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    Hi everyone! I picked up a game pad for 10 bucks at GAME today, it's kind of derpy which button is which in games but it works well. I kind of wanna use an actual 360 controller though so I know what is what on it lol.

      I invested the last of my christmas money in a razor onza for $50 from eb games.


        Truth be told it was bee or told me to get it rather than the cheap crappy one.

    Hey does anyone know a good free sheet music creation program? if you can hear the music being played as well would be preferable

      ... Torrent Sibelius? No? That's about the only program I know...

      When I was at school we used Finale Notepad for all our composition work. Not sure if its still around, or how much it is, or where you get it though

      Just did a quick search for free music notation software and came across this
      Looks like it'll do what you need it to. :)

    I knew it was broken but no one believed me D=

      Oh, I believed you :3

        Yes because you knew the truth =D However no one else did. Why would I lie to you, oh kind people of TAY?!

      I'm sorry scree, I throw myself at your mercy and plead for forgiveness
      No wait, I know how to make this better

      *grabs samurai sword*
      *commits hari kiri*

        ._. That is not necessary. Just an okay, i believe you will do.
        however what confuses me is that how come I saw it before everyone else...

          Good thing I didn't go through with it.

          And female intuition maybe? Not that I have any understanding of such amazing magic

            I don't think it's female intuition because I don't think it's ever helped me before. Maybe my computer knew it was coming and was trying to warn me back on page 7

    So we were talking about cricket, right?

    I was there today. Beautifully boring test cricket, with some moments of amazing tension and significance. Glad I was there to see it all. Unglad that I have to go to work tomorrow and miss out on what may be my only chance to ever see a triple test hundred in person :(

      Curse you Lamboman.

        Don't curse Lambo, he's not the reason you have to work.
        Oh, the broken TAY? Then by all means, curse away.

        It was a good day today. It was good to see Clarke Ponting and Hussey all getting runs. What do you think, bat to 600, 650 then declare?

          I reckon bat till the last session tomorrow then put them in for 10 or 15 overs to end the day. That will probably be about 700 or so at today's rate?

          If India manage to bowl us out before then, it will probably mean that the pitch is starting to become difficult anyway, at which point the runs we have should be plenty to defend for victory \o/

            Actually thats a good point, I forget that tomorrow is still only day 3. Our run rate today was almost unheard of for a test match. We were going at better than 4 and over all day. That just never happens. 3/over is usually pretty good

              I have to say, I like what 20-20 is doing for the other forms of the game, even though it was well before my time, the introduction of the one day format did wonders for test matches, turning them into interesting games, so I'm hopeful, but also slightly worried, that it will speed up the games over the next few years. I mean, I like test cricket as it is, but I rarely have the concentration to watch it, and I do enjoy a good one day game, and uhh, yeah, I've forgotten what I was saying.

                all they need to do is make sure that the pitches are prepared for the bowlers and not the super flat decks that plagued the late 90s and early 00s

        But, but, I don't have anything to do with you going to work tomorrow!

      Only 5 runs to go and somebody just took the meeting room for a client meeting, so I can't watch

      Damn clients ruin everything *One run to go*

    I'm at work and i found something that reminds me of my 10 hp charges in LOL ><
    ill also be home around 1am ish if anyone is up for a game.

    Last two weeks or so disappeared so quickly... so very busy.

    I managed to avoid steam xmas sales this year. \o/

    Happy 2012, TAYbies.


        Stupid giant crabs.... they think they're sooooo cool with their giant claws and sideways walking.

        Well, y'know what?

        They're not. right. :(

    So it turns out that the SC2 night was just Redartifice and me playing vs hard AI. Everyone else played LoL.

    You kids and your MOBAs, you missed out on a PPvPP. That's right, two Protoss vs two Protoss. That went well.

      I wanted to play a game or two even though they would of been failcakes on my behalf but After the second LoL game I realised it was 11 and needed to go home from the internet cafe and If I added you on the internet cafe's sc2 Profile then everytime you where online and machine number 18 was playing starcraft you may be assaulted with invites from the koreans and one chinese guy who play starcraft there.

