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My name is Mark Serrels and I hate Olives. The last two weeks, for some ungodly reason I have been eating one of these 'things' a day in an attempt to force myself to like them. It's just a little experiment. But yesterday I was asked a very interesting question: what is the gaming equivalent of olives to me? A genre or a series that others seem to love, but I can't stand. Today, I want to ask you guys the same question.

Is there a game or series you just can't stand despite the fact everyone else seems to love it? For me I guess the closest I can think of is the MMO genre — I've never really given them a chance.

But what about you guys? Let us know in the comments below.


    I wouldn't say I dislike RTS's, I am quite interested in them in fact, but I am TERRIBLE at them so I never play them

    There has not been a single RTS that I have played to any degree of success, I think my brain just can't handle the fast paced micromanagement of it all, I always forget something or get too focused on base building to actually build units or defences and end up getting smashed by an opponent who just waltzed in the front door (that I left wide open).

      When I was a kid I played RTS's almost exclusively (On PC anyway)
      Once it really took off as a MP I gave up.

    Halo and Cod...... I just don't get it.

      So I'm NOT the only one!

    Halo!! Despise that game!! Only really decause it turned out nothing like it was originally supposed to mainly due to them changing over to making it for xbox. The limitations of the system forced them to pull back all the things that were going to make it awesome! When I played it for the first time, I was so disappointed at just how damn boring and repetitive it was!

      Unfortunately one mans bore is another mans excitement.

      I felt exactly the same playing COD online... I played it for a few hours and realised how damn repetitive it felt... Probably why I don't play multiplayer in general (Although played the shit outta Reach online after launch)

        This 100%, it is still why to this day I have not been bothered to play it.

      Totally agree, this is the same reaction I had at the time.

      I am a big Halo fan but I will say if you played it by yourself and not co-op and multiplayer then yes, it would be quite average.
      But played with a friend on the couch next to you? Then it becomes awesome.

    MOBA style games (sorry Harli, and everyone else playing them)... i just... don't get them /o\

      I've never played any of the hardcore ones people on here seem to play (like DOTA or LOL) but Monday Night Combat is reportedly similar and it's awesome.

    While the obvious answer is COD, I'm just going to leave that alone... because honestly the modern shooter in general bores me... Halo is such a thrill because it's scifi, and as a major Star Wars fanboy this resonates with me in a way a modern shooter never could.

    Genre's I don't like, Sports and Racing... I play games for story, not for simulation, Sports and Racing games do nothing for me.

    Mark, fair enough you don't like MMO's, they're not for everybody... But give SWTOR a try, Bioware have blended MMO gameplay with Single-player story telling for quite an epic experience.... Stay away from WoW though, once that bitch takes hold it'll never let go!... I've gone back 3 times.

      oh, and Final Fantasy... Never understood the fascination... And Metal Gear Solid, another one I never really understood.

    Anything that involves micro-management. Usually this ends up being RTS games like Civilization, but it can be in other genres as well like Tower Defence, etc.

    I just hate having too many things to handle at once.

      " RTS games like Civilization "

      Really? Did you mean you didn't like:
      a) Turn based strategy
      b) Real time strategy
      c) All Strategy

      Because I can't think of any other interpretation...

        I think I may have got mixed up with Age of Empires, which is real-time as far as I can remember. I don't dislike the strategy element, just the micromanagement. I actually really like things like Fire Emblem which are turn-based but don't have things like resource management, etc.

    Probably sports games. I just don't really see the appeal of them. I've played a couple and haven't really enjoyed them that much.

    I'm also not very into racing or fighting games but I at least see why people would enjoy them.

    For a specific game it would be Half Life 2. I've tried to play through it a couple times and really tried to like it but I just can't seem to enjoy it. There's just way too many little flaws that add up and make it a terrible game, for me.

      I forgot about sports games. They definitely rank as something I just don't get. It's not an active dislike, but they don't work for me.

      Which is particularly odd because I can and do watch practically any spectator sport that comes my way. So you'd think that I would be a prime target for this sort of thing.

      On Half Life 2 I'm curious - did you find the lack of hands even though you're picking up stuff annoying?? I really bugs me, once I got past that though I found a game with moments of head scratching puzzle solving interspersed with jump out of your chair scares and white knuckle fighting for your survival (the whole Water Hazard level is harrowing)

    Definitely MMOs. I've dabbled with them, but I just don't see the lasting appeal. Maybe I haven't found the right MMO for me, I plan to try out Star Trek Online when it goes free to play later this month and I'll probably try The Old Republic under similar conditions (if it ever goes F2P), though strangely despite loving Warcraft in my youth I've never been tempted to try WoW.

