The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Wins The First Annual Kotaku Community Game Of The Year Award

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Wins The First Annual Kotaku Community Game Of The Year Award

While Portal 2 walked away with Kotaku‘s official game of the year award for 2011, Kotaku commenters held their own damn awards this year and they ended with a resounding chorus of “FUS ROH DAH”.

Yes, this year a committee of readers that frequent our Speak Up forum decided to set up their own game of the year awards, naming them the Speakys in honour of their mutual gathering place. They developed a list of categories, nominated games, and determined the winners of each category, which you can see here.

From the winners of the individual categories a list of winners was formed, each eligible for the grand accolade: The 2011 Speaky Game of the Year Award.


Then there was a grand voting, and with more than twice the votes of its closest competitor (Kotaku‘s game of the year, Portal 2), The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim came out on top.

Congratulations, Skyrim! We hereby crown you the official game of talkative mobs everywhere for 2011.


  • i’ll say it once and i’ll say it again, honestly portal 2 is a better game, but skyrim obviously has more appeal to gamers, and rightly so, it’s a great game! but i’m glad that portal 2 is getting most of the critics awards.

    • I really like Portal 2, but I have major issues with the puzzles in the single player campaign. They just weren’t anywhere near as mind-bending as the original. Its enough to pull it from number one in my mind.

      Skyrim is also very good, but it really is very, very like Morrowind in terms of gameplay. In most ways its a definite improvement, but again, hard to call it game of the year.

      Ignoring all the hype, I’m going back to the Witcher 2, for all its problems. It still has one of the most innovative narratives I’ve come across, and it needs more love.

    • Yeh, that’s the feeling I got too. For me, Skyrim was not a polished game and Bethesda repeated many of the mistakes they’ve made in previous games. It was definitely a good game but it didn’t stack up as a game of the year in my own books. Portal 2 was always my pick.

  • Skyrim is a bit so-so for me.
    I guess it’s just that it boasts the same sort of communication with the world that say, Fable does, and just doesn’t deliver.
    I think I would enjoy it much more if you could alter the environment, you know, shoot a fireball at a window, the window breaks.

  • I got completely pulled into Skyrim. While it may not be very different from its predecessors (which I haven’t ever played much!), I thought it was an easy first choice. After impulse-buying the game on the release date, I pretty much spent two weeks straight playing. And I mean 7-10 hours a day for about 14 days in a row… I think that speaks for itself. Easily game of the year. And possibly best game since getting Diablo 2.
    I don’t care much if it’s not very different from former games. It was an amazing game.
    On the other hand, I recently got Portal 1 in an XBL sale. I played it for about an hour and then I forgot about it. Haven’t felt a need to play it ever since. Doubt Portal 2 will be worth the money in my case.

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