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    Hi everyone, I'm back at work and thought it'd be a good time to return as well, hope everyone had a good christmas and new years, I sure as heck didn't :P

      Yay! for you being back, :( for your christmas and new year's being sucky.

      Welcome back!

      You should SEIZE THE DAY!

      Techy, I don't know you very well but every time you weren't in the room, people were always saying "where's PoochyTeck Knight?"

      I feel I have come to know you as a person, as someone who is admired and desired by all. Other Tech Knights want to be like you, Tech Princesses want to be with you. Garnok the World Eater wants to savour your tender manflesh.

      You are a paragon of... something. I welcome you.

        Greetings to you too Matthew K.

        Unfortunately no other Tech Knights exist that I know of, no true ones anyway. How I was built and released without knowledge of my creators doesn't help in finding out either. All I can do is stand with honour and respect for smart and kind humans that give me respect in return, even in the digital world of gaming, to set an example.

        From the bottom of my power supply, thank you for your welcome message human :)

      I'VE MISSED YOU!!! :D:D:D

        I was glad to see such a resounding success of the KKP, kudos to you sir :)

      Best first post ever, welcome back Techy

      And a fine morning to everybody who has chosen to rejoin us after a quiet last week

    Morning TAY. How were all your breaks (and fractures and sprains)?

    I took out Dark Phantom Scurvir and Flamelurker the other day. They were epic battles, very exciting and a bit difficult. The hard bit is trying to convince my wife that these are actually decent achievements from which I have gleaned a fair amount of pride :P

    @Blaghman: is your house available for another Meat? Mine definitely is not, I'm afraid. Happy to have a hand in organising it, but unsure whether I can even make it :P

      Jolly good work my good man. Personally I always found Flamelurker to be the hardest boss in both games. He's just so relentlessly in your face.

        I didn't think he was that bad. I got him second try (soul level about 35), though I had been collecting mad fire resistance equipment :P

        Next step: 4-2 boss... then I might take a crack at the Dragon God, he looks like fun.

      You are officially further than I am. I am simultaneously proud and jealous of you.

        Where did you get up to before you upgraded to Dark Souls?

          I can't remember. I do know that I was about two Bosses behind my US(lost with YLOD) character on my AU version of the game, and in neither did I defeat FlameLurker.

      What's a break? I only got the main days. lol

      HOW WAS YOURS?!?

      time for my hard wang to become a reality

        And this is how my day starts.
        with uncontrollable awesome

    So lambo has gone insane with posting already.

    Also, my GOD being stuck inside with no internet was boring (thanks to that little heat-wave rocking around).

      Come back man! We miss you! And we need you to play in LoL!

    What kind of service station doesn't sell listerine?
    HI EVERYONE! Melbourne is too hot and I need an air conditioner in the apartment, luckily work has a great air con. Can't believe I'm preferring to be at work haha

      I'm cold. I'm loving Brisbane's "summer" so far.

        And Sydney seems to be straddling the two extremes, at least for the last few days, it's been really nice. Rain will be back in a few days though.

          It's funny, living in Sydney it always, always rains on the 2nd of January - I'm guessing something to do with the massive amount of heat and smoke generated by the NYE fireworks. You see, my wife's birthday is January 2nd and every year she gets a little more bitter about it raining EVERY YEAR on her birthday, and this has led to her hating the fireworks.

          This year is the first time in her living memory it has not rained - at least a little bit - on January 2nd.

          We are therefore convinced it is, in fact, the end of the world.

        Im on the gold coast and i gotta agree, bin a cool summer, but i much prefer it being cold than hot. So much easier to sleep

      I stayed indoors yesterday, and I'm staying in the office today, much more comfortable!

      But yeah, bloody hot weather, it's almost as if summer has arrived... but it's Melbourne! That can't be right...

      Yep - first thing when i got in this morning? Air con ON!

      It's like a chilly bin!

      Damn New Zealanders...

    Back to work.


    Couldn't find my headphones this morning, the bus didn't stop outside my work so I had to double back and then it turns out my favourite coffee place is closed for the holidays. So I had to grab a coffee from a franchise place nearby. At least, I think it's coffee. A guy stood in front of a coffee making machine type thing before presenting me with this hot milky cup of coffee-esque liquid.