    I guess I just don't like the idea of playing a game where:

    a) I have to pay a monthly fee because I'll feel compelled to spend ALL my time on it to get my money's worth;

    b) If I don't make the maximum time commitment I'll just fall behind everyone else.

    Plus, I'd have to try and organise a time to be on for raids and with real life commitments etc. I jsut don't see how I could manage it.

    I'm interested in Old Republic because sooo many people are saying it feels like a solo game, that just happens to have other people around. That I can live with.

    Turn based RPG's. I can't stand them, they bore the bezeezus out of me. I have tried to make myself play them to figure out why people enjoy them, but it doesn't work.

    I love olives.

      Out of interest, have you played any of the Paper Mario/Mario & Luigi games? I found that they changed up/simplified thing enough to keep me interested, also the addition of real-time elements made the battles more interesting too, taking it beyond just number crunching.


    When I was younger, I used to love them but as I've aged (and especially after going through an MMO phase), it feels to me like the genre has drifted towards a more grindy "get as many hours of gameplay from as few hours of content as possible" direction.

    Let's try to put this in numbers to make that make a little more sense. Even though what I'm about to say makes no sense to put in numbers.

    Pretend there are two games (A and B) and that I found both games to be equally enjoyable overall, giving them a Had Fun (HF) score of 100. Game A took 7 hours to complete and game B took 45 hours to complete.

    So that 100 HF for A was condensed into 7 awesome hours. The first hour of gameplay might have contributed 30 to the HF score, the second only 20 and then the next four averaging 5 before the final hour produces another 30.

    Whereas with B, that HF started with 10 each from the first and last hours and the rest of the game's hours only producing an average ~1.86 HF (some hours giving more, some giving none).

    It's an absurd concept but the general idea is that if two games are equally enjoyable overall, then the shorter one will provide better value for time spent. This notion that a game's value can be measured in the time invested in it seems rather detrimental to me simply because it means that content will be stretched out to try and accommodate that school of thought.

    That's something I quite like about modern single player FPS games. They're short but they're honest about how little content they have. It's five hours. They know it isn't eight to ten hours and instead of padding it out to that length, they leave it at five and don't screw with the pacing.

      Part of me hopes that the length and ramble of this comment was done in juxta' to the state of modern JRPG's.

      If so, good show, my man. Damn good show.

        Nope, I'm just the rambly sort of guy. But I'm willing to pretend that's what I was doing.

      I agree with the JRPGs and the modern FPS points.
      Shooters can be boring if dragged on too long so keeping it tight is a better option. It's all about the multiplayer anyway.

      I'm with you on JRPG's. I used to love them but after playing about 5-6 different games they all just devolved into: I'll hit you, now you hit me, now it's my turn to hit you etc etc etc

      Bored the crap out of me

    FPS is the main one for me. In fact, any first-person game. Mirror's Edge is one of very very few first-person games I enjoyed.

    I really, really struggle with Elder Scrolls games. I can see why folks think they're good, but I personally tend to agree with Tim Roger's assessment of them.

    MMOs are also my gaming olives. I tried the Guild Wars Beta back in the day, and thought that was OK. Haven't played one since.

    Open World or 'Sandbox' (for the yanks) games.

    Examples = GTA 4 and Just Cause 2.

    I've dabbled in a few of them, I can't really get into the ones which are flagship games for the genre. I liked games such as Red Dead and Arkham City fine, and obviously the latest nifty Elder Scrolls Dragon Punching game is a vast alive 3D space to explore, but yeah - some I look at as just elaborate Select A Level screens from the Mega Man games.

      For me Just Cause 2 represents the pinnacle of sandbox gameplay

    Rhythm/music games like Guitar Hero, DDR, etc.

    Also RTS games - but only in a multiplayer/competitive environment. Maybe I'm just no good, but I refuse to play RTS games online - doesn't seem to matter if it's Starcraft, whatever. I get steamrolled, it doesn't matter how I approach it. It's the most frustrating experience you can expose me to. Again, I'm likely just rubbish. Still frustrating.

    Modern FPS games (MW3, Reach, BF3, etc) escape me. I grew up on Doom, and loved almost all FPS games up until CoD 4, which was incredible for it's time. Absolutely groundbreaking and redefined the genre. Everything after CoD 4 just destroyed my faith in the modern shooter. Same recycled garbage again, and again. Then again, there's every possibility that being 30 not much is new to me anymore and it's more difficult to surprise/impress me.

      You may want to try Serious Sam 3 BFE, just make sure you stick with it through the first hour or so.