        They'd be playing on their own accounts anyhow :p

        Anyhow, maybe another attempt at this should go on tonight? Being good is most definitely not a requirement.

          And apart from one unfortunate incident, we were awesome. And modest.

            So modest.

            I'm never going Void Rays again. Zealot/Archon FTW!

              Yeah, those Archons pwned. Void Rays can be a lot of fun though, and are good vs Zerg

                My early gas went towards getting attack upgrades and then I just stockpiled to get masses of Archons. Simple builds like that are good for people like me who fail at macro.

                Kept my Warp Gate count low early on to focus on upgrades and then once I started expanding to all the gold bases, I just made a bajillion Warp Gates. Made it rather easy to keep that army coming and my income low.

                  Thing I love about protoss?

                  Oh you killed my Army? how about warpwarpwarpwarpwarpwarpwarpwarpwarp A BILLION NEW GUYS

    Finished AssCreed Rev. Has anyone else finished it so I can talk about it?

    Also, scree, watch new Sherlock yet?

      I certainly have finished it, but I'm not sure I want to talk about it at length - I did not enjoy the experience as much as previous offerings.

      I have nearly finished it. I am also not enjoying it as much as previous offerings, though I have liked the novelty of old man Ezio and Altair sections.

      I'll finish it on the weekend then we can ROT-13 discuss it next week?

      Also, I am not Scree but I have seen the latest Sherlock. Thumbs up!! Not going to discuss it further right now cos it's time for bed.

        Similar sentiments to you regarding:

        a) thumbs up @ Sherlock and
        b) not being scree

          I also agree entirely with this!

          Though Notty and I have already discussed Sherlock.

      Yes. ROT13 time!

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        Spoilers that include the ending of AssRev.

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          I agree with pretty much everything here.

          Really annoyed about the lack of S16 puzzles. They were one of the highlights of AC2 and Brotherhood, for me.

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            What the hell language is this in? :P

              It's called Finger-Smashish. Only a few people know how to speak it, and even fewer know how to write it, but I'll let you in on a little secret, you write it by thinking about what you want to say while smashing your fingers all over your keyboard. :P

                Ah thanks. I ran it through the translator, and your ideas intrigue me. I would like to subscribe to your newsletter, though I suspect that it might be deliberately broken :P

        Yay I love these codes!

        On Desmond...

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          What leak?

            I don't have the link on me, sorry. It was something I saw posted on the Ubisoft forums and those are down for maintenance for the next week or so. Without spoiling it entirely, it involved fbzr qvnybthr sebz Fhowrpg 16, be znlor vg jnf pbairefngvbaf orgjrra uvz naq Yhpl, V pna'g rira erzrzore. Naljnl V jba'g npghnyyl fnl jung gur ovt 'erirny' zvtug unir orra ohg vgf dhvgr vagrerfgvat naq V qb fbzrjung ubcr vg vf gehr.

            Meanwhile I just realised that I barely remember what it was actually about. I think that's a good thing, because I'd rather experience these things in the game itself than reading them online.

          I did think the river and club music were well done, actually.

          But overall I really disliked those bits. Way too much filler, finicky controls and far too little guidance.

          If they intend to replace the glyphs and puzzles with stuff like that, I think it's a really poor move. There was more content in one puzzle than all the conversations in those sections in Revs.

      I'm working my way through at the moment and whilst it is fun, probably not really my type of game. Up to Act/Segment thingie 3 or something at the moment.



      dood! you got an email addy I can reach you on?

        aidandullard (at) gmail (dot com)

        I'm here until the 20th, then Beijing and Xi'an for a while.

    Hey guys... I got into the Tribes Ascend Beta... but my laptop, as usual, just misses out on the system requirements, so it would be stupid of me to waste DL bandwidth on a game that probably won't run..

    therefore - who wants my spot?

      What on earth is tribes, heard a few people talking bout it lately, but been too busy with skyrim to pay attention to much else in life other than work.

    Stop breaking TAY!

