The IPad’s Unofficial Take On Wind Waker Is Looking Great

The IPad’s Unofficial Take On  Wind Waker Is Looking Great

I’m not normally one to get that excited over iOS games, especially ones in development, but then Oceanhorn isn’t like most other iOS games, because most iOS games aren’t like The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker.

I know, looking forward to this clone while lambasting others make my a hypocrite, but f*** it. Wind Waker is my favourite video game of all time, and if Nintendo can’t release it on an iPhone or iPad, then I’ll make do.

We’ve covered Oceanhorn (being made by some readers, no less!) previously, but back then it was little more than an idea and a teaser screenshot. Now there’s a gameplay video, and it looks to be coming along nicely.

Oceanhorn – The Adventure Game [Oceanhorn]


    • cop’d alot of flak due to the art direction, but once played it is truly appreciated, deserves to be pushed to the top of the pile for an immediate start

      • *copped a lot of flak from complete morons angry that zelda suddenly looked ‘childish’. read: amazing cell shaded artstyle. (they were especially fired up since the last snippet of Zelda Nintendo had shown was the ‘gritty’ CG clip).

        The Wind Waker is an absolutely incredible game, and should be the top of anyone’s shame pile!

  • If they re released Zelda A link to the past on 3ds then I would actually buy one.
    Been tossing up between a Kindle Fire or an Ipad. This makes the ipad look all the much better.

  • Remake Wind Walker? Sure, whatever. Touch screen virtual control stick? Pass. People should put more effort into making games for the iPad that actually work well with the interface rather than aiming for “console quality” games.

    • Couldn’t agree more, its always frustrating when you think ” I need a f****** controller for this ” with some iOS games, like GTAIII.

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