      I get the feeling that RTS games are going to pop up a lot here, particularly because of the perceived difficulty and this idea that people will just roll you online.

      There's a big problem with casual Starcraft players where they don't play much for those exact reasons. They like the game, they love to watch it but they don't want to get on the ladder and compete because they're afraid of losing. It's called Ladder Anxiety. So many people out there just can't convince themselves to hit that "Find Match" button.

      I know this is something that plagues me. It was only a few days ago that I played a game against real people and that was when solely because a friend convinced me to join him in some 2v2.

      But I think I know the solution. Put your ego aside, ignore winning and losing and instead just worry about learning one aspect of the game.

      When you get stomped, you can say "sure I got rolled, but I never once got supply block and my Command Centre was constantly churning out SCVs" or "Doesn't matter, I my creep spread was immaculate."

      Multiplayer is a daunting thing. I'm only now just dipping my toes into it but I think that with this attitude, where I treat everything (for now) as a learning experience instead of a demonstration of my inability, might just help me get to the point where I don't suck.

      Not trying to convince you to play. Just saying that if you did want to try, this might be a way to approach it that helps your problem.

        Actually, you're exactly right. I don't know how many times I've gone to hit the button to find a match and gone, 'Nah screw it, it's pointless because I'll just get shat on. Again.'

        One of the other things that causes me issues with multi is my play style from single player. LOVE the single player campaigns on SC/SC: Brood War and SC2 WoL. Although when I play them, I like to take my time, shore up some mean base defence, get lots of resources and a comfortable amount of units to go stomp on my enemy. This doesn't work in multi.

        I need to find a way to operate efficiently - basically build a base with minimal distraction. Know which buildings to skip ( at least initially) and what units to produce first in order to have some kind of defence/assault force up, fast.

        It's also one of the main things that stopped me from hitting up DotA/HoN on a regular basis. Although they're even more unfair, due to the elitist mentality that accompanies said games so heavily. You know, I might even fire up SC2 afain tonight and see if I can man up and prepare to be whooped and learn from it!

          A couple of us from the Talk Amongst Yourself thread here are going to be playing later tonight, doing 2v2, 3v3 or 4v4 depending on how many are on. Feel free to join us. Here's a link to the discussion.

          It would be a good idea to work out a basic build order for each match-up. You can find them on sites like

          For example, as a Protoss my plan for PvT is to have an army of Zealots and Archons, rushing my attack upgrades. I can break down the major parts of what I want to do pretty easily.

          Having a plan (even if it fails or isn't very exact) is another useful thing.

          dApollo has recently put up some YouTube videos with tutorials for Zerg and Protoss. Worth looking into if you play either of those races (or even if you don't, they're still pretty awesome).

            I love RTS's but only really in single player (particularily blizzard ones), but i have never really got into the multiplayer.

            I find the main reason that i never really have is because of the amount of study that is required behind the scenes in order to even really be able to compete at all (much the same reason i have never got into LoL or even endgame WoW raids etc).

            I like my multi to be a lot more casual, I guess that's the appeal of CoD, i can play every now and then, and while not being very good, i can at least compete to some degree without having to study or train beforehand.

              The game knowledge helps.

              It was definitely intimidating for me before I even bought the game but I am a fan of Starcraft as an eSport so most of that I've picked up simply by watching. There's also a lot of knowledge you can get just by playing and there really isn't any punishment for losing.

              You just end up getting matched against worse players, which seems like a good thing in this situation.

              Most of the time, the reason the players are perceived to know all of this stuff is because they played long enough to find out. It's intimidating to get started. You will be worse than most other players and know less than them. The resources to improve your knowledge are out there and the only way to improve your mechanics is to play.

            I'd be happy to join as long as you're okay with a Terran/Zerg player who for the most part, well, sucks. Only problem is I have class after work on Thursdays and don't get home until 8ish. Let me know if anyhting else comes about.

              You can contact me on Battle.Net, my username is Trjn and the character code is 643. We all suck, so one more person who doesn't know what they're doing can't hurt too badly.

    While sports games are one genre I can't get into, the main one is car racing games.
    Mario Kart and Blur are the only exceptions to this, possibly due to the increased strategy and options, but Need for Speed, Forza, Gran Tourismo, no attraction whatsoever.

    Any games without a serious storyline.

    This instantly rules out 90% of all indie games, all puzzle games, all 'wacky' games, all cartoony games, and all sports games (though Forza 4 is an exception).

    Hell, I think the main reason I got bored of Borderlands was because of the storyline.