      Indeed. Everyone knows by now what breaks it. If you have a comment with links or a stupidly long one you know it will be moderated so don't reply to it! It's a simple thing that will save us much frustration, not to mention much unnecessary padding of TAY with discussion on said brokenness.

        This. I'm in a bad mood about other things, but might as well add this to the list. TAY works best when it's not broken. Stop breaking my TAY :(

          Okay, fine I'll stop doing it. I knew you guys would get sick of it soon enough :)

            Yeah, I must agree. It's gone from being mildly funny to just annoying now.

    I'm getting really riled up by the pro-torrent comments in the piracy article, especially by Chazz (if you're reading this, Chazz, I think you are absolutely and entirely wrong, and a bit of a condescending self-entitled **** too).

    (Yep, I'm really mad, I just said ****)

    As someone who hopes to one day make the entirety of his income from royalties, I have a strong interest in the topic of intellectual property.

      This is one of those issues where there's enough right on both sides that people will continue to argue themselves hoarse about it because each of them believe they are right, and both sides are, in a way, and if the opposing sides could see and understand each others point of view then maybe they could work together to figure out a solution. The arguing is pointless because it just goes round in circles.

      Anyone who says "Que?" to try and make themselves look smarter in an argument is an asshat though.

        Pretty much this. I can't be bothered going back to the article to make my point, because both arguments are valid.

      As someone who is trying to enter into the entertainment industry in particular film and t.v I totally agree with you Shane. I don't know an awful lot about copyright law and piracy apart from illegally downloading a few movies in the past (refuse to do it now out of principle, and my cousin telling me off for it lol) but I am learning about it at the moment and its all very hectic Anyway I was going to post two things but i thought they might be a bit late and i couldnt figure out where to write them exactly. So if your in an argument war here are two more points against piracy (if they havent already been mentioned)

      Peter Townsend on piracy "If someone pretends that something I have created should be available to them free, they may as well come and steal my son’s bike while they’re at it. I wonder what has gone wrong with human morality and social justice.”
      ^ thats more directed towards music piracy but I agree with the general statement.
      If I created a game spent hundreds of hours with a team of how ever many people and spent lots of money on this project creating something from an Idea that i have had, and someone claims that they deserve this for free they are basically saying that everything on earth should be free as everything is a creation from an Idea. And if it cost money to re create a patent (which i believe is just an idea in writing lol) into something, then why should games be any different?

      and something my friend told me recently,
      The ability to reproduce media easily without noticeable cost is in no way related to the intrinsic value of a product. Conforming to the literal definition of theft is unrelated to the act of depriving the creator of just compensation. The argument a pirate "wouldn't have bought it otherwise" is invalid since their unwillingness to compensate does not entitle them to deprive someone else of their just compensation.

      everything i have said could just be waffle and you can all laugh at me for not entirely understanding the situation yet still commenting.

      Also i know everyone probably agrees that the entertainment and sporting industry are full of over paid individuals but
      "if your good at something never do it for free"

        These points are considerably more intelligent and intelligble than the opposing, and win the argument in my opinion.

        Alas, Strange is right. It's just a lot of pointless headclashing, because people will always find justification for things they feel entitled to.

          Yeah strange is definetly right. Unfortunatly "Arguing for Argument sake" and "Justifying things Anyway I can Because I can" have been around for ever even before the internet. Its why you never bring up politics at a dinner party with anyone over the voting age. lol

        Here's the link BTW, I think the argument ended last night, but I still posted a few things this morning:

          this one really annoyed me so i had to write something lol

            This is my personal fave:

      I think most people are guilty of piracy even if they think they are not doing anything wrong. I as a musician really hate piracy...yet still commit acts of it on occasion. its really bad, but we have become such a selfish society. We want everything now, and we want it free (if not very cheap)

      Same reason why i bought an xbox. Means i cant pirate unless i mod, and if i mod i cant paly online. I love online. So i pay for games. Means there is no way i can just get lazy or self justified in doing something i know is wrong. Problem is, someone always finds a way to get around these checks and safe guards.

