The Honda Legend Of Zelda

This is genius. I have to wonder what would happen if your car broke down. Toyota Corolla of Zelda or Hyundai Excel of Zelda doesn't exactly have the same ring to it.

I think I know what my next car is going to be!

Thanks to QuatraLopez and Dr What!


    'Acura'. Why can't they just have 'Honda' like the rest of the world?

      In the mid-late 20th century, Xenophobia + Japanese cars had a reputation for being of inferior quality to American ones (yes yes, I know). So to market their cars to American buyers, many Japanese automakers re-badged their cars to make them more palatable to American buyers. Hence Honda > Acura, Nissan > Infiniti, Toyota > Lexus, Mazda > Eunos.

      Obviously some of these labels became the marquee brands for their parent companies internationally (eg. Lexus), but you do get cases like this where the same car gets either Honda or Acura badge depending on region.

    Too bad Australian car plates are too short to fit this awesomeness.

      Actually in Western Australia car plates can have up to 8 characters.

        I believe it's 7 characters on a custom plate in Queensland so it would fit here too.

    QL here, and yes it was from Reddit/Imgur so I think it also deserves a fair credit

    There used to be a guy around the corner who had LIVING on his Legend... it kinda lost it's meaning when he moved them over to a new BMW though.

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