The Best Video Games, According To Kotaku

The Best Video Games, According To Kotaku

People often ask us which games to get for their favourite systems. These are our answers.

Over the next few days we’ll be posting lists of our favourite games. The games on these lists were selected (and argued over) by the Kotaku US editorial team. We’re listing the best games, with a special consideration for giving you a broad range that includes games of different types.

We will always cap these lists at 12 games, though we may list fewer games for less-established platforms. When new games come out that deserve a spot, we’ll update the lists, booting a game out to make room for a new great.

We hope new gamers and established ones will find some great games to enjoy. Enjoy!


  • The PSP and Android lists were pretty lame.. Shouldn’t this be for Gamers? Why is Angry Birds there but GameDev Story isn’t? And why Patapon 1 instead of Patapon 3, which was the same game but with more levels, customization and online play?

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