      I pirate and I do so frequently and without remorse.

      The main reason I pirate is because the content providers have made it too difficult for me to give them money. Their service is simply inadequate. Make it easy for me to legally access the content and I'll stop pirating in a heartbeat.

      I torrent basically all of my TV shows because the Australian networks are abysmal. I torrent books for my Kindle because I don't want to have to pay for the same thing twice in a different format (I buy them off of Book Depository so that I have a physical copy).

      I don't torrent games because Steam makes PC gaming easily accessible and it's relatively painless to hand over money to JB or OzGameShop (although the wait can suck).

      I'm also a massive consumer of media. I own hundreds of DVDs, BluRays, games and books. All legitimately purchased.

      I'm not saying that piracy is right or that I am even close to the average example. Just that I know this isn't a black and white issue.

        You are one of the few who have the guts to admit to pirating and for that I salute you.

          Did you forget a /s at the end there? :p

          I do it as well, i have no real reason for it except that i want to watch things now rather than later. I understands both sides of the arguement, But i really don't have a view on it. Yes it hurts the industry and yes it is illegal. But it isn't gonna stop people from doing it. Also game piracy is just dumb, i agree with bunny on that Steam offers a perfectly good way to buy games quickly and without hassle.

            It both helps and harms the industry. The whole issue is rather complex.

            Here's Neil Gaiman's take on things. He's partly right, having the product widely available is going to get you more loyal fans. Those are the people that are going to generate money. They gleefully promote the product to their friends and will hastily fork over money when something new comes out.

            It does rely on the product being very good. Neil Gaiman is in the fortunate position of being one of the greatest living writers around, so any increased exposure to his work will mean that he makes more money.

            Trent Reznor from Nine Inch Nails has done pretty well for himself after leaving the major record labels over disputes about how much they were charging customers. After Year Zero was released, he was touring in Australia and found out that the CD was selling for $40.

            He wasn't happy. Told people at a concert to pirate everything.

            Then he released Ghosts I-IV for $5 on his website, with more expensive copies available (pay $X get a physical disk, artbook, pay $Y get a limited edition vinyl etc). Made a killing. The album was also licensed in such a way that you could simply download it without paying.

            It made an obscene amount of money and we all know how well he's doing these days.

            Both of those are rare examples of already successful people making their product more readily available to increase their fanbase. Yet I think the underlying principle of getting your product out there and getting exposure is something that needs to be focused on more. It's definitely more important than getting as much money from each individual sale.

              This is very true. I have given away quite a few free copies of my book to attempt to build a loyal fan base. And for someone like Neil Gaiman, who must be living very comfortably off his existing royalties, something like this would not be too big an issue.

              In contrast, I expect my first royalty check (covering six months of sales) to be about $100. Every copy out there that's not the product of a sale has reduced my take-home pay by a full 1.5%. That's a big deal.

              It might (might) pay off in the long run, but not if sales are so poor that I can't get myself a contract to keep writing.

              TL;DR: Established artists with solid incomes can afford to experiment with discounted and free digital distribution. First-timers and indies like me really can't so much.

                Well it's hard to find examples of first-timers making lots of money :p Aside from those random flash in a pan writers who somehow make $200,000 in a month from Amazon and then disappear.

                The content producing game is a long-term proposition. Most writers are lucky to make any money for quite some time and piracy has very little to do with that. It's a lot of work to make this stuff and even more work to convince people to view it.

                It's a complex issue that I have little experience in and have had nowhere near enough coffee to debate properly. The short version is that the initial cost of entry is high (if not money, then time and opportunity). Publishers will try to pay for that cost but if they don't see a return on their investment, then they will cut you loose.

                Sales are only one of many factors, but they're the most visible one.

        Well put. I download shows like the Walking Dead, Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones. Why? Because it takes ages for it come to australia, and when it does, it's probably infested with ads. Besides, I buy the boxsets for these shows.

          Actually Breaking Bad was airing on ABC2, ad free.

