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I've been on a mental health kick recently. Partly that's been spurred on by me getting into climbing, and partly by the fact that Kotaku's new Associate Editor Tracey Lien has basically become my unofficial nutritionist. I've really enjoyed getting back into sport, so it got me wondering — does anyone here take part in any regular sports stuff? Anyone play football, go running, anything?

Believe it or not, Tracey lifts weights and she's recently upgraded to 3kg weights like a boss. Our designer Ben White does nothing but play DDR — that's his exercise, and Elly used to blast through field hockey at uni but quit (I have a feeling she was more likely banned for life a la Happy Gilmore).

But what about you guys? Let us know in the comments below.


    I used to be into Hapkido. Then I blew out my knee.

    Not as dramatic as taking an arrow to it I know.

      I did Hapkido for about 4 years too, but my knees are pretty good :D

        Turns out my knees are terrible.

          You two talking reminded me of 'Bob Lob Law' from Arrested Development.. classy!

            Bob Lob Law's Law Blog is a solid read.

    I used to play indoor soccer when i lived in melbourne, but i haven't found anyone, or the time, to get back into it in Geelong.
    It was such an awesome sport.

    I joined a gym in geelong but stopped after a few months because of uni study and work getting too much to balance it.

    Sucks. I do love sport and exercise... and now i'm just getting lazier and lazier...

    I go to the gym but thats kinda antisocial as the other dudes there are all meat heads.

    I would like to start playing a sport but don't know what; as I am pretty noob at most things and I spose at this age a lot of people would be pretty good at their sports by now.

      Don't assume that. I play indoor cricket, and at least one team member a week will have a batting slump, or fail in their bowling (last week was me). But for a fun, social game, i suggest night lawn bowls. it's easy, fun and you can drink at the same time! Hooray!

    I have never played sports on purpose since high school.
    I still try to keep fit, I'm just not the sporting type.

    I play football (soccer) twice a week with a whole group of mates. We've even got goal posts that we built out of PVC piping and nets. We set 'em up on an astro-turf pitch down the road.

    The standard is pretty damn good. Probably the most serious, not-very-serious game around town. Fair, quick, stylish play is encouraged - being a dickhead is not (no slide tackles etc.). It's good fun.

    When I jokingly ask people in the work kitchen if "I look like the kinda guy who doesn't take sugar in his coffee?" they cough nervously, look away and head for the door.

    However I'm quite fit and only really a little bit overweight. Ten years ago I was a real tubbsy-ubbsy, 'til I started shifting boxes and loading cargo containers in a warehouse. Nothing like hard work to drop the flab - though I still weighed the same because I was building muscle.

    After that I starts tae kwon do which did wonders for my cardio and flexibility.

    Nowadays? Well, I don't exercise but I also don't eat loads of junk food. I don't really monitor my calorie intake but I don't do anything obviously unhealthy.

    As a result I am basically staying the same, maybe even shedding some kilos. It's been awhile since I faced the scales.

    Back in highschool (4 and a bit years ago, my goodness), I played Rugby. Then I dislocated my spine in a bad tackle (recovery from that was NOT FUN).
    Now it's just general gym work.

      Owwwwwwwwwwwwww, you poor bastard. That happened to my friend when we were playing against a rival school. He rocks a chair now.

    I've got some belts in Tae Kwondo and Kendo...
    Golf at least once a week and still go running most nights.

    Martial Arts - been training in Karate and MMA for a few years now. It's been great but you really need to do alot of training outside of your normal classess to get a decent level of fitness up at the high grades.

    Basketball once per week is decent fun.

    But by far the most exhausting exercise in my day is Toddler Wrangling. We have been blessed with a particularly psychotic child for whom the concept of sitting still is a mystery. I have never seen her walk anywhere - she runs. And FAST.
    (Yes, all toddlers are like this to some extent, but everyone comments on her particular energy levels)

      For mental health, I tune out at work and tune in at home for family and writing time.

    I'm a long distance runner. Been running seriously for a fair few years now. I train 4-5 days a week generally. 2012 involves working towards the Canberra Marathon, SMH Half Marathon and then the Blackmores Full Marathon. .

    I also cycle a lot - XC mountain biking and I also enjoy regular long rides on my single speed.

    I started playing in-line hockey out at Moore Park last year...I'm hoping that twice a week, plus twice weekly gym & swimming sessions will help get my weight loss back on track.

    That and a massive change in diet lol

    Does playing Just Dance and Dance Central count as sport? sometimes it feels like one I guess in terms of exercise is that and the occasional time when my boss decides i'm playing errand boy for the day.

    Sad but i'm not ashamed.

    I hit the gym 3 times a week with a trainer (otherwise I'd lose motivation and quit pretty fast) and do some extra work at home when I can.

    I play cricket during the summer months, football (socc...urgh) during the winter months (as well as referee), squash 3 times a week all year, tennis when no one wants to play squash with me (though I'm hopeless at it), and have recently started jogging again in order to lose some more weight and increase cardio.

    I fucking love my vitamin D!

    I play Semi Pro Football (soccer) in the SuperLeague (SA) so that keeps me busy, Training 3 times a week and i play Saturdays.

    Come to think of it, i find it really hard to find time to game =/

    In used to play a lot of soccer, as well as a bit of basketball and tennis when I was in high school. Unfortunately, 10 years of soccer ruined my knees, ankles and hip hip joints, so I can only run for a couple of minutes before something hurts pretty badly. Nowadays I settle regular strolls with good company.

    I have the metabolism of a cheetah. I haven't changed weight for 6 years so I'm just gonna keep doing what I'm doing, as it seems to e working.

    That is doing nothing by the way.

    Last Year i came out of retirement to play field hockey but ended up in hospital twice and now have a scar and a slight limp. So i'm looking for a new sport, maybe lawn bowls.

    I played field hockey in high school, stopped for a couple of years then got back into it.
    Been playing for several years now and I still remember the feeling as the old skills came back. It took about a year and a half.
    I don't play anything durring summer months, but I'm more of a winter person anyway.

    I enjoy play a few sports, i have played tennis for the past 2 years as well as touch football. I will point out that i am horrible at both but you don't have to be good to enjoy being outside, especially when its nice weather!

    Good range of answers from this community. Good to see we're not all meat-heads.

    I've never been one for team sports, so I gravitate towards running, bike riding, swimming and badminton. I have dabbled in several martial art styles - Karate, Wing Chun Kung Fu, Wu Shu.

    Currently running is my activity of choice.

    I don't think you actually mean a 'mental health kick' but rather a 'health kick that is mental, as in very intense and all-consuming'

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