have a big weekend?

      Ask Freyr.

        Hahahaha I was all like "me? Ask me? Ask me what?" and it took about a minute before I remembered what I'd told you guys :p

      Didn't he make dinner for people on Friday? Remember how he forgot to mention who won because he was so busy with preparing.


        It's okay, Mark.
        Here you go:

        In that case, it's up to us to come up with increasingly elaborate and embarrassing explanations for the tag.

        Then why did you post the tag Mark?
        <a href=""Why did you post the tag?

          Oh that was a fail.
          Can I delete that?

          This is what happens when you post before having your coffee :/

        I was all like "tag? What tag?" and then i scrolled up and oh god no not the memories why did i have to remember

        i'm pretty sure we non-sydneyans also known as "outsiders" are in need of some elaboration...

        Number of Pants going missing?

          And even us Sydney-siders who couldn't make it. You can't say "I don't want to talk about it" and expect for everyone to leave it alone. :)

          Let's hear it Shane, embarassing situation #1

            Mark sighed as he ran the dishmop over the plate yet again. Haggis sure was hard to remove once it congealed. He'd scrubbed and scrubbed, and all to ne avail. Maybe he should have done the dishes last night, instead of going out drinking.

            He laid the plate back in the soapy water, figuring another week to soften up the stain was in order. He moved on to the next item, a wine glass. But not just any wine glass; this one had been given to him by a strange mystic in the Scottish foothills back when he was just a wee lad.

            Or if not a mystic, a very very odd old man.

            He was yet to derive its full secrets, but he was well aware of the potent self-esteem benefits that drinking from the glass afforded him.

            He recalled too late the mystic's final words: never, ever soak the glass in haggisy soapy water. Too late, he jerked his hand back, sending suds and water all over his tartan kilt. The glass seemed no worse for wear, except that his sudden movement caused it to topple onto the ground. It bounced on the kitchen floor once, twice, and rolled to a stop next to the oven.

            Mark went to pick it up, but it slipped out of his wet rubber gloves and fell again from a height of three inches and shattered into a million razer shards that cut his toes to ribbons.

            Hence the tag: That wine glass...

          Basically we asked Frejr to tell us the weirdest thing she had ever seen in the emergency ward.

          It was a man. With a wine glass. Stuck up his ass. Which then shattered. In his ass.

          I'm still having nightmares about this.

            see what happens when you don't wear pants?

            also... OH GOD THE MENTAL PICTURE...
            or should i say PICS OR IT DIDN"T HAPPEN :P

            Oh man. I really need to learn not to ask about these things... Why did you tell us Mark? Nobody asked you to tell us. We didn't really want to know

            YOU DID ASK ME


      Yes, big weekend...that's what happened. Let's speak no more of this...

      Why would you ask such a thing? I'm not sure what they're talking about!

    Hey everybody, hope all you humans and bot had a good weekend! I finally managed to progress in SPAZ and got my first huge spaceship, the star cruiser! Also learned about the advanced commands like setting your turrets to auto-fire, which is awesome, saves my power by not using my forward guns unnecessarily. So much fun

      Yeah, Star Cruiser is pretty damned hefty. I've been using the Hammerhead, cause specced into beams means that thing is stupidly powerful.

        Yeah basically it's the first one I unlocked, and I destroyed a rank 3 civ station with it (Part of a quest) while just facing it and firing all cannons and missiles... bloody hell this ship is scary :P

      I'm still waiting on m comp code for that one, but it sounds fun

        A two person product, yeah sadly it will be a long time, but I definitely want to see that.

        Netcode isn't done easily


    People had a question for me? Did said people want to ask it now? Or has the moment passed?

      You lied mobile site. You said that this post failed :|

        I get that all the time. If I post something on the mobile site, I just refresh it to make sure, even if it said it failed, chances are it didn't

    Good mornin'!

    I don't really have much to to say about my weekend... Went to a birthday party on one night, watched tennis (Li Na is out D:) and played a lot of TF2 (I've finally gotten the hang of Engineer! :o)... and, uh, that's it.

    Oh, and I made the BEST dinner for myself. Ginger Pork, from scratch, following a recipe and everything. So I'm pretty much a chef now.


    People had a question for me? Did said people want to ask it now? Or has the moment passed?

      I don't know, man!
      The spontaneity of the moment has been lost! The magic is lost!

      But that said, I think they wanted to know why it was called TABTOL?
      Except Jamie was going to ask it in an awesome way.

        Aw man, way to hog my spotlight!

        I had a song and dance routine. There was custard involved too.