          I was just more than a season behind :p

          What's worse is that the lengthy delays in airing these shows is what delays the legimate DVD/BR sales. They can't sell the DVD/BR for a season that hasn't aired yet, it's part of the whole distribution agreement. So TV stations over here are screwing us over more ways than one.

        I agree with you strange and i understand your point completley.
        however are you unintentionally punishing the content creator for a problem caused by the content provider (australian tv networks) or lack thereof.

        In the Case of content not actually being provided maybe we should create our own network/piggyback off another and provide the missing content. Aside from obvious royalties All I see coming from that is profit lol.

          Um, why are you addressing me on this? I never mentioned I agreed with either side of the argument. :S

            i have no idea lol. Im sorry That was meant to be for Trjn o.0

            Your pics are a similar colour and Im tired, thats my only reasoning lol

              But my picture has a bunny in it!

              I'd love to setup a network that provided content locally. It'd be amazing to be able to provide this stuff in a way the properly compensates the creators without screwing over the consumers.

              Just let me know how I can do it :p

              And yes, I know that I'm punishing the content creators. Indirectly. I think the content distributors are the ones doing the damage though by denying willing customers the opportunity to compensate the creators.

                I got a cousin who works in One HD. I vote we demand she lets us in the Switch room while she is doing some un-important sporting event like wimbledon or summer olypics and then put on shows we want to watch that are not already available in Australia. Then we Head to the Finance room and take a big check worth 40-50% of the money and send it to the developers of our shows we aired and keep the left overs :D Win win for everyone!!

        When I want to watch a TV show that isn't available here, I buy it off iTunes using my US account. I presume there's also a way to do it via Amazon or any other paid digital streamers. The content makers still get their money, no one gets screwed. If that's not an option, I import the DVDs as soon as they're released.

        Personally, I don't consider your arguments sufficient justification, but that's probably just me.

          Look, neither of us is going to be able to convince the other that they're right on this one. You might not think my reasons are that great but I still think that there has been a complete failure from the content providers to make their product easily accessible.

          A rule of business that I think is rather important: make it as easy as possible for customers to give you money.

          Right now, there is a lot of jumping through hoops for people like us to be able to access content legitimately. We either have to wait for a local release or fake our way into the US/UK/wherever access (how many people proxy into Hulu/BBC's iPlayer?).

          While I don't have a right to the content, they wouldn't have made any money from me anyhow. At least, not until the local release where I would gladly shell out cash for the product. But I'm not necessarily getting the full content if I have to wait for it. Not when there is a world of online discussions that I'm forced to ignore.

          I don't think piracy is right but that won't stop me.

            Agreed. I wasn't going to take it any further - we've each put forward our viewpoints

              I do have a question for you, Shane: isn't having a US account in Australia illegal too? Don't you have to falsify information in order to get one?

                In all probability this is correct, but I feel that if I want to access content that's not available here, I still have a responsibility to the creators to ensure they are properly compensated.

                  Ah, see even if I lie to myself and tell myself it's okay to torrent TV shows because they're shown on free-to-air TV, things like Game of Thrones throw a spanner in the works because I'm pretty sure it's on a pay-to watch channel. I then try and justify it to myself by saying I'll buy the DVDs/Blu-Rays but in all honesty I can rarely afford boxsets.

        I had an interesting and surprising discussion with some friends of mine and think that the TV networks might have left it too late to release on competitive online service.
        These people had just spent the last couple of hours talking about the shows they like, one was taking two weeks off and was listing the shows that they had set aside to watch during that break.

        But when I brought up if they would be willing to pay for a service that provided immediate access to shows at a low cost (50c - $1 an ep) they said no, because there perceived cost of these show is $0.
        They did say that they should be shown on a TV network free but that they should be able to take all the ads out (also free of charge)
        When non technical people (banking/hospitality workers) download and have a perceived cost of free for the product the industry has an issue

      Hey guys! Happy New Year!

      Doing my usual lurking thing, plus browsing from a phone, made me not get involved in the discussion yesterday (as much as I might have wanted to).