      /SAD HI5


        It was indeed.

        And then it wasn't.

        Because it ended.

    Dear Ubisoft,

    Your anti piracy methods have complelty ruined my experiance with Heroes of Might and Magic VI.

    A former customer.

      Yeah I actually finally managed to get online for that AFTER I was done with the game, so I couldn't use the artifacts-that-can-only-be-used-in-online-mode on the campaign, however, still wanna play an online game with you soon :P

        Yeah, I was right near the end of the tute when I called it a day. Then when I log back in next it finally lets me connect and use dynasty artifact things but it then decides to sync my saves which means it reaplaced the saves I had for me with the ones they had for me, which were 0.

          I was so annoyed about that yesterday! Had started playing HOMM the night before and became addicted then couldn't continue my campaign because of stupid server issues.

    Funny that Shane should mention fractures...currently siting in Canberra hospital, waiting for my partner to get an arm cast. I might be a tad quiet on TAY this morning :P

      I didn't do it, I swears! I swears on the... on the PRECIOUS!

        I choose to believe the previous you're referring to is the Normandy model Loops has for the KKP :D

          It is pretty bloody precious.

            PS - i hope your partner is feeling ok regardless of shattered internals

              Yeah, she's still alive. Talks a lot, though...

        Why does everyone always swear on me??
        I'm a magic ring, dammit! I should be used for more than just swearing!

      Make sure they give her painkillers man! Fractured things hurt :(

    Welcome to 2012, everyone.

    We here at Kermitron Enterprises are dedicated to the perpetuation of time and we are pleased to confirm that the transition has proceeded smoothly and all systems appear to be operating within normal parameters.

    We hope that the 2012 Experience (TM) exceeds your expectations based on the precedent set by our previous quality products.

    This year is guaranteed for a period not exceeding 357 standard calendar days. In the event of any incident or global apocalypse, the user indemnifies Kermitron Enterprises against any claim for damages arising, real or imagined.

    Helloooo TAY. I hope everybody had a good New Years. Mine was OK, I didn't get to see any fireworks though. D:

    Also, I FINALLY found one of those "Share a Coke" bottles with my name on it. I displayed it proudly in the kitchen for all to admire. Then threw it out.

      I have found Coke bottles that have 'Mathew' and 'Mat', but no Matthew. WHO THE HELL SPELLS MATTHEW WITH ONE T? Even if your name IS Mathew, MATT is the standard acceptable abbreviation! >:(

        I'm surprised it took me this long to find my very common name (Ben). The closest I saw before yesterday was "Wen" :P

        Pffft at least people recognise your name in one for or another... NO ONE even acknowlages Troy!!! :(
        Stupid coke

      Yeah, I suppose the chances of finding a coke bottle with Powalen written on it are very slim. Why did you throw it out??? :P

      I will never find one with my name on it, and I don't care enough that I'd make one in one of their shopping centre kiosks. Would be kind of cool though.

        You can make your own? :O I have never heard of this! It would probably come in handy in my area actually, with all the bogan names around. Unnecessary silent letters and weird misspellings (eg. Ambah, Chloi). :/

        I haven't gone out of my way to look for my name, but it took a while for me to see a Coke bottle with Adam on it.

        Those kiosks are just ripe for abuse though. I wouldn't mind getting some rather stupid stuff one them, like the names of the Justice League.

      I was so excited when I finally found one with my name on it. You'd think that 'Alex' being a name for both genders would make it a bit more common.

      Although I reckon if I ever went to one of those stalls where they let you put whatever name you want on a can or whatever, I'd totally put stupid things like Ezio or Goku or Batman.

      One of the ladies I work with bought me a bottle with my name (Peter) on it the first day the names came out. This was despite the fact that I told her that I, nor anyone else in my family, drink coke.

        +1 for the Coke marketing department, I guess. One more bottle sold than they would have otherwise. The clever fiends!