        But that was all wasted.

        So, What does TABTOL mean?

          I'll look for the exact origin story later, but it was Qumulys' moniker. It stands for something like "The Awesome Batguy Table of Legends".

          Where are you Q-bo? WHy hast thou forsaken us?

    I'm back at work after a good few days spent lying on the couch being as mentally disengaged as possible.

    By which I mean watching LOL streams.

    Watching LOL is a lot simpler than watching SC2. You don't need to be paying attention to what's going on and try to work out what will happen. I can see how it can get so many viewers, everything you need to know is pretty much right there.

    Also watched Grubby whenever I noticed his stream was on. He played some War3. That was an interesting hour or two. Dat micro.

    Regarding Sexbox playdate, any chance we can move it from tuesday to wednesday? i got stuff on tomorrow night all of the sudden and won't be able to attend /o\
    but will be okay for wednesday \o/
    also, following a much successful trial of attempting some Halo Reach firefight, we should definitely have that on the list :P... and some AVP

      Hugo is very quiet IRL!

        nonsense, are you sure you met the right Hugo? i mean he's a big hairy barbarian, i suspect he'll have a hearty deep laughter and end every conversation with a punch to the face, true friendly Barbarian style... right? RIGHT? :'(

          I heard when he needs to get through a crowd, a normal human would say 'excuse me', Hugo would FUS RO DAH! Right? RIGHT?! *sadface*

      Wednesday sounds good.
      Either Reach, AVP or GoW3 Horde mode, would all be awesome.

        If I'm free wednesday night I'll jump in.
        Been ages since I played some Reach, maybe it's time I got my Spartan back into shape?

          Reach is a definite then, i know more people that have Reach then GOW3 at this stage, but we'll see what other shenanigans we can come up with \o/

    Mornin' TAY!

    On the drive to work today, I realised that Australia Day was Thursday. Somehow, I had forgotten this. Then, I realised I might have Friday off.

    Suddenly aware I may only have a 3 day working week, I feel pretty damned good, considering it's a Monday.

      That's always a good realisation.

      I have to work on Friday but seeing as I was only in the office for four hours last week, it's probably a good idea if I try to get some work done.

    Morning TAY. Wont be on much today as we just installed a new ERP/accounting package, and lets just say, its not working too well. So Needless to say, my day will be spending finding and reporting bugs to the tech priests in the hope they have a clue on how to fix them.

      hehe, you say that as if you expect Techies to understand what they're doing, but here's a clue... We don't, we are just really good at bullshitting and face-against-keyboard-mashing to attempt to find the right solution....
      oh and drinking Coffee

        Oh i know this. I worked as a tech for a while before i got bored of it :P

        Really its like magic. You don't know everything, but you know more than EVERYONE ELSE:P but the whole upgrade has been miss handled from the moment they first started talking about it.

        Oh well, sitting here at the moment able to at least process new data, but then not able to do anything with it.

          best projects are the ones you wing :P

          nothing like installing a brand new email system on the basis that: "well according to this guy on this forum this worked in his environment so lets do that"
          without any testing whatsoever....
          I LOVE I.T. :P

        And you get paid for it! /o\
        Well, now I know what sort of job I want to get :P


          hey this took years of education on how to hold this coffee cup right, while typing and answering calls

      I hold the secrets of the Machine. It will only take me a moment.
    Awesome vid, but that would have to be the wimpiest sounding "Fus Ro Dah" ever... :P

      Haha that was awesome :). But I agree that the Fus Ro Dah needs to be deeper and manlier



      1/10 FOR THIS VIDEO

    I'd just sort of like to apologize to the guys on teamspeak for my pretty terrible instructing on how to play SMNC. I really love the game, and I don't think my "coaching" helped very much. Please try and stick to it, and read the new user guide on the "news" screen in the game, that does a much better job explaining the game than I did :P

      Teamspeak, probably would have been a good idea to get on there. oh well i had an enjoyable game even if I didn't play well.

      Although the other team did just let me sit there pummeling on the money ball.

      But since you are here a quick question, they appear to have removed the grapple from the assaults charge? Somebody kept grappling me so I know that is still part of the game but have they removed it from the charge?

      Still going to take a while to get used to, weapons seem to do a lot less damage compared to the MNC. I guess it will be a matter of how that scales as you level.
      I think what they have done with the annihilator is interesting, makes it much more of a organaise the team to get it, rather than a straight race as soon as it is available. So more of a baron in LOL than a blue shell in mario cart

      Also didn't help that it took me more than half the game to remember which key I sued for the bomb.

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