      I've got to say that these discussions always seem to get into the same end-circle of "lol, show me 110% irrefutable proof, oh, and I won't accept it because I'll say there's a 0.000001% chance it's wrong, and therefore disregard the whole argument" as well as "You're only pirating because you're CHEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAP!" - no matter what the best intentions were are the start, or how many good and logical points people on both sides raised. It seems doomed that internet-idiots will pile onto a mature discussion and bring it down to those two areas.

      I do have to say I was sorely tempted to just reply with hotlinks to each of the Derailing for Dummies points people were pretty much spouting. I have to say that disregarding someone's entire logical construct - which seemed to be strong enough to be unchallengeable to those on the other side - because they used a rape analogy really did take the cake, however. It really did read like: "Wait...that logic, it's too strong! Oh! They mentioned rape! Let me derail and call them an abhorrent person. Woo, winning!"

      Piracy is an amazing complex issue, and obviously you're going to have self interested parties for the extremes of both sides trying to wade in there and pretend that their view is the only right view. Both shit me to tears.

      However, I have to say that Alex's contributions and the manner of communication were fantastic, even if people want to debate the merits of his argument - he kept it mature and civil.

      I'll be nomming him for Kudos this week for simply bringing some maturity and tenacity to an argument that most commenters would rather have tell them that what they're doing is not only not illegal and totally justified, but is making them moral crusaders for the rights of children gamers yet to be born.

      It's not easy keeping civil and providing logical and mature comments in the face of that.

    I have no idea how you guys break TAY but please stop, It is so annoying. Not looking at anyone in particular.
    *glares at lambo.
    **i really don't know who did it so i am not blaming anyone!

      Seriously? You really don't know who did it? I am disappoint...
      But yeah, I should probably stop doing it...
      But it's so much fun, DAMMIT! :P

    so this was linked on twitter today:

    What an utterly worthless piece of pap!
    I've never seen this show before, but if this is anything to go by, man what a waste of internets lol
    Like ok, i can take a joke, and if anyone loves mindless/smutty jokes around these parts, it's me. But to go on and on for 5 minutes and further add to the stereotype that male gamers are infantile morons whom not only seem INSANELY desperate, but also adding to the idea that when a male gamer hears the word "female", or any varient of, the first reasction is "ZOMG BOOBS!" or "SEX FOR THE SEX GOD!!!"


      I took an executive decision not to watch it, but can only assume that they did their research on the COD servers.

      I'm surprised its not from the chong show.

        I watched one of those champchong episodes once because it was in my youtube feed.

        He stated very clearly that Girls are not and can not be gamers unless you count kinect, wii, playstation move or facebook games. And something about facebook games being the only games girls actually play. I will never watch his channel again. Maybe he was joking. I dont care I wanted to punch him in the face.

        Morning Di11 is angry Di11. Di11 needs food. Di11 shut up now.

          Serious? Wow, can I join the punch-chong queue over here? Damn, looks like I'll have to wait a while.

          He seems like a giant douchebag.

      NOTE: If you count zombiefarm and other Farmville-like games then my mother plays games more than I do.

      The more you know.

        My mum has clocked 100+ hours in plants vs zombies, and ignored the other 50 games in the PopCap collection I got her.

        I sort of feel like I'm at fault for something bad here.

          No no, you should be praised for making your mum into a 'l33t gamerz'

    So TAY's still broken, huh? Nice.

    Anyway, today is my birthday! I can now add Deus Ex and Saints Row 3 to my pile of shame. Its not a big pile of shame, and I have plenty of time to go through them, but its a pile nonetheless. I'm quite torn between what I should play first, really. Might muck about a bit in Saints Row first, although I've been hanging onto Uncharted 3 for a week now...


      Today is the best day of the year for being pantsless. Embrace it.

        But, but I got these new pants from my dad and I wanted to wear them!

        Oh well, I suppose today is the best day to wear the birthday suit, after all.

      Happy birthday man. I have saints and day sex on my pile of shame too!.. also arkham city and skyrim and some other stuff.

      But like you, I stocked up when i could and now am happy to slowly work through them.

      have a good day.