    I think it's because I play games as a form of escapism.

      agreed. as a kid I was massively into shooters and RTS games to some degree, but these days my free time is limited and precious - if it can't manage to tell a good story and tell it well, I don't bother. I play so few games.

      Limbo was fun until the puzzles became more and more contrived.

      Playing Bastion at the moment, its reactive narration is keeping me going.

      Rage and DNF and everything after CoD4 have been massive disappointments.

      What was most appealing to me about WoW, despite how crude some of the quests and lore are, is that there was almost zero voice acting and the higher you got the more important things became in the story. It went from killing boars to overthrowing Ancient Evils (by killing them, of course). But now they've introduced more and more cringe worthy audio dialogue so I just play the game with the sound off.

    JRPGs. I've never understood the love for these types of games. They just seem obtuse and complicated. I should give them a chance though.

    I find 'Western' RPG's (open world, non-linear) games boring.
    Basically everything by Bioware, and the elder scrolls series.
    I've come to the realisation that I don't like 'choose your own adventure' games.

    I'm also finding that with each passing year I am liking less and less 'AAA' release games, and playing more Indie games.

    <3 Terraria, Minecraft, Dungeon Defenders (all clocked 100+ hrs each easily)

      Would also like to add, I like JRPG's.
      I like to grind, one of main problems I found in FFXIII was that it limited each of the characters throughout the story, you basically didn't have to grind at all until after finishing the game :(

      My perfect game is FFX, loved everything about it... finished it about 5 times

    I will tell you nothing, Serrels!! :P

    Having said that, I guess mine would be Final Fantasy and Total War. I like the idea of Total War, but I just sucked so hard at it. :)

    I got nothing to be honest. Im not very good at many/if any games so if I said I hated the games/genres Im bad at It would be all of them lol. Still manage to have fun/find elements that entertain me.
    Just an example of how bad I actually am at games I played WoW on and off for about 2 years back when it first came out and the first expansion hit. The reason I say on and off was because I would level a character to 20 or 30 never higher and then quit. Come back a couple of weeks or months later and rinse and repeat. lol

    Mass Effect for me. I just find it to be the most boring load of tosh this side of Ramsay St. Shepard would have to be one of the most boring, generic space heroes in the history of sci-fi, ditto with the the rest of the cast. The gameplay didnt really do much for me either, even with part 2's improved combat system. Just very ordinary to me.

    Or more accurately, any game that seeks to make up for a complete lack of gameplay by interspersing a movie into itself.
    Perfect Example: Final Fantasy 7.
    The game is so mechanically shallow that a controller with a turbo button can play it (literally). With the rare exception (Chrono Cross on the PSX), every JRPG I've played in the past 15 years has been like this. Great visuals, great music, shithouse gameplay. ATB system from the early nineties.

    I play games to PLAY GAMES. Gameplay is priority #1.
    If I wanted to watch a movie, I'd do that. Use storyline and narrative to frame mechanics and establish set-pieces.

    What makes it outright insulting is that often the story that they're telling is godawful to begin with. Every FF I've played after FFIV has been either "People v The Planet" or "Empire v The Rebels".

    Who are these people that enjoy 50 hours of tedious grind just to get through a b-grade animu storyline that could've been made in 1/2 the time and enjoyed in 1/20th the time by just making it a movie like it obviously should be.

      Final Fantasy 10.

      The game where I could get up at the start of a cutscene. Go have a shower. Make a sandvich, go find my cat, come back and find the cutscene is still going.

      MGS4 does the same thing, but MGS4 is a guilty pleasure.

    Like you MMO's but RPG's more than anything.
    I just cannot get into RPGs at all, its just so rinse repeat for me. I appreciate their scale, what they're capable of and how much people enoy them, hell some of the stories i get told about them are very impressive but i just dont get it. I've heard never ending things about skyrim but i'm just not interested. Dont hate me. Also Halo, i dont get it. I own a 360 and i have a copy of halo 3 thats not opened. Oh well.

    Honestly I'll try anything once. Some games I stick with and some I get bored off but most games provide me with some sort of entertainment.

    The big ones I dont get is Minecraft and Skyrim.
    I dont understand why building virtual lego is interesting. I much rather the RL version.
    And while skyrim seems to be an ok RPG, all i seem to see is people decorating their houses and sinking hundreds of hours into walking around. I guess it's not so much the game thats the problem as the massive waste of time it requires.
    Even though I played wow for 5 years, I would always do something... I wouldn't just sit in town and roleplay or wander around the world pointlessly.

    JPRGs are another thing i wont really touch. Not because they are bad but just because they don't appeal to me.

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