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By all accounts, the PlayStation Vita isn't doing too well in Japan at the moment, despite the fact it was a real stronghold for the original PSP. It's got me wondering — just how interested are you guys in the PlayStation Vita? Personally I still enjoy handheld gaming, and was pretty blown away by the PSP's version of Augmented Reality, so I'm keen. But what about you guys?

It'll be interesting to see how well it performs here in Australia. The 3G version seems overpriced, and with the 3DS really picking up steam over the break, it might be a difficult market to crack.

Still, it's a massively impressive piece of kit, and I totally want one.


    I must have...

    I love handheld gaming. Even if I'm not on the move. I'll be getting myself a vita.

    It looks interesting, but I'm now waiting to see what Razer unveils at CES.

    I'll get it eventually I think, not in a rush to get it. Looking forward to the new Lumines though :D

    ME, i got my pre order down and everything

    I'll be buying one, just have to figure out where. The lack of the 32gb sticks in PAL countries at launch is astounding though. Apparently there were huge shortages of them in Japan as well.

    Honestly I think that what's holding the Japanese market back is a lack of compelling software for them, the fact the 3G is locked down to pretty bad pricing on NTT DoCoMo and generally the cheaper PSP does what they want it to do.

    Had the system launched with a Monster Hunter game it'd be a very different story, I think. Instead the newest installment in that franchise just released for 3DS instead.

    The inability of the system to play your physical PSP games unless a) it's on the list of titles that can be transferred and b) you pay Sony an extra fee is also probably holding back current PSP owners. I'm personally pretty bummed by the whole PSN accounts fiasco as well, as I've got a resonable sized PSP library that's about 40% PAL, 40% US and 20% JP games and I'm going to have to pick only one region (likely the US).

      Whats this list of games that can be transferred? Is this just digital purchases you've made for a PSP or some kind of 'send in your disc and 5 bucks for a digital copy' deal?

        Right now, for us? Nothing at all. Japan has a deal where some games can be transferred over from your PSP to your PSN account and it's a bit fiddly and arcane, but you pay something like 400-800 yen (depends on the game) and it adds it to your PSN account so you can download it whenever.

        Presumably a similar system will be offered, but the PAL PSN store is so devoid of PSP games that it probably won't matter for us anyway. :(

      I'm waiting for a US import but I preordered a JP 32GB stick as I knew it would be in short supply. The 32GB stick finally shipped last week after backorders and supply issues. Good times.

    Yeah it is a nice piece of kit but would I use one?I have a PS3 Etc. plugged in to a 50 inch HDTV at home,the trip to work is 5 mins on the train 10 mins by bus and I don't travel interstate/OS much.Oh and a complete kit console/memory card/a game or two is $500+ bucks way to much for a impulse buy.And then there's the sneaking suspiction that a man in his late 30's in business attire might look a little juvenile playing this in public.
    I think the vita might fall between two stools to exspensive for kids/teens and not suitable for adults.

    I'm certainly interested, just a matter of being able to afford an import. Might end up waiting till there's more than 2 games I want though, at the moment its only escape plan and uncharted

    I was quite keen when first announced, but in the 12 months since I've become more enamored with smart phone gaming. Stopped playing my DS altogether. On top of that, Sony seemed determined to give us reasons not to buy it, so I won't.

    Still, its a nice piece of kit if you still want a dedicated handheld.

    I'll be commuting less this year so will barely have a use for the 3DS let alone another handheld. Plus I found with the PSP that most of the big titles I liked ended up being ported to the PS2/PS3 anyway and I do prefer to play games on the big screen.

    I will try the 'wait and see' approach with the PSVita. When they release a newer model at a better price and the games library has picked up then I might think of getting one, but for now I will hold off.

    I two will be very interested in how well it will do in Australia. I bought a PSP when they first came out here. But it only lasted me a year before I sold it. I think hand hold gaming is loosing it appeal now the gaming on mobile phones is a lot more popular. I'll much rather buy the uncharted game and play it on my iPhone or iPad.

    I'm wanting one.