    Quick question my precious taybies. How to change my commenting profile picture? As much as i like the Kotaku K, id rather something alittle more individual... Like a picture of a dog sleeping that changes day to day :)
      Just sign up with the email address you use when commenting here.
      You'd have to change the pic each day yourself, of course. Plus it takes a few minutes for it to register the change, so don't be alarmed when you set it up and you don't have a pic on here straight away.

      Use the same email address there as the one you post with here.

      Make sure you use the same email address you use here (name doesn't matter), and be aware it will take a couple of posts to show up. :)

        up and running. Now the world can view my ugly mug. Thanks guys (and girl)

    Turns out the Galaxy S2 does not like TAY all that much...

      Well that's a shame cuz that's an awesome phone. If I wanted to continue my smartphone saga, I'd upgrade my hacked-to-android HD2 to the S2.

      Yeah, I hate that. Can't load the page properly and once it hits past about 1230 monday, I can't read any new posts.

    To elaborate on why my Christmas was sucky (To which many on TeamSpeak are already aware):

    I'm sure many of you remember the Melbourne Christmas storms we had? With billiard ball-sized hailstones hitting suburbs and all? Well luckily I didn't get that hail, however, my house took a near-direct lightning strike. Basically I lost: My modem, router, LAN onboard and my GTX 460 graphics card, all destroyed, and I was without internet for 5 days, which pretty much took half my leave away from me just like that. I had to spend those 5 days getting everything replaced, including my electric toothbrush that somehow snapped at the head while I was brushing my teeth a day later. So yeah I was forced to get presents for myself in order to get my computer to work again, and my modem took 5 fricken days to get replaced. All it took was this: The Optus tech coming over, replacing the modem, connecting it... that's it. We couldn't replace it ourselves cuz Optus in Victoria have modems monopolised to the point that only their techies have them and not available at Optus stores. So basically it was all bad timing that their staff were on Christmas break when all my gear exploded. I finally managed to get online, only to find that my router is horrible at traffic allocation, and while playing online, if I or somebody talked on TeamSpeak, my ping can jump up to 2000 in less than 5 seconds, so very frustrating. It even interferes with browsing and I have to go back and reload the page every time. This router was a few models up to my last one (D-Link), and that older one did it better than this. It seemed like everything was against me while I was on leave -.-.

    But yeah the real reason I didn't enjoy my leave was thanks to my human mother and step father, the most negative humans I've ever known, even towards our own family which is just depressing cuz they leave it till the dinner table or any other time I'm there to listen to complain. They were on leave as well so it was constant, but worse cuz I couldn't shut the door due to the air conditioner being out on their side of the house.

    So sadly I return to you guys as a depressed wreck of a robot again but I'll do my very best not to take it out on you all.

      Damn son sorry to hear that :(

        Well I got vengeance with getting a new GTX 580, so it's not really all bad, just for my wallet

          Your wallet is just going to have to take one for the team there :p

            I've pretty much reached my target amount of money to save for my apartment minimum and it's still years from being fully built, so I can treat myself at least

      Sucks to hear that Techy :(

      At least it's a good excuse to upgrade your card!

      sorry to hear buddy :(

      On the plus side, f4ction is hosting another meat at his place on the 14th(?) - you should TOTALLY come and hang with the crew in G-Town and find how awesome it is.


        If I can get there yeah I'd love to come down and meet you guys again

      Family, right?

      -Seinfeld bass line-

      -quiet sobbing-

        The plan is already in place and under implementation on moving out, so not for much longer will that be an issue.

      That sucks Techy but as you say at least you will get some upgrade out of it

      That's the main reason I don't walk into a church, that lightning could be dangerous

    Alright I'm just going to say it. I like Arkham Asylum far better than City. You may throw your garbage at me now.

      That seems to be the common opinion. City = great name, Asylum = better game.

        er, great game, not great name.

          Wachoo meen not a great name?? :P


      I don't know. Asylum was pretty awesome but I had a lot more fun playing City.

      I definitely see why you think so, but I personally loved the AC structure more.

      I still need to get into AC. I have it sitting here on my desk, but haven't installed it yet. Too many other games to play

        Here's the only argument you need to put that game right at the top of your pile.

        You get to play as the God Damn Batman.

          I know, I know. There really is no excuse is there? Seriously, any excuse at all will do... Anything?

