The Best Box Art North American Nintendo Role-Playing Fans Will See All Year

Never before has that little T for Teen ESRB rating box been such a welcome sight as it is on the North American box art for Wii RPG Xenoblade Chronicles. Is it April yet?


    Just started up this game myself the other day. Was great that they decided to bring this game to territories outside of Japan.

      Does this game have japanese voice as an option for pal regions?

        I can't say for certain, but I'm fairly sure I remember reading as much.

          It will be the buy or do not buy for me. RESEARCH.


            (kind of forgot about this one)

              6 Minutes? That's some memory.

    I just finished the game last night. It's brilliant.

    Hope you have a lot of spare time free though, I clocked in at about 128 hours.

    I bought it sometime before Christmas, its certainly one of if not the best game I have ever played. First play through took me just over 100 hours, and I still had a lot of content that I missed out on.

    This is an honest must get! I've been playing for about 90 hours now, and it still keeps me entertained. GET IT!!!

    I clocked in at 88 hours for this game. This is an absolute masterpiece and is simply best RPG this generation. And yes, it has dual audio.

    It has the original japanese audio, but the hit & miss british accents on the aus version are rather amusing.

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