    I may get it at launch (wifi only, of course), or may wait a few months simply due to having the free time to use it.

    Looks good, launch titles look good, near-launch titles look good, and I think this proprietary mem card thing is a flash in a pan - I fully expect that it's the trade off for a more secure system.

    I am definitely interested.
    But then I travel about and hour and a half every day to and from work.
    So I will definitely have time to play. In fact I am more likely to play with it then I would be with my PS3.
    It would be nice to get back into some gaming.
    Still, I may hold off until some more titles come out. Like a decent RPG. :)

    If it was a phone I'd be all over it. It's not, so I'm not.

    Used to be into handheld gaming back when I caught public transport, but don't have a need for it since I drive now. I took my PSP on holidays with me over christmas but played Taiko no Tatsujin and AKB48's 2nd psp game, but both those are Japanese titles, I don't really like playing action/shooters on handheld so most of the English market isn't too appealing, Japan gets all the best rhythm games...

    Also since about half my PSP games are Japanese and the other half are English, I have to juggle two different regional accounts to use DLC etc, so I'm really put off the Vita. If I end up buying one it'll probably be purely for sequels to the Japanese games I play now.

    I'll be getting one:)

    "Still, it’s a massively impressive piece of kit, and I totally want one."


    Depends on the games.

    I was so excited for the PSP but couldn't maintain interest long enough for any of the decent games to come out. I'd really like to get one as I'm curious to see how much closer handhelds have got to an authentic console experience.

    Not at all. I spend my train trips reading articles on Kotaku, ABC, Ars, etc. Portable gaming died (for me) when the 3G connection killed it.

    The 3DS did poorly until quality games were released.

    The PSP did poorly until quality games were released.

    The DS did poorly until quality games were released.

    The PSP Vita will do poorly until quality games are released.

    Is there a Monster Hunter game lined up for the system? That'll solve their problems pretty quickly.

      stop it with the logic, don't you realise this is the Internet?

      this makes so much sense I think my head might accidentally

        yeah! who the hell brings rational common sense to a Kotaku comment thread???

        Day one wifi version for me- if I can figure out a 32GB card import. Hoping Sony flesh out the remote play function too, it's begging to be a universal feature for PS3 titles.

      Yeah but the PSP still does poorly in comparison to the DS :P

    I'd grab one, it's just too expensive to be honest. Sure I can easily afford it, just dont deem that price along with the extra cost of an SD card etc. Much rather buy a DS Lite and get my nostalgia face on.

    I wont be getting a Vita, until a decent game comes out on it.

    Basically FFX.

      I'm getting the Vita then just not play any games till FFX comes out on it.

    I love handheld gaming, but am not interested in the Vita. It looks like a very nice machine in a technical sense, but I don't like the angle of "Console gaming on the go". I have my PS3 for console games, I want my handheld games to offer a different experience (obviously not all Vita games will be like this, but that's the impression it gives).

    Having said that, I won't rule out getting one in the future if it gets a lot of games I'm interested in.

      Im pretty much in the same boat. Would rather play it on a handheld then drag out and plug in my old PS2.

    I imported one and have been playing Uncharted and MVC3. I'm very very impressed with the ps3-level of quality the handheld pushes. From what I can see, Golden Abyss is pushing SSAO; Spec maps; normal maps; env maps; some fancy IK character collision systems to help Drake stick to the ground; Real-time lighting; and a whole ton of DXT1 foliage.
    I'm very impressed. And I'm selling my PS3 to cover the costs :D

      I should add that the Vita PSN store isn't up unless you set your region to Hong Hong, so I have no idea what the store is like yet, or any online gaming sessions. The web browser sucks at Facebook right now; I think a dedicated app is coming out in feb to fix that.

      The Camera is quite meh too. Don't expect your vita to be a replacement to your iphone camera - it's only a front and back VGA cam (Around 640x480 res, or whatever the equivalent at the vita's Aspect Ratio)

      We'll know more about that's in store in feb. That, and Little Big Plant is coming out, which looks fantastic

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