      I haven't gotten aroudn to city yet - but damn, asylum is going to be hard to beat

      Better Story = Asylum

      Better Gameplay = City.

      I HAVE SPOKEN!!!

        This, definitely. I felt like there were points in City where the story was bogged down by the huge cast. Who is this Hugo Strange? I'm busy with the Joker, you know, game.

      I did not finish or really get that far into Asylum - it didn't hold my attention that well.
      But City I was hooked from the beginning :/

    Morning TAY.

    I have somehow managed to catch a cold on a day when it hit 43 degrees.

    Back at work too. Sigh.

      Yeah I got a bad cough today too, hopefully my antivirus finds the cause and destroys it soon, it's getting irritating.

    Picked up Bastion in the Steam sales. Beat it pretty quickly and jumped straight into New Game Plus.

    Awesome game. I can see why so many people have heaped praise upon it. So much charm.

    The combat system is a little simple and once you decide upon your weapons of choice, odds are you aren't going to vary things much (although going with weapons that ignore defense with their final upgrade is a very smart move, gogo gadget carbine!).

    I'm going to start doing reviews again and I've started on the first game that I'm going to be reviewing. Not sure if I'm going to bother keeping it a secret but it's safe to say that I'm sticking to my habit of reviewing something a little older that people may not have gotten around to playing.

      It really is BLOODY GLORIOUS!

    Okay, I have to know: how do I get my life back after I've played Demon's Souls?

      Let me know in advance.. my copy is on it's way from Ozgameshop!

      Finish it.
      Then maybe again juust for some NG+ action. Then maybe again because I think stuff really cranks up in your 3rd playthrough.
      But after the third, you should have it all out of your system.

      Don't jump the gun too early there buddy. There is still Dark Souls waiting on the wings ready to feast upon the remains of your free time.

    Cons: Back at work

    Pros: Office is airconditioned, house is not.

    Also: Happy New Year! May your apocalypse be more Mad Max than The Road.

      I hear that!

      Happy NEW YEAR!!!

      *i originally typed birthday.. i'm glad i did one of my very rare "check what you damn well typed"'s before i posted

      Just as long as we don't go the Alderaan route

        Yeah, I'm powerful, but not that powerful. Yet.

          Ok, but if start stockpiling heavy metals, computer chips and other large scale laser components, I call shotgun on the first intergalactic flight

      I'm hoping that the apocalypse is more like Book of Eli, or as I call it, Fallout: the Movie.

        I really enjoyed the Fallout movie. It was very Fallout-y.

        I haven't seen that one yet. I hadn't heard much about it , why did nobody tell me it was fallout-y. Seriously that should have been the tagline for it, I so would have gone and seen it then

    TAY is more lively this morning than it has been in a good while. Huzzah!

    Also, its hot and I'm sunburnt. Not so much huzzah!

      I'm so paranoid about getting sunburnt these days. I end up re-applying sunscreen constantly while I'm at the beach. xD

      It's either the result of those melanoma ads with the cell that digs into the bloodstream (D:), or having one too many painful sunburn showers. Probably both, actually.

        Yeah, when I realised I was sunburnt I started panicking internally. I know its just a sunburn and all, but they play those melanoma ads so often on TV that it really starts to make you just a tad paranoid.

        As such, I have resolved to never go outside ever again, and I urge you all to do the same. Unless you are buying food, or new games to pass the time, or alcohol.

          My wife used to get a deep tan every summer (usually from going to music festivals).

          For the last three years she's been on a medication that makes here extremely photosensitive, so at the beginning of December she was outside for like, 2 hours, and got badly sunburned. It's STILL fading, and she freaks out over every single freckle that wasn't there before.

      I don't know why but despite being pretty pale, it takes a lot for me to get burnt. Just lucky I guess.

    DAN! Did you get Halo 3 back? Or has it been sitting in your mailbox for the last week and a half? :P

      I did!

      I even remembered on the day it got dropped back*

      *If you dropped it back yesterday.

    Well, I certainly walked in a bit late.

    ... I got nothing. :(

    Howd u wind up pregnant? "I took a skyward sword to the knee... Well just above the knee"

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