The Great Fallout Legal Battle Is Over

The Great Fallout Legal Battle Is Over

The legal stoush between Bethesda and Interplay over the rights to certain aspects of the Fallout universe, which has been dragging on for years, has finally been settled, according to a report on Fallout fansite Duck & Cover.

While the actual details of the settlement are yet to be released – they’re expected to be made public sometime later this month – it’s still good news for fans of the franchise, as it can hopefully put a distracting and messy peripheral issue to bed.

The battle centred around the rights to a Fallout MMO, which series creators Interplay claim they held. Current Fallout publishers Bethesda, citing a number of failed milestones as part of the deal, disagreed.

Confirmed: Bethesda v. Interplay Settlement Has Occurred [DAC]


          • +1.Fallout 1 is awesome but fallout 2 took everything that make the first one awesome and added to it and it is still to this day one of my top 10

          • 1997 called, it said to say ”Get the hell over it”’.

            I loved FO 1 and 2 as well, played them to death upon release when I was 20, but you’re never, ever going to get that these days… Maybe some fan games, maybe some small studio games, but not likely another fallout. Project Van Buren is dead and buried.

            Lets hope FO4 is at least better than NV. Which asides the better characters, weapons and combat? Was a distinctly BORING setting.

          • 1997 rang?

            Did you warn them about the floods? the earthquakes? Rebecca Black? the bombings? the terrorist attacks? the economic collapses? Duke Nukem Forever? the Kardashians?

            did you?

            DID YOU?

      • It saddens me that people hate interplay so much, yeah they’re pretty shity now, but they WERE an amazing development team. see – Fallout 1 and 2.

  • Never really dug Fallout 2, mostly because I had persistent blue screen issues back when I tried to play it. But by God, I finished Fallout and Fallout Tactics multiple times over. And it was good. Fallout 3 was amazing, but for different reason, and Fallout NV should be listed as a lesson in how NOT to develop a video game, and also how we should best punish Obsidian for their heresy.

    But, every single part of me wants a return to the turn-based magic of early Fallout. God that stuff was good. So good.

    • I hope you’re kidding. Fallout New Vegas was so much better than Fallout 3 in almost every regard, and was no more buggy. If anything Fallout 3 should be a lesson on bad writing in games; Bethesda’s joke about having a room full of monkeys on typewriters doesn’t seem too far from the truth.

      • Fallout 3 has more places to explore, and better quests, while it and new vegas ‘technically’ have the same size world.

        In Fallout 3, you can be confident every building you go into has something special awaiting inside, which is great for the inner-dungeon crawler in all of us.

        In New Vegas, it seems like they dedicated entire world spaces to utter nothingness.

        New Vegas is still good, but Fallout 3 is overall the better game.

          • Fallout 2 is my favourite game of all time. Fallout 3 was the most disappointing thing since my son. I mean, how much more could you possibly fuck up the entire feel of such an awesome game? And while my son eventually hanged himself in the bathroom of the gas station, the unfortunate reality of Fallout 3 is that it’ll be around forever.

          • Oh, and also? New Vegas reminded me what it was like to first fall in love with Fallout. The characters , storyline and everything else just felt “right” again.

  • Fallout is just the rebirth of the 80s classic Wasteland. some of the first fallout staff were the same guys. am i the only one who thinks of the Rangers, proton axes and exploding Base Cochise when fallout is mentioned? That legacy always made Fallout special to me; keeping pace with Shadowrun …

  • You’re not going to get a Fallout MMO made by Interplay. MMOs are expensive as hell, and Interplay’s latest, ah “release” was a iphone flash game. Yeah. And it didn’t do too well.

    Anyway, why would you WANT a fallout MMO made by Interplay? You know the talent behind Fallout and Fallout 2? They don’t work at Interplay anymore. They haven’t worked at interplay for YEARS. Interplay is a joke, a ghost of its former self. Nothing of it is left except the name.

    Besides, MMOs wouldn’t be the best way to get the Fallout experience. A well-written single player game is the right way. MMOs have never been immersive. Within 10 days of any MMO launch it’s been broken down into loot and World Mechanics and it all becomes a numbers game/chat forum. I don’t want that happening to Fallout.

    Interplay don’t even have the resources necessary to develop an MMO, and Zenimax, the owners of Bethesda, sure as hell aren’t going to give them anymore money. If you recall, the original sale of the Fallout IP was to get the necessary capital to develop the MMO. Interplay actually got A LOT of money from the sale, so much so that the studio enthusiastically claimed that they were back in business and going to make sequels to some of their more popular IPs, like Earth Worm Jim. But guess what? The joke of a boss that runs Interplay is still there and he pissed all that money away.

    I’m surprised Interplay still manage to cling on. I have to imagine that their “operations” amount to little more than a guy on a telephone answering enquiries inbetween trying to port flash games to phones.

    The Interplay you knew is dead. It’s been dead for a long time. You want the original creators of the fallout franchise to make a new game – and they aren’t at Interplay anymore. In fact, one of them works on Obsidian and made New Vegas. Yeah.

    As for FO3 Vs FO:NV, BOTH are different but good games that sold well. Grow up.

  • I don’t want Fallout to be an MMO! I like it the way it is a giant world that I can get lost in for hundreds of hours without having to worry about monthly fees or social interaction- I’m not saying social interaction in games is bad, rather games like Fallout, Skyrim and KOTOR are better without it.

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