        Its kind of nice to have a few games you want to get through, instead of wanting to play something but being bored because you've finished everything already.

      Happy Birthday AlexPants! Consume many cakes. Many.

      Happy Birthday :D

      Do everything Pantsless! today is the best day for it.
      When I say Pantsless I mean wear nothing! or maybe a kilt.

      oh wow, man had i known, i mean i, i am so unprepared

      *clears throat*


      here have some... erhm

      *looks around*

      dirt... fresh dirt...

      happy birthday mr. Ex-Pants :D

      Happy birthday, Alex! January's the best time for 'em! :D

      Happy birthday Alexpants! Be sure to enjoy many a cake whilst not wearing pants. Just don't eat any hot food without pants, if you spill stuff, it could end very badly.


    I finished Portal 2 SP last night... I am glad I picked this as my GOTY... Picked it up for 9 bucks in a steam sale and I can now see it was well worth the 80 odd bucks on day 1. Such a well put together game, great story, fantastic voice acting and writing.. funny and very satisfying.

    10/10 for sure. Really couldn't fault that game at all.

    I am only about half way through co-op but now im finished with SP i'll polish that off soon with my cousin.

    I know im late, but just had to jump in and say what a quality game that was.

      I am someone who bought the Orange Box in 2011 and played through Portal dutifully. I give it a 9.5 for concept, but 6/10 for overall enjoyment.

      Question to you: Would I enjoy Portal 2?

        It depends. Do you enjoy robots with British* accents rambling at you for extended periods of time?

        I loved Portal 2, but sometimes, Wheately just grated on my nerves. We get it, you are adorably British! Can you shut up for a while.

        *If it is not British, and actually something more specific than that, please scold me in a comment below!

        Some criticize Portal for lacking some of the more complex puzzles of the first game, but story and character wise it's a giant improvement. If you're into the story of the world you won't be disappointed. (I kind of dig the puzzles too.)

        The real question is: Do you like awesome? If so, you'll like Portal.

        Yes you would

        Portal two is more the complete game, with all the spit and polish you would expect of a AAA release. It is like the released game from the tech demo that was portal

        Thanks everyone. I am currently on a game-spending embargo, but will look for it in bargain bins when my credit card returns from exile! :)

      Dont feel too far behind, i only just picked it up also. Not finished yet (skyrim got in the way) But yes, the whole game is such a brilliant re imagining of the first one. Its got all the core mechanics and general environment we learnt to love, but with a ton more spice. :)

    Mumbojumboau Diary Day 5.
    Yesterday I got off to a good start with some Super Mario 3d Land. Up to the "special" levels and just trying to increase my coin count. Think I have over 200 but need 220 or 240 to finish the game.
    Later in the day saw a return to Alien Swarm with our very own lamboman, the crazy troll, who of course pulled out at the last second. But I continued on with two other mates from school. Thoroughly enjoyed it, we finished the entire campaign in a breeze. I think I only died about 20 million times. Anecdote; does every Valve game have headcrabs?
    Then went on to finish the day with VVVVVV or V as I call it. Very hard game from the start with steep a difficulty curve but an enjoyable experience nonetheless. Saved all the crew and went on to the final levels but can't get any further. I'm considering this one finished.
    Which goes onto my master plan. It's been 3 weeks and 6 days since I last bought a game. I plan to finish ALL my games before I buy anymore. I expect this to take a year to do. My pile of shame contains but is not limited to: Crysis 2, Castlevania, 3D Dot heroes, Skyward Sword, Deus Ex, Demon's Souls, Dragon Age, Lost Planet 2, Heavenly Sword, Skyrim, Batman AC, Shift 2, Dirt 3, Sly Trilogy, Rage, etc etc. Will get there eventually.


      having just complete my first playthrough of dragon age myself, i'd say you properly wanna make that one a priority... my god man dat game... i think that is the first game i have played where i was so emotionally attached to certain characters... i mean Mass Effect sure, but not to the same level as Dragon Age....

      Every time I see your user name I feel compelled to say this:

      Mumbo? Perhaps. Jumbo? Perhaps not.

      There. It's out of my system now. Carry on. ;)

      A bit of a random question but is that David Tennant in your display pic?

        Good spot, I believe it is, Mumbo is now the best TAYbie until another person has david tennant as their avatar!

        * Not really everyone knows i am the best TAybie :P or maybe Bish

        No. Massive doctor who fan, especially Tenet but this was actually a photoshop i did ages ago.
        Robbie Williams - Intensive Care Album cover
        And then i slipped a pic of me over the top.
        Will try and find the original image of me, its... Amusing.

          Heres the original picture of me. Dont laugh

            I cracked a grin but that's all kinds of awesome!

      Oh, so you're school age too? Or are those just friends you met when you were at school? :)
      Sorry I had to pull out. I don't think I would have been much help anyway :P

        Been out of school for a few years now. Must play terraria together at some point

      My name is mumbojumbo. It's been 3 weeks and 6 days since I last bought a game. My wallet stopped trembling yesterday. I feel like I'm on the road to recovery. Spending money feels like a choice now, not a compulsion. The power is mine.


        Its sad how true this is. the mrs used to budget for video games spenditure for the week

          *Grabs notepad and pen*

          How'd you get her to agree to that???

            Lol. Yeh, dont mean to brag but she plays co op with me, borderlands, portal 2, modern warfare spec ops, Resi evil 5, just to name a few ;-) shes pretty damn good at them 2

              Brag away. I got my wife into Mario Kart Wii briefly, hoping to get into some real gaming with her, but she just doesn't have the interest.

                (Though she has other nice qualities that somewhat mitigate this disappointment)

    Didn't play it last night, was too busy eating cheese with my Maltese cousin.

      Thats pretty weak. Have you not heard of ADHD...i mean, multi tasking?

      I feel like there's a joke about cheese, Maltesers and chocolate to be made.

        If you can find a corelation between those objects in a amusing way go for it man, I however cannot think of anything!

      ohhhhh mannnn... i sooo read that wrong.
      I felt REALLY awkward for a moment

    Lambo - just so you know - I was breaking TAY before it was cool

    *Adjusts thickly rimmed glasses*
    pffft, like, whatever

      Look if you want to have a contest to see has the most trolling ability i am all for it, we will call it the trollypics

    Ok, random question. but does anyone know a "safe" place to get emotes. I got a new work pc, and forgot to back them all up. My MSN feels naked.

      The only place i got them from when i used to use msn was from other people. I had this awesome dancing bannana who said LOL, i miss him everyday

        Dude I had that Banana! So awesome that and a dancing pair of smiley heads who get squished by a giant LOL

      Back up for just a second...
      ...people still use MSN?

        It gets even better....we use it for WORK! yet some how the amount of adult content i received from clients and co workers was amazing. But yes, we are expected to have clients and product managers and well, everyone inthe company on our msn.

        what exactly do other people use instead of msn? Dont say social networking. coz i hate that for a conversation.

    Shane, given your obsession with demon souls of which I wholeheartedly approve, I was wondering if you had all the art book and soundtrack and such assorted goodies?

    If not, would you like to?

      I ... have not.

      Di11enger gave me the Ltd Ed content for Dark Souls, which guilted me into wanting to try Demon's Souls, which Strange generously bought for me... but alas, it was the vanilla edition. Cheap, cheap, cheap (kidding!) :P

      TL;DR: Yes please! Can you email me shane AT shanewsmith DOTCOM please? I'll send a copy of The Lesser Evil (or more) as recompense!

        You know I actually did try and find the limited edition, seeing as it was priced the same when it first came out, but I couldn't find it anywhere online.

          If you just get it anywhere then it wouldn't be limited then would it :P

            Heh. :)
            Actually, when it was released in Australia the only version available was the "limited" version.

          Now I appeciate the gesture twice as much, and even somewhat regret my joke!

    Hey Loops, have you checked out Demon's Souls yet? *evil grin*

      nah i haven't had a chance yet, unfortunately

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